Symantec's Website Security Solutions Advance the Future of Trust and Protection on the Internet

Symantec's Website Security Solutions Advance the Future of Trust and 
Protection on the Internet 
New SSL Algorithms and Web Security Products Prepare Enterprises for
the Hyper-Connected Internet and New Encryption Requirements 
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 02/13/13 --  Symantec Corp.
(NASDAQ: SYMC) unveiled new updates to its Website Security Solutions
portfolio with innovative and comprehensive capabilities to meet the
increasing security and performance needs for connected businesses.
The WSS strategy focuses on protecting companies, meeting compliance
requirements, improving performance and reducing infrastructure
costs. The end result is to deliver trusted shopping, trusted
advertising and trusted applications for businesses and their
customers. The company also announced the first available
multi-algorithm SSL certificates with new ECC and DSA options. These
offerings will help organizations protect their web eco-systems and
strengthen the foundation of trust online. 
Read more detailed blog post: Algorithm Agility ECC & DSA Blog 
"As companies execute their web strategies, they face increased
complexities in protecting their business in a world of
Internet-connected things," said Fran Rosch, Vice President Identity
and Authentication Services, Symantec. "Website Security Solutions
can solve their unique challenges with first-to-market solutions,
ECC- and DSA-powered certificates, to secure and accelerate their
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Enterprises for the Hyper-Connected Internet: 
To stay ahead of new and sophisticated cyber threats, the National
Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommends all websites
to migrate from RSA 1024-bit to 2048-bit certificates by January 1,
2014. Symantec began transitioning customers to its RSA 2048-bit SSL
certificates last year. With today's announcement, the company
broadens its SSL portfolio with new security algorithms to address
this requirement with increased protection and performance. 
ECC Algorithms Faster and Stronger 
Symantec is the first CA to offer commercially available SSL
certificates using Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and Digital
Signature Algorithm (DSA). ECC is currently scheduled to be available
in Symantec(TM) Managed PKI for SSL first half of 2013. Based on
internal testing(1), ECC advancements deliver the following

--  Greater security as Symantec ECC will be 10,000 times harder to break
    than an RSA 2048-bit key based on industry computation methods.
    Symantec 256-bit ECC certificates offer the equivalent security of a
    3072-bit RSA certificate.
--  Improved server performance during peak loads with the ability to
    process more requests per second with lower CPU utilization, which
    becomes more important as mobile and tablet adoption place increasing
    demands on web infrastructure.
--  Improved server-to-desktop performance and response time. Internal
    testing showed a server with an RSA certificate handled 450 requests
    per second with an average response time of 150 milliseconds to the
    desktop clients. The server with an ECC certificate under the same
    conditions netted an average response of just 75 milliseconds.

ECC delivers higher scalability to handle the demands of online
interactions across billions of connected endpoints, enabling
organizations to make greater gains in their online information
sharing, cloud services and global ecommerce initiatives. For end
users, improved computational performance and enhanced infrastructure
utilization increase their overall productivity for a more favorable
Industry-leading Companies Partner with Symantec to Accelerate ECC
Symantec has partnered with industry-leading web hosting companies,
service providers and browsers to integrate ECC into their IT
environments, including Akamai, Citrix, F5, Google, HID Global,
Juniper Networks, Opera and Red Hat.  
"The future is going to necessitate increasingly higher security
cryptography and Akamai sees ECC as a technology that will allow
cloud platforms to scale to meet those security demands without the
crippling complexity of today's common algorithms," explained Stephen
Ludin, chief architect, Akamai Technologies. "It is a significant
step forward to better protect our data online in this
hyper-connected world. As the Certificate Authority ecosystem for ECC
gets ready, we will be building support into the Akamai Intelligent
"Juniper's SSL VPN solution, #1 in the world market, supports both
ECC and DSA algorithms for added security and flexibility. The Junos
Pulse SSL VPN client and gateway software are both FIPS compliant,"
said Michael Callahan, VP of product marketing, Juniper Networks. "We
are fully committed to and continue to invest in standards-based
security solutions, including the strictest of NIST Suite B standards
for our customers, across federal, enterprise and service provider
"F5 helps customers seamlessly combine industry-leading traffic
management with security and access solutions, including VPN and SSL
encryption capabilities," said Jason Needham, VP of Product
Management and Product Marketing, F5 Networks. "One of the primary
goals is to give organizations more choice and flexibility in
deploying technologies to suit their business needs. F5 is proud to
team up with leaders like Symantec to help enterprises and service
providers enhance web and mobile security while scaling to better
support cloud and BYOD initiatives." 
DSA Algorithm Meets U. S. Government Security Requirements 
Symantec adds another algorithm to its portfolio by introducing
Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA), an additional 2048-bit encryption
technology, which is now available in Symantec Managed PKI for SSL
solution. DSA delivers the high security and performance to comply
with U.S. government standards and allow market access. ECC and DSA
are approved by the U.S. government and endorsed by the National
Security Agency to meet their protection and compliance requirements. 
Recover Costs and Eliminate Expensive Downtime with Powerful New SSL
Management Services  
The difficulties and complexities, in tracking SSL certificates and
staying compliant, increase in tandem with the diversity of networks
in large enterprises. A recent Symantec SSL global customer survey(2)
of companies using more than 2,000 SSL certificates, reported an
average loss of $222,000 last year due to unexpected certificate
expiration, rogue certificates, misconfigured certificates, and in
some instances lost millions of dollars due to downtime of critical
business systems. 
Symantec updates its Certificate Intelligence Center cloud service
with new management and automation capabilities to manage the
certificate lifecycle, from installations, renewals and upgrades to
revocation. Other key features include a comprehensive view of a
customer's entire SSL portfolio with integrated monitoring, reporting
and rating functions. Automation capability is currently scheduled to
be available first half of 2013. 
Safe Delivery of Trusted Applications  
Symantec Secure App Service delivers an industry first in offering a
hosted code-signing service for companies and app stores to secure
their third-party or company-owned applications. This new cloud-based
service assures users the application they are using is trusted and
authenticated and has not been maliciously tampered with. For the app
developer, the Secure 
App Service provides full audit and reporting
capabilities to track activity for better control and protection.
Available today with a SOAP API for integration within the enterprise
environment, Secure App Service is scheduled to be available this
summer with a full management GUI. 
Website Security Solutions Tackle Increased Malvertising Attacks 
The increase in malvertisements or malicious ads threatens online
businesses and ad networks serving up online ads. According to a
recent survey of ad publishers(3), more than 50 percent have
experienced at least one malvertising incident in the last twelve
months and about 90 percent rate malvertising protection as very
Symantec's AdVantage is the company's first advertising and media
service to protect web businesses and brand reputations. The secure
cloud-based service delivers real-time monitoring, notification and
detailed forensics of malvertisement incidents. Ad networks and
publishers get immediate insights through visual tracing and
comprehensive incident reporting to quickly remediate issues and
reduce risk in display advertising. 
Partner Quotes on ECC Adoption 
"Citrix recognizes that ECC encryption represents the future of SSL
encryption," said Steve Shah, Sr. Director, Citrix. "This shift in
the cryptographic infrastructure is clearly a next generation
approach to the security ecosystem, allowing for better scalability
in cloud computing and the supporting infrastructure. Once the
certification authority infrastructure is in place, the trend will be
clear to follow for networking product groups to make remote
datacenters more accessible quickly, even allowing for increasing key
sizes and increasing security needs." 
"We believe in constantly furthering web security, which is why
Chrome supports Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) on
all modern operating systems," said Adam Langley, software engineer
at Google. 
"HID Global specializes in security access solutions for the cloud,
data and the door, with a comprehensive portfolio incorporating both
physical and logical access solutions," said Julian Lovelock, VP of
Product Marketing at HID Global. "We're very supportive of the new
DSA and ECC algorithm options emerging in the marketplace, and we
strongly feel that where the NIST Suite B has drawn up the future of
security algorithms, the industry will follow." 
"At Opera we are committed to both high quality and security, and we
welcome the adoption of new and improved security standards on the
web. Elliptic Curve Cryptography provides significant improvements
over earlier algorithm standards, and we are delighted to see
Symantec support it. Opera's Presto engine added support for ECC in
version 395." Source: Security Manager at Opera 
"Red Hat and Symantec have long collaborated to bring compelling,
secure solutions to our customers," said Bryan Che, Sr. Director
Product Management, Red Hat Cloud Business Unit. "We continue to be
interested in providing the advantages of increased security and
computational efficiency that elliptical curve cryptography (ECC)
offers for key management and digital signature, and have been an
active participant with Symantec in Project Beacon. Currently, our
Red Hat Certificate System supports ECC public-key cryptographic
systems and continues to enhance its web browser and operating system
ECC support."  
AdVantage Customer Quote 
"As a leading digital media network in South East Asia, our business
depends on protecting our customers, and network of over 10,000
websites, from increasing threats and malvertisements," said Eng Tat,
Head of Technology Development, Innity. "Symantec AdVantage provides
critical security against the malicious advertisements that can ruin
display advertising, damage brand reputation and ultimately, hurt
eCommerce businesses." 

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(1) Preliminary testing results conducted by Symantec research and
development, January 2013 
(2) Symantec SSL Management Global Customer Survey, February 2013 
(3) Symantec AdVantage Malvertising Survey, September 2012 
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