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13 February 2013

Details required for newly appointed director

i. the director's full name, any previous names, current address, place of

birth, date of birth;

Sonja Emilia Ncumisa Sebotsa (nee De Bruyn) No 10 The Bauhaus, 101 Athol Oaklands Rd, Johannesburg, South Africa. Place and Date of Birth: Lusaka, Zambia, 15th December 1971

Listing rule 9.6.13 R

1. the names of all companies and partnerships of which the director has been

    a director or partner at any time in the previous five years, indicating
    whether or not the director is still a director or partner;
    Company name                               Status                      

Identity Capital Partners Director and Partner

African Luxury Goods Yes

Amber Falcon Properties 161 Yes

Amandla Esizwe Investment Holdings Yes

Anglo American Platinum Yes

Discovery Health Yes

Identity Development Fund Managers Yes

MTN Zakhele (RF) Yes

Discovery Group Companies Yes

Altech Netstar Holdings Yes

Amandla Esizwe Fund Co Yes

Dark Fibre Africa Yes

Dawn Mist Trade Yes

Dimension Data Middle East and Africa Yes

Foskor BEE SPV 1 Yes

Identity Capital Partners Yes

Identity Fund Managers Yes

Identity Isivande Development Fund Yes

Identity Mineral Resources Yes

McCann Worldgroup South Africa Yes

Orlight 1 Yes

Nestle South Africa Yes

Willis South Africa Yes

RMB Holdings Yes

RMB Insurance Holdings Yes

Adcorp Holdings Resigned

Paracon Holdings Resigned

WDB Investment Holdings Resigned

WDB Mezzanine Finance Resigned

Altech Netstar Group Resigned

Mr Price Group Resigned

Old Mutual Property Resigned

WBD Discovery Investment Resigned

Emerald Special Risks Resigned

2. any unspent convictions in relation to indictable offences;


 3. details of any receiverships, compulsory liquidations, creditors voluntary
    liquidations, administrations, company voluntary arrangements or any
    composition or arrangement with its creditors generally or any class of its
    creditors of any company where the director was an executive director at
    the time of, or within the 12 months preceding, such events;

 4. details of any compulsory liquidations, administrations or partnership
    voluntary arrangements of any partnerships where the director was a partner
    at the time of, or within the 12 months preceding, such events;

 5. details of receiverships of any asset of such person or of a partnership of
    which the director was a partner at the time of, or within the 12 months
    preceding, such events; and

 6. details of any public criticisms of such director by statutory or
    regulatory authorities (including designated professional bodies), and
    whether the director has ever been disqualified by a court from acting as a
    director of a company or from acting in the management or conduct of the
    affairs of any company.

For further information please contact:

Willi Boehm - Company Secretary



Aquarius Platinum Limited ●Clarendon House ● 2 Church Street ●Hamilton 


Telephone: +61 8 9367 5211


-0- Feb/13/2013 17:02 GMT

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