ANA Launches 3rd Season of 'Is Japan Cool?' Website Promoting Japan, Starting February 12th

  ANA Launches 3rd Season of 'Is Japan Cool?' Website Promoting Japan,
  Starting February 12th

Promoting Japan to foreigners with episodes 'KAWAII(cute)' featuring one of
popular artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and 'TRADITIONS' showcasing the Kyoto area

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TOKYO -- February 12, 2013

On February 12, 2013, ANA (All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.) renewed 'IS JAPAN
COOL?' - a special site designed to stimulate interest in travel to Japan from
overseas - for a third season. This latest installment features 'KAWAII'
(cute) and 'TRADITIONS'. The word 'kawaii' is said to be one of the most
globally prevalent Japanese words of the 21st century. 'TRADITIONS' features
the Kyoto area, a perennial favorite among foreigners. The site will promote
Japan's 'cool-ness' to audiences in the world.

'Kawaii' has now become a worldwide term. Said to be an icon of 'kawaii'
culture, artist (singer) Ky ...

'Kawaii' has now become a worldwide term. Said to be an icon of 'kawaii'
culture, artist (singer) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is also featured in 'IS JAPAN
COOL?' What does 'kawaii' mean to this artist, who is about to embark on a
world tour including France, the U.K. and the U.S. in 2013? (Photo: Business

What is 'IS JAPAN COOL?'

'IS JAPAN COOL?' is a project intended to revive interest in tourism in Japan
by exploring Japan's culture and appeal as a travel destination. Tourism has
been in a lull after the Great East Japan Earthquake. 'IS JAPAN COOL?' began
with Season 1 in February 2012, broadly showcasing the wonders found across
Japan. Further content was added in the summer of the same year when the
campaign was renewed for Season 2 with a focus on two cities which each have
their own unique fascination, titled 'OKINAWA' and 'TOKYO'. Also included was
additional content of Japan's unique sub-culture of cosplay. Great interest
was generated during Season 1's run between February and October of 2012
achieving over 900,000 page views; 430,000 YouTube views; and 25,000 likes
registered on the website itself. In the 'Cool Campaign', offering airline
tickets to Japan as a prize, over 50,000 people from 152 countries (regions)

Content added for Season 3 was included the titles: 'TRADITIONS' and 'KAWAII'.
'KAWAII' showcases the concept of 'kawaii', which has become a sort of common
worldwide term. 'Kawaii' has evolved beyond its original meaning; almost
anything that are 'cool' to girls can now be 'kawaii', whether it's things
that are pretty or cool. When it comes to 'kawaii', one central icon is artist
(singer) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Already gaining global recognition as 'KPP', her
debut song scored more than 40 million views on YouTube. February kicks off
her '100% KPP WORLD TOUR 2013' through 10 countries, starting with a
performance in Belgium, followed by performances in France, the United
Kingdom, and the United States KPP says in the movie "I think the Kawaii is
different to everyone. But for me, the cutest content is added something such
as interesting, and strange". Other selections available include such Japanese
'kawaii' essentials as fingernails, pigtails, hello kitty fans, and more.

'TRADITIONS' focuses on the ancient Japanese culture, traditions, and beauty
of the Kyoto area. Nothing fully does justice to traditions and culture like
Kyoto. This experience is presented through pictures and video making it
easily accessible to foreigners. Kyoto has ranked No.1 as travel choice among
Asian cities in 2011, in the Condé Nast Traveler' magazine and ranked No.2 in
2012. Check out 'TRADITIONS' and you too may be captivated by its fascination.

Site system for 'IS JAPAN COOL?'

Audiences can vote on 'IS JAPAN COOL?' site simply by clicking the COOL button
if they think the content is cool or fantastic. Or alternatively on the NOT SO
COOL button if that is their choice. This participation gives us a closer look
at Japan's appeal through foreigner's eyes. By the way, the results of COOL
votes in Season 1 were somewhat surprising to the Japanese. In order of
popularity they were: 'Japanese hospitality', 'high-tech toilets', 'hot
springs spa', 'Mt. Fuji', and 'next-generation vending machines'. The system
also enables audiences to share on social media including Facebook and leave
comments so others can see at a glance why they thought something was 'cool'.

Cool Campaign

Following in the footsteps of the last campaign, we will be offering 'Cool
Campaign Season 3!' in which residence outside Japan can win free round-trip
tickets to Japan. (Details will be available on the site from February 12th)

Experience JAPAN Fare

For residence outside Japan, we will be setting special discount fares for all
domestic flight segments when connecting from overseas flights. Regardless of
what airline you use to visit Japan, we are offering a new fare of just 10,500
yen (including tax) per flight segment on domestic routes.

<Fare Summary>

  *Sales point: ANA SKY WEB
  *Fares (including tax): ¥ 10,500* per flight segment
  *The number of flight segments available for purchase: No limit
  *Purchase requirement 1: Be a resident overseas (Japanese persons require
    proof of permanent residence)
  *Purchase requirement 2: Be in possession of an international flight
  *Purchase period: anytime between ticket sales commencements date up to 14
    days prior to departure.
  *Reservation: required
  *Changes to Booking : not allowed
  *Refunds: no refunds

(*) Airport fees are not included. Due to fluctuating currency rates, these
may vary as payments are calculated in local currency

'IS JAPAN COOL?' administration

'IS JAPAN COOL?' Season 3 is produced and operated by ANA (All Nippon

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