FAURECIA : Faurecia: 2012 annual results

                   FAURECIA : Faurecia: 2012 annual results

                                                   Nanterre, February 12, 2013

Faurecia: 2012 annual results

Fiscal 2012

  oTotal sales are up 7.3% to €17.36 billion;
  oOperating income is at €514 million (3.0% of sales);
  oNet income is at €142 million, or €1.27 per share;
  oNet financial debt is at €1.81 billion.

Second half 2012

  oTotal sales up 7.0% to €8.60 billion;
  oOperating income of €211 million (2.5% of sales);
  oNet income of €22 million.

Yann Delabrière, Chairman and CEO stated: "In 2012, Faurecia continued to show
strong growth in particular in North America with an increase in sales of  41% 
and in  Asia  with  an  increase  of  24%.  We  accelerated  the  geographical 
re-balancing of sales as well as the diversification of the customer base.  We 
continue to have  a very  strong commercial  momentum as  demonstrated by  the 
record order intake of 17.8 billion  euros. The action plans we have  underway 
to offset the ongoing  drop in European vehicle  production and focus on  cash 
generation will enable us to see an improvement in our performance in 2013."


In € million                         2012   2011  H2-2012 H2-2011
Total sales                         17,365 16,190  8,600   8,040
Change                              +7.3%    -     +7.0%     -
Operating income                     514    651     211     311
as % of Total Sales                  3.0    4.0     2.5     3.9
Net income (Group share)             142    371     22      185
Net financial debt (at December 31) 1,807  1,224   1,807   1,224
Capital expenditure                  557    451     291     275

Sustained growth in sales

The growth in global automotive production from 2011 to 2012, estimated at  6% 
worldwide,  masks  some  significant  regional  disparities.  Although  growth 
continued at  a  strong pace  in  North  America and  Asia  (where  automotive 
production rose  by 17%  and  12% respectively),  it  has seen  a  significant 
downturn in Europe, where production fell by an estimated 6% from 2011.

Product sales (parts  and components delivered  to automakers) totaled  €13.30 
billion, compared  with €12.39  billion in  2011, reflecting  a 7.3%  increase 
(+1.4% at constant exchange rates and scope). They posted an 8.0% increase  in 
the second half of 2012. The Saline plant in the USA, which was acquired  from 
Ford and consolidated from June 2012,  represents €281 million of the  Group's 

Faurecia's total sales  for 2012 stood  at €17.36 billion  (+2.0% at  constant 
exchange rates and scope) compared to  €16.19 billion in 2011, an increase  of 
7.3%. During the second half of 2012, total sales were up 7.0%.

Another record year for new contracts
2012 marked another record year for new contracts at €17.8 billion  (including 
53% outside Europe), taking the backlog  to €38.8 billion (for the total  term 
of contracts) or the equivalent of nearly three years of product sales.


Outside Europe, product sales grew  by 30% and outpaced automotive  production 
in all regions. This  allowed the Group to  accelerate the rebalancing of  its 
product sales by  region. For  the year, North  America accounted  for 27%  of 
product sales,  with  10% in  Asia  and 5%  in  South America.  Faurecia  also 
continued to diversify its customer  base: German automakers represent 39%  of 
sales, followed by North American at 28%,  French at 21% and Asian at 7%.  The 
share of product sales outside Europe stood at 48% in the second half of 2012,
an increase of  8 percentage points  over the  same period in  2011. Ford  has 
become Faurecia's second-biggest customer, after Volkswagen.

By geographic region, product sales in 2012 break down as follows:

  oin Europe^[1], product sales totaled €7.41 billion, compared to €7.86
    billion in 2011. This represents a decline of 6%, in line with the drop in
    automotive production. During the second half, product sales fell 7%, to
    €3.42 billion;
  oin North America, product sales reached €3.65 billion, a 41% increase (19%
    at constant exchange rates and scope) over the 2011 figure of €2.58
    billion, outpacing the 17% rise in automotive production. This performance
    was buoyed by the acquisition of Saline and the development of Faurecia's
    commercial vehicles business with Cummins. Product sales in the second
    half of 2012 rose 44% to € 1.95 billion.
  oin Asia, product sales stood at €1.39 billion, versus €1.12 billion posted
    in 2011. This represents an increase of 24% (+14% at constant exchange
    rates and scope), with automotive production up 12%. Product sales in
    China increased 25% to €1.1 billion. In Asia, product sales in the second
    half rose 21%;
  oin South America, product sales came to €662 million, compared with €639
    million in 2011. This represents an increase of 4% (+10% at constant
    exchange rates and scope), with automotive production declining by 1%.
    Product sales in the second half rose 16%.


Growth was strongest  in Interior  Systems, reflecting market  share gains  in 
North  America,  and   Emissions  Control  Technologies,   where  growth   was 
particularly strong  in Asia  and in  the commercial  vehicles activity  which 
demonstrated its strong  development potential. Growth  in Automotive  Seating 
and Automotive Exteriors was more adversely affected by the drop in automotive
production in Europe, although Automotive Exteriors had a good development  in 
North America.

  oProduct sales for the Automotive Seating Business Group stood at €4.9
    billion, compared to €4.8 billion in 2011, up 3%. Product sales rose by 1%
    in the second half.
  oProduct sales for the Interior Systems Business Group totaled €3.6
    billion, compared with €3.1 billion in 2011, an increase of 17%. Product
    sales rose 25% in the last half of the year.
  oProduct sales excluding monoliths for the Emissions Control Technologies
    Business Group came to €3.2 billion, representing an increase of 10%. The
    increase in the second half was 6%.
  oProduct sales for the Automotive Exteriors Business Group totaled €1.6
    billion. This was a 3% decline from 2011 levels. Product sales fell 1% in
    the second half.


Operating income  for 2012  stood at  €514 million,  or 3.0%  of total  sales, 
compared with €651  million in 2011.  Operating income in  the second half  of 
2012 came to €211 million, equivalent to 2.5% of total sales.

This drop was  driven primarily  by a  rapid slowdown  in European  automotive 
production. In  North America,  strong growth  in sales  was not  sufficiently 
translated into  higher operating  income  as a  result of  exceptional  items 
linked to the launch of new programs. Operating income remained high in Asia.

Consolidated net income (Group share) reached €142 million, compared to a  net 
profit of  €371 million  in  2011. In  the second  half,  it amounted  to  €22 
million. Key factors in addition to operating income include:

  oRestructuring costs, which totaled €84 million (versus €56 million in
    2011) to adapt costs to the slowdown in automobile production in Europe;
  oNet interest charges increased to €165 million (versus €99 million in
    2011). In 2012, Faurecia continued its financing program to provide the
    medium and long term funding necessary for growth.

Financial structure and debt

Capital expenditure rose 23%  to €557 million, compared  with €451 million  in 
2011, reflecting  strong  sales  growth.  The  geographic  spread  of  capital 
expenditure will support further growth outside Europe.

At end-December 2012, net  financial debt stood at  €1.8 billion, versus  €1.5 
billion at end-June 2012.  The rise in net  debt results principally from  the 
rapid slowdown in  automotive production  in Europe,  particularly during  the 
last two months of the year, which led to an increase in inventories and lower
sales of receivables.

Priorities and outlook for 2013

Based on  Faurecia's performance  in 2012  and the  prospect of  a  continuing 
decline in the European  market (down 4-5% in  2013), Faurecia has set  itself 
three priorities for 2013:

  oSignificant improvement in operating performance in North America;
  oOngoing adjustment in fixed costs in Europe;
  oImplementation of a new commercial policy more oriented towards cash

Taking into account the Group's results  in a difficult European context,  and 
to mobilize all resources towards  future development, the Board of  Directors 
has decided to propose to the  next shareholders' meeting that no dividend  be 
paid for 2012.

On this basis, Faurecia expects to increase its sales in 2013 to between €17.5
and 17.9 billion (at 2012 exchange rates), to grow its operating income and to
have a  neutral net  cash flow  (before cash  for restructuring  estimated  at 
between €120 and €140 million).

About Faurecia

Faurecia is the world's sixth-largest automotive equipment supplier with  four 
key Business  Groups:  Automotive  Seating,  Emissions  Control  Technologies, 
Interior Systems and  Automotive Exteriors.  In 2012, the  Group posted  total 
sales of  €17.4  billion  ($22.5  billion). At  December  31,  2012,  Faurecia 
employed 94,000  people in  34 countries  at  320 sites  and 30  R&D  centers. 
Faurecia is listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris stock exchange and trades in the
U.S.   over-the-counter   (OTC)   market.   For   more   information,   visit: 

Contacts     Media                        Analysts/Investors
                                          Eric-Alain Michelis
             Kate Philipps                Director of Financial Communications

             EVP Group Communications         Tel.: +33 1 72 36 75 70

             Tel.: +33 1 72 36 70 94          Cell: +33 6 64 64 61 29

             Cell: +33 6 13 42 46 97      eric-alain.michelis@faurecia.com


             Olivier Le Friec

             Head of Media Relations

             Tel: +33 1 72 36 72 58

             Cell: +33 6 76 87 30 17


2012 sales by category

2012               Product  Monolith     Development, tooling,
In € million        sales    sales       prototyping and other     Total sales
Automotive Seating 4,904.5     -                 251.4               5,155.9
Interior Systems   3,597.1     -                 755.6               4,352.7
Total Interior     8,501.6     -                1,007.0              9,508.6
Emissions Control  3,233.2  2,654.1              192.2               6,079.5
Automotive         1,561.5                       214.9               1,776.4
Total Other        4,794.7  2,654.1              407.1               7,855.9
TOTAL              13,296.3 2,654.1             1,414.1             17,364.5

Total sales and product sales by business group

In € million             H2-2012 H2-2011 Var. (%)*   2012     2011   Var. (%)*
Chiffre d'affaires       8,599.9 8,039.9    0.2    17,364.5 16,190.2    2.0
Interior Modules         4,775.4 4,240.5    3.7    9,508.6  8,626.7     3.3
Other Modules            3,824.5 3,799.4   (3.6)   7,855.9  7,563.5     0.6
Product Sales            6,543.4 6,058.9    0.3    13,296.3 12,391.1    1.4
Automotive Seating       2,346.5 2,319.9   (1.9)   4,904.5  4,769.9    (1.0)
Interior Systems         1,863.4 1,492.3    4.9    3,597.1  3,075.3     4.2
Total Interior Modules   4,209.9 3,812.2    0.8    8,501.6  7,845.1     1.0
Emissions        Control 1,573.4 1,478.3    2.2    3,233.2  2,934.6     6.4
Automotive Exteriors      760.2   768.4    (5.9)   1,561.5  1,611.3    (5.6)
Total Other Modules      2,333.5 2,246.7   (0.5)   4,794.7  4,545.9     2.2

* = like-for-like


[1] Following Russia's integration in 2012 into the Europe category
(previously in "rest of the world") the published fiscal 2011 figures were
restated to ensure comparability.

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