Xaffo Social Media Tool Migrates to Amazon Cloud

               Xaffo Social Media Tool Migrates to Amazon Cloud

Xaffo - the Social Media Monitoring Tool for Brand Management - Has Migrated
from Google Cloud Platform to Amazon Web Services, Rolls Out Updated Features

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SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 11, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Xaffo™ has migrated its
cloud-based social media monitoring tool from Google Cloud to Amazon Web
Services (AWS) and has rolled out updated features with the migration. Updated
sections include tying URLs to brands, Facebook monitoring and more.

The key goal of Xaffo remains to provide social media monitoring that tracks a
brand's performance across social media networks. Xaffo lets its users - from
small businesses to large enterprises - see how their brand is being discussed
across major social media sites. It also provides actionable data and
opportunities such as, keyword trends or the ability to directly respond to
impactful tweets.

Certain features were revamped with the migration. At the dashboard - the
first page seen when users login - users will see daily and cumulative growth
of social media activity. This includes a graph covering website page activity
across leading social media sites. Tracked social media sites include
Facebook®; Twitter®; Google+®; LinkedIn®; and more. The dashboard also
displays real-time tweets for keywords defined for tracking. It also has
statistics for counts on monitored keywords and a user's top performing web
pages. Users can tie URLs to their brands so social media monitoring can be
tracked by brands.

Many features remain similar or the same. Users can create watch lists to
track specific URLs, whether their own or the competition's. Users are able to
add and manage keywords to watch how they are being mentioned and trending on
Twitter. Sentiment analysis continues to identify positive and negative tweets
for keywords to track positive and negative trend lines. Facebook measurement
is still used to monitor reach and engagement. Xaffo has updated how it tracks
a subscriber's most engaged Facebook users while the ability to directly
communicate with them via Xaffo remains.

A free 30-day trial also remains the same. Pricing starts at just $1.99 per
month for the Professional plan to manage two brands and up to 50 URLs. There
are also other plans to scale up so whether you're a blogger, SMB owner or
part of a large corporation, Xaffo has a monthly cost-effective and scalable
plan for anyone. Xaffo is available at www.xaffo.com.

About Xaffo
Calcey Technologies® is a privately held professional services firm. The
company provides comprehensive online services including web, cloud, and
mobile solutions for enterprises worldwide. The company also offers Xaffo™, an
online social media monitoring tool. Xaffo empowers businesses to
intelligently examine social media activity for their brand's web and social
media pages. It's the industry's first social media monitoring tool to track
brand-related web page performance in social media that is affordable for
small businesses. Xaffo also provides scalability for the largest of
enterprises to leverage. With Xaffo, users can achieve social media
measurement that leads to realized social media ROI. Calcey Technologies is
headquartered in Redwood City, California. It maintains its global delivery
center in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Learn more about Calcey Technologies at
www.calcey.com. Details about Xaffo can be found at www.xaffo.com.

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