Apple and Samsung Could Work Together More In Future - Top Five Stocks Review List: Fannie Mae, AMR Corp, Echo Automotive, Nokia

Apple and Samsung Could Work Together More In Future - Top Five Stocks Review
 List: Fannie Mae, AMR Corp, Echo Automotive, Nokia Corp, Swingplane Ventures

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LONDON, February 11, 2013

LONDON, February 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

As the legal war between Apple and Samsung draws to an end, it is increasingly
clear that they have plenty of common interests, especially if they are to
work together to beat back other potential challengers, such as BlackBerry or
Microsoft. We have seen similar battles in the past with one clear loser
always coming out at the end. 

In the eighties Apple accused Microsoft of copying and lost, becoming a niche
product until Jobs returned in the mid-nineties. We saw a huge legal fight
between Netscape and Microsoft, which again the latter won comfortably and no
one has heard of Netscape since. In this example and with Nokia and
Blackberry waiting in the wings it may be the best for these stocks if they
were to work together more on components and technology in the future.

Fannie Mae was the heaviest traded stock on in the OTC market on Friday
trading over $22 million with positive news and trading on the stock. Fannie
Mae also traded higher by 4% in the session and no doubt will see follow
through on volume in the markets today.

AMR Corp was another big name stock that traded heavily to close the week.
AMR Corp traded $20 million and was higher by an impressive 16% as reports
stated the company is close to closing an $11 billion merger as early as this

Swingplane Ventures continued to rise in volume all week as the stock got up
to test the 0.50 cent region in mid-week trading. The stock closed the week
at 0.43 cents on $8.5 million traded with the President of Swingplane coming
out Friday to give an update on one of the stocks properties. Swingplane
Ventures has been steadily rising over the last few weeks with constantly
rising volume.

Echo Automotive seemed to fall in volume going into the end of the week;
however the stock has been a solid performer for a number of trading sessions
now. Echo Automotive traded over $3 million and pulled back by 8% to end the
week's trading.

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