Find Your Valentine: Zillow Names Best Cities for Singles to Move for Love

  Find Your Valentine: Zillow Names Best Cities for Singles to Move for Love

Worcester, Mass., Tops List for Single Heterosexual Men and Gay Women,
Milwaukee, Wis., Best for Single Heterosexual Women, While Miami is Best for
Single Gay Men, According to Zillow's 'In the Move for Love Index'

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SEATTLE, Feb. 11, 2013

SEATTLE, Feb. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Zillow® today released its first "In
the Move for Love Index" naming the best cities for young singles to relocate
for love. For both men seeking women and women seeing women, Worcester, Mass.,
tops the list. Milwaukee, Wis., is best for young women looking for a man, and
for single gay men, Miami topped the list of cities to find love.

Zillow ranked the 150 largest U.S. cities based on the Zillow Rent Index
versus the median income, walkability and the ratio and abundance of single
males to single females under 35. The resulting cities are geographically
diverse, with median rents ranging from $800 to $2,500 per month.

"Today's society is more transient than ever, and when young singles are
considering where to move next it makes perfect sense to consider how easy it
will be to meet that person of their dreams," said Zillow Chief Marketing
Officer Amy Bohutinsky. "We took a scientific approach to something that's
typically been assumed more art than science; we looked at demographics,
median income, rent prices and a number of other factors to pinpoint the best
places for singles under 35 to move."


  oDisposable Income: Assuming young people who are moving to a new city are
    more likely to rent, Zillow compared the Zillow Rent Index[i] (median rent
    price) to the median income[ii] because when a higher proportion of
    take-home pay can be spent on dating, the likelihood of finding a match
    increases. For young singles looking for love, housing costs represent a
    big portion of their monthly take-home pay.
  oSize of the Dating Pool: Cities with a higher proportion of single people
    to married people scored higher in the index.
  oCompetition: To further determine where men and women had better odds of
    scoring a date, Zillow examined the ratio of single men to single women.
    In the rankings, the more lopsided the ratio, the less competition. For
    heterosexual singles Zillow used the overall ratio of men to women in the
    city. For gay singles Zillow looked at Census data on gay cohabitating
    households, as a proxy for the overall gay population.
  oWalkability: Assuming singles have a better chance of meeting "the one"
    when they are out and about, walking to bars, restaurants, shops and
    attractions, Zillow looked at a city's Walk Score® as a gauge to determine
    the ease of meeting new people.
  oTransplant Rate: Because it can be easier to meet other singles if many
    are new to town, the Zillow analysis factored in the percentage of a
    city's total population that is single and relocated within the past five
    years from a different county, state or country. Areas with high rates of
    single transplants scored higher in the index.


Top 10 Cities to Find Your Valentine for Men and Women
Men Seeking Women Under 35               Women Seeking Men Under 35
Rank City                  Zillow Rent   Rank City                Zillow Rent
                           Index                                  Index
1.   Worcester, Mass.      $1,302        1.   Milwaukee, Wis.     $962
2.   Glendale, Calif.      $2,548        2.   Miami, Fla.         $1,727
3.   Irving, Texas         $1,208        3.   Denver, Colo.       $1,468
4.   Cleveland, Ohio       $834          4.   Charleston, S.C.    $1,435
5.   Memphis, Tenn.        $857          5.   Tucson, Ariz.       $989
6.   Tulsa, Okla.          $888          6.   Plano, Texas        $1,713
7.   San Diego, Calif.     $2,116        7.   Baltimore, Md.      $1,247
8.   Philadelphia, Penn.   $1,060        8.   Santa Ana, Calif.   $2,097
9.   Buffalo, N.Y.         $810          9.   Durham, N.C.        $1,168
10.  Springfield, Mass.    $1,255        10.  Rochester, N.Y.     $893
Men Seeking Men Under 35                 Women Seeking Women Under 35
Rank City                  Zillow Rent   Rank City                Zillow Rent
                           Index                                  Index
1.   Miami, Fla.           $1,727        1.   Worcester, Mass.    $1,302
2.   San Diego, Calif.     $2,116        2.   San Diego, Calif.   $2,116
3.   Philadelphia, Penn.   $1,060        3.   Cleveland, Ohio     $834
4.   Worcester, Mass.      $1,302        4.   Denver, Colo.       $1,468
5.   Santa Maria, Calif.   $1,547        5.   Des Moines, Iowa    $1,009
6.   Des Moines, Iowa      $1,009        6.   Colorado Springs,   $1,219
7.   Colorado Springs,     $1,219        7.   Springfield, Mass.  $1,255
8.   Cleveland, Ohio       $834          8.   Kansas City, Kan.   $734
9.   Arlington, Texas      $1,252        9.   Aurora, Colo.       $1,323
10.  Baltimore, Md.        $1,247        10.  Dallas, Texas       $1,134

*A full list of 150 cities is also available

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[i] The Zillow Rent Index is the median Rent Zestimate® valuation for a given
geographic area on a given day and includes the value of all single-family
residences, condominiums and cooperatives, regardless of whether they are
currently for rent. The Zillow Rent Index at the national level is calculated
using a weighted average of the median rent value for each county and includes
data from 350 metropolitan statistical areas. It is expressed in dollars and
is for a particular geographic region.

[ii] All data on median incomes and the locations of people who identify
themselves as single, married, heterosexual and homosexual were sourced from
the Census Bureau's 2010 American Community Survey.

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