ECCO2 Tech Supplies Sustainable and Cost Effective Solutions for International Green Schools Program

ECCO2 Tech Supplies Sustainable and Cost Effective Solutions for International
Green Schools Program

NEW YORK, Feb. 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RVPlus, Inc. (OTCQB:RVPL), holding
company of ECCO2 Tech has diversified its business by establishing
partnerships with Liberia Institute for Global Studies ("LINGS"), Intervisual
Technology, Inc. ("IVTI"), and other United Nations affiliate partners to
develop sustainable and cost-effective educational programs for grades 6 to 12
and higher education courses similar to Bridgepoint Education, Inc., K12,
Inc., and University of Phoenix, a subsidiary of Apollo Group, Inc..

LINGS was launched in 2012 by UN Parties and non-governmental organizations,
collectively known as the ECCO2 Civil Society to enable educational programs
for West African civilians with the anticipation to support women's rights,
adaptation, social/economic development, inclusive to research and development
studies to teach students how to reduce the use of energy and climate change

The recent accreditation for ECCO2 Civil Society members as ECCO2 Corp, sister
company of ECCO2 Tech, and UN affiliate partner, Center for Climate Change and
Environmental Study will broaden the financial aid opportunities within the
United Nations Family for RVPL, who supplies goods and services to support
these international green projects approved by foreign government parties and
UN affiliate partners. There is currently over $500 billion in UN financial
aid available for approved causes, as women's rights, climate change, and
energy efficiency.

Intervisual Technology, Inc. has grades 6 to 12 online and physical classes
active in US, Canada, Africa, and China with over 2000 students. Cary Lee
Peterson, RVPlus CEO-Chairman and ECCO2 Civil Society President and co-founder
anticipates that the initial framework completed by IVTI shall create a
sufficient road map to expand its green school programs into countries that
lack the necessary funding to build schools and employ teachers to keep up
with the growth in population. UN financial aid would provide developing
countries the ability to offer students free enrollment to obtain a high
school diploma or college degree from a school that is accredited within the
United States. Thus, creating job opportunities for teachers throughout the
world and evolving global educational standards by offering a student in South
Africa or Guyana the opportunity to learn the same lessons and skills in math,
reading, science, and social studies as a student in Chicago, Illinois or
Akron, Ohio.

Such an evolution in the education industry means billions of dollars in
revenue to be shared by contractors and suppliers of goods and services
required for LINGS deployment and fulfillment, which keep RVPL potentially
flawless to decline in revenue streamlines for the present and future.

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