Syntroleum Asserts Singapore Patent Against Neste and Announces Stay of Neste '344 Patent Litigation Against It

Syntroleum Asserts Singapore Patent Against Neste and Announces Stay of Neste
'344 Patent Litigation Against It

TULSA, Okla., Feb. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On February 7, 2013, Syntroleum
Corporation (Nasdaq:SYNM) filed suit against Neste Oil Singapore Pte Ltd with
the High Court of Singapore asserting its Singapore Patent No. 172,045
entitled "Even Carbon Number Paraffin Composition And Method of Manufacturing
Same." In the court filing, Syntroleum alleges that Neste's "operation at its
renewable diesel refinery in Singapore involves the processing of a
bio-renewable feedstock to produce a hydrocarbon composition having at least
75 wt % even carbon number paraffins" which Syntroleum alleges "is claimed at
the very least, in claim 22 of the Patent." Syntroleum's patent issued on
November 15, 2012, and expires on December 10, 2028.

Syntroleum's action against Neste is not the first dispute between the
parties. In May 2012, Neste Oil Oyj sued Syntroleum for alleged infringement
of Neste's U.S. Patent No. 8,187,344. On January 31, 2013, the United States
District Court for the District of Delaware granted Syntroleum's motion to
stay Neste's lawsuit pending reexamination of the '344 patent by the U.S.
Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Previously, the USPTO had granted
Syntroleum's inter partes reexamination request and issued a September 14,
2012 Office Action initially rejecting all claims of the '344 patent as
obvious in view of the prior art. The '344 patent is related to and shares the
same inventors as a prior Neste patent (U.S. Patent No. 7,279,018), and both
are directed to a fuel composition for diesel engines. The USPTO's recent
Order is consistent with a prior finding on March 22, 2012 by the USPTO's
Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences affirming the Examiner's rejection
of the '018 patent's claims. Neste declined to appeal that ruling and on July
31, 2012, the USPTO issued a Reexamination Certificate canceling all claims of
the '018 patent. The reexamination proceedings involving the '344 patent
remain pending.

Syntroleum continues to defend a second suit filed by Neste on December 20,
2012 in the District of Delaware alleging patent infringement of U.S. Patent
No. 8,212,094. The '094 patent covers similar subject matter and shares a
common inventor with Neste's '018 and '344 patents. Syntroleum denies Neste's
claims and will continue to vigorously defend against the Neste patents and is
confident that its position will be vindicated.

Syntroleum has invested substantial time and resources in its proprietary
Bio-Synfining® technology and will likewise seek to enforce its intellectual
property rights in venues around the world.

About Syntroleum (Nasdaq:SYNM)

Syntroleum Corporation owns the Syntroleum® Process for Fischer-Tropsch (FT)
conversion of synthesis gas into liquid hydrocarbons, the Synfining® Process
for upgrading FT liquid hydrocarbons into refined petroleum products, and the
Bio-Synfining® technology for converting renewable feedstocks into drop-in
fuels. Syntroleum has a 50% interest in Dynamic Fuels, LLC, which operates a
75 million gallon per year renewable fuels facility located in Geismar,
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to differ from these forward-looking statements are described under "Item 1A.
Risk Factors" and elsewhere in our 2011 Annual Report on Form 10K.

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