The Importance of RRSPs Beyond Simple Tax Savings

MONTREAL, Feb. 8, 2013 /CNW Telbec/ - Although the RRSP is an excellent 
vehicle for reducing taxes, that is not the primary aim of this plan. 
According to financial planners at Laurentian Bank, it is essentially intended 
to be a means of saving for retirement. 
"The RRSP is particularly pertinent within today's context," underlines Denis 
L'Hostie, Senior Manager, Financial Planning. "People who long believed that 
their pension plan would be sufficient saw their savings suffer setbacks 
related to the economic crisis, in addition to feeling the effects of weak 
returns generated by guaranteed investments. As such, personal savings are 
more important than ever today in order to avoid a potential lack of 
sufficient income at retirement." 
In response to the ageing of the population and weak growth in the number of 
workers, the Canadian government recently decided to gradually increase the 
age of eligibility for the old age security program and the guaranteed income 
supplement from 65 to 67. Moreover, the population is expected to age more 
rapidly in Canada than in other countries. In fact, the proportion of seniors 
in the Canadian population vis-à-vis working age citizens is likely to almost 
double in the next 20 years, which means that other measures aimed at 
increasing the eligibility age for retirement can be anticipated as well. 
Consequently, establishing clear and realistic retirement objectives has 
become all the more vital. 
During this RRSP season, it is important to remember that the Registered 
Retirement Savings Plan was designed to meet revenue availability objectives 
at the time of retirement. "The RRSP should be seen, first and foremost, as a 
long-term strategic savings tool intended to provide savers with a safety 
cushion for once they stop working," adds Denis L'Hostie. "And because 
people's perception of retirement has changed a lot, many individuals don't 
see it as a permanent stoppage any longer. Thus, one must be ready to meet the 
needs posed by new lifestyles." 
The best way to save is to spread out RRSP contributions throughout the course 
of the year — ideally in the form of a systematic savings program. By 
adopting such a methodical plan, the saver can progressively accumulate 
capital and see it grow in a disciplined fashion, while gaining the 
flexibility to confront different eventualities. "In so doing, we not only 
increase our savings, but we also reduce the stress associated with scrambling 
to find the sums to contribute at the end of the year," concludes Mr. 
L'Hostie. "So the tax saving should no longer be seen as the ultimate 
objective, but rather, an added benefit that the saver can apply to their RRSP 
or to some other urgent financial need." 
At this time of year, in particular, it is in everyone's interest to consult a 
financial advisor or planner to be familiar with the different means of 
preparing strategically and effectively for retirement. 
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