Bud Light Platinum Touches Down in Canada

New, premium offering leads Labatt Breweries of Canada's innovation pipeline 
for 2013 
TORONTO, Feb. 6, 2013 /CNW/ - Bud Light Platinum - the newest member of the 
Bud Light family of beers - is set to take Canada by storm. Only available in 
the U.S. until now, Bud Light Platinum has officially launched in Canada, 
leading the premium beer category by delivering a 6% alc./vol. strong beer 
with a light, easy-drinking taste.This bold new beer demonstrates Labatt's 
continued commitmentto bringing Canadians new, exciting innovations. 
"Innovation is key to building Labatt's momentum now and as we head into the 
all important summer season. The launch of Bud Light Platinum in Canada - our 
first innovation of 2013 - is the newest addition to the growing Bud Light 
family and one that will deliver a new premium drinking experience for 
Canadians," said Jorn Socquet, Vice President of Marketing, Labatt Breweries 
of Canada. "Labatt identified an opportunity to shape a new category of 
premium beer in Canada - one that delivers strong beer with a light, 
easy-drinking taste in a sophisticated and approachable style. Bud Light 
Platinum fits this profile. It has differentiated packaging including a 
distinctive large cobalt blue glass bottle that looks and feels like nothing 
else on the market." 
Bud Light Platinum saw huge success in the U.S. when it first launched last 
year. By the end of 2012, Bud Light Platinum claimed more than 1 per cent of 
U.S. market share and was one of the most successful beer launches in the U.S. 
since 2005. Bud Light Platinum's arrival in Canada further solidifies the Bud 
Light brand's dedication to innovation, including recent extensions Bud Light 
Lime - one of the biggest Canadian beer launches in the past decade that 
exploded the flavoured beer category - and Bud Light Lime Mojito. 
"Labatt is one of Canada's oldest and most experienced brewers. We're taking 
this expertise and working hard to shape the category to bring exciting new 
products to consumers," said Socquet. "Labatt's innovation pipeline is an 
important part of growing our business and we're committed to innovating 
across all touch points - from the development of new beer and flavours, to 
our creative campaigns, packaging design and digital communications. We want 
to entice consumers and create meaning for them in everything we do." 
With the official launch of the ad on Super Bowl Sunday, Bud Light Platinum is 
now available in 650 mL glass bottles, a sleek 355 mL can and first-to-market 
355 mL aluminum bottle. Bud Light Platinum is available nationally at select 
About Bud Light 
Bud Light has been brewed in Canada since 1986. The Bud Light brand expanded 
with the introduction of Bud Light Lime in 2009, Bud Light Lime Mojito in 2012 
and new Bud Light Platinum, launched in 2013. Each beer in the Bud Light 
family is made using the finest malted barley and premium hops imparting a 
unique clean aroma and crisp smooth finish. From the first brewing steps to 
completion, the Bud Light family is handled with the utmost care to ensure the 
same great taste every time. For more information, visit www.budlight.ca or 
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