Daimler to use Ubisense Assembly Control System on Mercedes S-Class Assembly Line

Daimler to use Ubisense Assembly Control System on Mercedes S-Class Assembly 
CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM -- (Marketwire) -- 02/05/13 -- The Ubisense
Smart Factory System solution for automotive assembly lines based on
its six-sigma Real-Time Location System has achieved the pilot
acceptance milestone in Daimler's project to equip the assembly line
for the Mercedes S-Class premium cars in Germany. 
Following an extensive proof of concept at the customer's plant in
Rastatt, Ubisense was awarded the contract to equip the S-Class
assembly line in the Sindelfingen plant. The project was divided into
two phases: the pilot phase covered 2 line segments and the
associated DC tools provided the means to integrate and test the
solution; the system will now be installed at the remaining stations
and all the DC tools will be integrated.  
The Ubisense Smart Factory System automates the recognition of tool /
vehicle interactions on the production line, eliminating the need to
scan vehicle ID numbers and ensuring that the correct tool program is
being used for the particular vehicle at the station. In addition,
the exact location of each vehicle is tracked continuously and
matched to the vehicle ID which is then supplied to external worker
assistance systems as the vehicle arrives at each station. This is
particularly useful on line segments where traditional vehicle
sensing technologies are not available.  
The result of using the Ubisense Smart Factory System will be a
significant reduction in unproductive assembly time, as well as
eliminating many errors that can occur in manual operations such as
The Smart Factory System is integrated with the car manufacturer's
PLUS manufacturing execution system and with the DC tools via the
Atlas Copco Open Protocol. The final solution will also control other
devices and the tools of several other vendors. Ubisense is
implementing the solution together with Atlas Copco following the
strategic partnership which the two companies launched in 2009. 
Richard Green, Ubisense CEO, added: "We are delighted to be working
with Daimler and Atlas Copco, both renowned for the high quality of
their products and their manufacturing excellence. We look forward to
supporting our customers in achieving their ambitious manufacturing
goals over the years to come." 
About Ubisense 
Ubisense's lean manufacturing Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)
eliminate waste and drive up quality levels by providing 3D location
visibility (often dubbed "3D indoor GPS"). These Smart Factory
Systems are implemented to deliver astonishing levels of process
control in high volume high value manufacturing processes with short
payback periods. The company's continuing rapid growth is achieved by
its experienced team of experts who customize both hardware and
software solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients around
the globe. 
Ubisense offers two location-oriented products; Smart Factory System
RTLS (Real-Time Location Solutions), and Geospatial (Mapping)
Systems. The company operates in a number of industries ranging from
manufacturing and utilities to telecommunications and is used by a
number of blue chip customers across the world, such as BMW, Airbus,
Aston Martin, Caterpillar and Deutsche Telekom. 
Ubisense Group plc
Richard Green
+ 44 (0) 1223 535170
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