Advantest Expands Application Coverage of TAS7500 Series of Spectroscopic Imaging Systems with 2 New Systems; Transmittance

  Advantest Expands Application Coverage of TAS7500 Series of Spectroscopic
  Imaging Systems with 2 New Systems; Transmittance Polarization Analysis
  Module Also Developed

              Richer Spectroscopic Analysis Capability Increases

   Applicability to Chemicals, Communications Material, Terahertz Research

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TOKYO -- February 4, 2013

Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE), a global leader in test and
measurement sciences, has developed two new spectroscopy systems and a new
transmittance polarization analysis module for its TAS7500 product series of
systems, which employ terahertz waves to perform non-destructive imaging and
analysis of samples.

・Wide-Band Coverage: TAS7500SU Terahertz Spectroscopic System

・Low-Frequency Coverage: TAS7500SL Terahertz Spectroscopic System

・Transmittance Polarization Analysis Module for Terahertz Spectroscopic

The new systems and module dramatically expand the range of applications of
the TAS7500 series to include chemicals and materials for high-speed
communications components, in addition to the pharmaceutical applications
covered by existing systems, while also delivering the ability to analyze the
polarization characteristics of samples. The new products are scheduled for
launch in March, 2013.

Advantest Enables New Applications for Terahertz Technology

In recent years the terahertz frequency range has increasingly been utilized
in non-destructive measurement and spectroscopic analysis applications.
Advantest has led the development of this technology, launching its 3D Imaging
Analysis System, the TAS7000, in April 2010, followed in September 2011 by the
groundbreaking TAS7500, a non-invasive, non-destructive analysis system for
pharmaceutical applications. The company has continued to invest in expanding
the analysis capabilities and applications coverage of its terahertz
technology, leading to the development of the new TAS75000SU and TAS7500SL

In combination with the previously launched TAS7500SP, these three systems,
each covering a different bandwidth, greatly expand the TAS7500 series’
analysis range, and provide enhanced measurement quality in each frequency
region. Further, Advantest’s newly developed transmittance polarization
analysis module for spectroscopic analysis enables polarization
characteristics analysis of optically anisotropic materials,* among others.

The new systems and module expand the applications of the TAS7500 series
beyond the pharmaceutical arena, to fields including terahertz wireless
communications, biotechnology, and research applications utilizing terahertz

* Optically anisotropic materials display varying refraction indices depending
on the polarization direction of the light directed at them.

Wide-Band Analysis System TAS7500SU

■ Improved High-Frequency Coverage Enables Diverse Terahertz Research

Advantest’s Cherenkov THz radiation source* enables higher-frequency terahertz
wave generation, giving the TAS7500SU an analysis range of 0.5 – 7.0 THz,
compared to the 0.1 - 4THz range of the previous TAS7500SP system. This wider
coverage facilitates diverse new analysis applications.

■ Industry-Best High-Speed Measurement Functionality

The TAS7500 series boasts an industry-best scan time of 8 milliseconds,
ensuring speedy measurement results unaffected by exterior changes in humidity
and temperature.

* Advantest’s new Cherenkov THz radiation source, which generates a superior
range of frequencies, was announced in September 2012, as was the company’s
terahertz time-of-flight (TOF) tomography analysis system, which employs the
Cherenkov radiation source.

Low-Frequency Analysis System TAS7500SL

■30GHz-2THz Analysis Range Optimal for Terahertz Wireless Communications
Materials Development, Other Applications

In the field of terahertz wireless communications—a technology expected to
find practical applications in the near future—it is crucial for engineers to
accurately analyze the characteristics of the materials they work with, such
as permittivity and absorptiveness. The TAS7500SL is specialized for the 30GHz
– 2THz band of the spectrum, optimizing it for R&D in the area of materials to
be used for packages, boards, and other communications components, as well as
spectroscopic analysis at these bandwidths.

Transmittance Polarization Analysis Module

■ Measurement of Crystalline & Molecular Structures Provides More Detailed
Analysis Results

Advantest’s new transmittance polarization analysis module, which can be
mounted on the TAS7500SP, enables polarization analysis of anisotropic optical
materials, among others, via polarization characteristics measurement, thus
providing more detailed analysis results.

■ Easy Operation Boosts Efficiency

In common with Advantest’s existing spectroscopic measurement modules
(transmission, reflection, and ATR), the new transmittance polarization
analysis module is easy to install and remove, aiding ease of operation in any
measurement environment.

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Advantest will exhibit at SPIE Photonics West at the Moscone Center, San
Francisco on February 5-7, 2013.

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