The Adventure of a Lifetime Awaits in Fire Emblem Awakening

  The Adventure of a Lifetime Awaits in Fire Emblem Awakening

     First True 3D Entry in Revered Series Now Available for Nintendo 3DS

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REDMOND, Wash. -- February 4, 2013

You are standing at the edge of a massive battlefield. Before you stands a sea
of enemies: wyvern riders, dark mages, fearsome knights. You and your
companions must use your wits to defeat the approaching onslaught. One wrong
move could end in defeat. But the right decisions could result in a glorious
victory. Your archer is in position. Your healer is standing close. You are
defending the Kingdom of Ylisse from a vicious enemy alongside the bravest
warriors in the land. You are ready. This is Fire Emblem Awakening.

Today, for the first time, the epic fantasy turn-based strategy series
launches for Nintendo 3DS in retail stores and in the Nintendo eShop. Fire
Emblem Awakening follows the story of Lord Chrom as he bands together with a
growing army of brave companions to save the world from a rising evil.

“The Fire Emblem series has been enchanting fans for years on many different
Nintendo systems,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice
president of Sales & Marketing. “From Game Boy Advance to Wii, millions of
knights- and mages-in-the-making have enjoyed adventures through the
mysterious and fantastical worlds of these games. This new Nintendo 3DS
adventure will let people experience the franchise in a whole new way with
detailed graphics, an engrossing storyline and deep tactical combat.”

Fire Emblem Awakening stars a massive cast of playable characters with unique
personalities and individual skills. As the dramatic and emotional storyline
unfolds, the characters in the game take part in numerous battles where
strategic decisions determine success or failure. Like previous games in the
Fire Emblem series, if a beloved character falls in battle, he or she is gone
forever. This unique feature continues to add tension and urgency to the
engrossing game play the Fire Emblem series is known for. For a more casual
game-play experience, players can choose “casual mode,” which does not have
the permanent death system.

New to the series are a host of new features that make Fire Emblem Awakening
the deepest and most robust entry in the series. In the game, when characters
pair up, they can perform devastating dual strikes or protect each other from
oncoming enemies. As the game progresses, these partnered characters build a
relationship and can eventually get married and have children. Players can use
the StreetPass functionality of the Nintendo 3DS hand-held system to create
“StreetPass teams” composed of the characters from the game. After tagging
someone with StreetPass, players can engage with the opposing team and battle
for control of the opposing team’s leader, recruit the team leader with gold
or purchase any items he or she is carrying.

Outside of the main campaign, owners of Fire Emblem Awakening can purchase and
download additional weekly maps. The maps will offer valuable rewards for
completing them, including new playable characters, new class types and
skills. The first of these downloadable maps features legendary Fire Emblem
character Marth. This map is available now, and is free until March 5.
Additional maps will be released each week and can be purchased from the
in-game shop. In addition to content that can be purchased from within the
game, Nintendo will also distribute new content via SpotPass for free.
Starting at launch and continuing for the months following, SpotPass content
will be distributed and will feature new maps with new storylines, characters
and items.

In addition to the stand-alone game, a special limited-edition Fire Emblem
Awakening Nintendo 3DS bundle is also now available in stores. The bundle
includes the game pre-installed on a blue Nintendo 3DS system emblazoned with
Fire Emblem artwork. It also includes a 4GB SD memory card. The bundle is
available for a suggested retail price of $199.99.

Remember that Nintendo 3DS features parental controls that let adults manage
the content their children can access. For more information about this and
other features, visit

For more information about Fire Emblem Awakening, visit

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