Healthpoint Biotherapeutics Introduces Copay Assistance Program For Collagenase Santyl® Ointment

     Healthpoint Biotherapeutics Introduces Copay Assistance Program For
                         Collagenase Santyl® Ointment

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FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 1, 2013

FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Healthpoint Biotherapeutics, a
Smith & Nephew business (LSE: SN, NYSE: SNN), today announced the
introduction of a Copay Assistance Program for patients who have been
prescribed Collagenase SANTYL^® Ointment and pay more than $50 out-of-pocket
for their prescription. Under the program, eligible patients cover the first
$50 and Healthpoint will pay up to the next $150 of out-of-pocket costs per
prescription. The card can be used for as many as six prescriptions at a
retail pharmacy, up to a $900 annual maximum.

"We recognize that healthcare costs are an important consideration today and
some patients face difficult choices that could lead them to go without the
medicines they need," commented Travis Baugh, President of Healthpoint
Biotherapeutics. "That is why we are so pleased to introduce the SANTYL^®
Ointment Copay Assistance Program as one means of ensuring patient access to
this important therapeutic option for managing often debilitating chronic

Both insured and uninsured patients may qualify for the Copay Assistance
Program, except for prescriptions reimbursed under governmental healthcare
programs or where otherwise restricted by law.

Additional information, along with program terms and conditions, are available
online at or by calling 1-800-364-4767.

About Collagenase SANTYL^® Ointment

Collagenase SANTYL^® Ointment is a selective enzymatic debriding agent that
provides continuous, bioactive removal of necrotic (dead) collagen without
harming granulation tissue (collagen-rich tissue which forms in the healing
wound). In difficult-to-heal and chronic wounds (such as diabetic, venous and
pressure ulcers), there is an ongoing deposition of non-viable tissue that
must be continually removed to maintain the readiness of the wound for
healing. The process of removing these barriers to healing is called
debridement, which can be accomplished through the use of certain enzymes
(types of proteins) to liquefy necrotic tissue, thus allowing bioburden
(microorganisms contaminating the wound) to be more easily removed from the

Ongoing, active removal of necrotic debris at the cellular level may help
wounds progress from the inflammatory phase (defense against infection) to the
proliferative phase (spreading of new cells over the wound bed) of healing. By
breaking the cycle of inflammation which traps many chronic wounds, SANTYL^®
Ointment contributes to the formation of granulation tissue and subsequent
epithelialization (regeneration of the epidermis across a wound surface).

Collagenase SANTYL^® Ointment is the only product approved by the FDA for use
as an enzymatic debriding agent and is indicated for debriding chronic dermal
ulcers (e.g., pressure ulcers, venous ulcers and diabetic ulcers) and severely
burned areas. SANTYL^® Ointment contains 250 collagenase units per gram of
white petrolatum USP; the enzyme collagenase is derived from the fermentation
by Clostridium histolyticum. Occasional slight transient erythema has been
noted in surrounding tissue when applied outside the wound. One case of
systemic hypersensitivity has been reported after one year of treatment with
collagenase and cortisone. For more information, please visit

About Healthpoint Biotherapeutics

Healthpoint Biotherapeutics is a bioactive business of Smith & Nephew focused
on the development and commercialization of novel, cost-effective solutions
for dermal repair and regeneration. Its research and development strategy is
centered around next-generation bioactive therapies for the treatment of
chronic wounds. Currently marketed products include Collagenase SANTYL^®
Ointment, OASIS^® Wound Matrix, OASIS^® Ultra Tri-Layer Matrix and REGRANEX^®
(becaplermin) Gel 0.01%. Healthpoint Biotherapeutics is also committed to
advancing the care and treatment of wounds through support of industry leading
continuing education from The Wound Institute^®. To learn more about this
comprehensive and award winning educational resource, please visit^®. Healthpoint Biotherapeutics is a business of Smith &
Nephew (LSE: SN, NYSE: SNN), and is based in Fort Worth, Texas. For more
information, visit the company website at

THEWOUNDINSTITUTE.COM and REGRANEX are registered trademarks of Smith &

OASIS is a registered trademark of Cook Biotech, Inc.

About Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew is a global medical technology business dedicated to helping
improve people's lives. With leadership positions in Orthopaedic
Reconstruction, Advanced Wound Management, Sports Medicine and Trauma, Smith &
Nephew has almost 11,000 employees and a presence in more than 90 countries.
Annual sales in 2011 were nearly $4.3 billion. Smith & Nephew is a member of
the FTSE100 (LSE: SN, NYSE: SNN).

SOURCE Healthpoint Biotherapeutics, a Business of Smith & Nephew

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