Reputation Changer: Complaints and Defamatory Online Reviews Are Frequently Misunderstood

Reputation Changer: Complaints and Defamatory Online Reviews Are Frequently 
A Recent NBC Chicago Story Highlights Some Common Myths and
Misconceptions About Online Reviews and Complaints -- Prompting the
Attention of Reputation Changer 
NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 01/31/13 --  It is widely known that
online review sites and complaint boards, such as and
Foursquare, are increasingly popular consumer destinations -- and
increasingly influential in shaping consumer behavior and purchase
decisions. As such, it is no great surprise that online reviews can
directly impact a business' bottom line; according to a recent NBC
Chicago report, however, many business owners are slow to accept the
reality that, in today's world, online review monitoring and
reputation management are essential for success. The report
highlights four of the most common myths and misconceptions about
online reviews -- and it has won a comment from Reputation Changer. 
Reputation Changer is the foremost name in online reputation defense,
and in its new press statement, President and COO Michael Zammuto
notes that online reviews remain fairly nebulous and poorly
understood. "Business owners know that these online reviews are out
there, but many of them are unsure as to how those reviews impact
their sales -- or, of what they can do to combat unwanted reviews,"
notes Zammuto. "At Reputation Changer, complaints and defamatory
online reviews are regarded as grave threats to any brand's success,
and as such, we advocate full education on matters related to online
reviews and online reputation defense." 
Zammuto goes on to address some of the particular points made in the
NBC report. The first myth listed is that businesses are powerless to
control the online reviews they receive. The article notes that,
while businesses may not be able to exert any control over
user-generated content, they can at the very least optimize their
profiles on sites such as Yelp, ensuring that they reflect accurate
and brand-enhancing information. 
Zammuto says that companies can also proactively court positive
reviews. "It is true that nobody can prevent bad reviews from
happening, but you can work to ensure that, when a bad review
surfaces, it is drowned out by dozens of posi
tive ones," he remarks.
"Businesses can improve their online standings simply by reaching out
to their most faithful customers and clients, and asking them to
submit some positive feedback." 
The second myth listed in the article is that most online reviews are
fake -- and therefore, they have no real impact on a business. "This
is absolutely untrue," notes Zammuto. "While it is accurate to say
that false online reviews abound, the veracity of a review matters
very little when it comes to its effect on a business or brand. We
have known of reviews that have been planted by business rivals, or
even by disgruntled employees -- and they can still have a major
The most dangerous myth listed in the article, according to Zammuto,
is that business owners should respond to all of their negative
reviews. "While it is a good practice to respond, publically, to
positive reviews and even to constructive criticisms, responding to
overwhelmingly negative and unreasonable reviews is a big mistake,"
he explains. "The reason for this is that a response simply draws
more attention to the bad review in question, which only deepens the
brand's online reputation management woes." 
The Reputation Changer COO concludes by noting that, when beset by
bad reviews and online complaints, brands have two real options -- to
take a DIY approach to reputation repair, seeking to shore up as many
positive reviews as they can, or else to consult with a company like
Reputation Changer. "At Reputation Changer, complaints and negative
reviews are dealt with promptly and effectively," Zammuto says. "Our
goal, always, is to present the client in the best light possible." 
Reputation Changer was developed and launched in 2009, by a team of
online marketers and SEO professionals who shared a common goal: To
provide companies, brands, and individuals with the tools needed to
manage their online image. To this day, Reputation Changer is
committed to providing its clients with control in how they are
presented on the Web; the company is heralded as the #1 company of
its kind, in the entire world.  
Michael Zammuto
Reputation Changer LLC
39 West Gay Street
West Chester, PA 19380
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