Libya Becomes First to Standardize Its Blood Donation Centers to Masimo Pronto-7® for Quick, Noninvasive Spot-Checking of

   Libya Becomes First to Standardize Its Blood Donation Centers to Masimo
 Pronto-7® for Quick, Noninvasive Spot-Checking of Hemoglobin (SpHb®), SpO2,
                       Pulse Rate, and Perfusion Index

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  DUBAI, United Arab Emirates and IRVINE, California, Jan. 31, 2013

-- Masimo SpHb ® Now the National Standard of Care at Blood Donation Centers
and Operating Rooms Throughout Libya

DUBAI, United Arab Emiratesand IRVINE, California, Jan. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/
-- Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI) announced today that Libya has become the first
country to begin using the Masimo Pronto-7®— a handheld noninvasive hemoglobin
spot-check device — to screen potential blood donors for low hemoglobin level
in all of its major blood-donation centers. The announcement comes at Arab
Health, the world's longest-running healthcare exhibition and congress held
each January in Dubai.

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Donating blood prior to your own surgical procedure or for those of friends
and family members is common practice throughout the Middle East. However,
until the use of Pronto-7, centers in Libya were using invasive blood draws to
test donors for low blood count or anemia. It is estimated that about 10% of
people who attempt to donate blood are deferred because of a low hemoglobin

The palm-sized Pronto-7, with dimensions of just 13 cm x 7.2 cm x 2.5 cm (5.1"
x 2.8" x 1") and weight of 296 grams (10.5 ounces), offers a breakthrough
solution for quick and easy spot-check measurements of hemoglobin, SpO2, pulse
rate, and perfusion index in less than one minute —without needles,
time-consuming laboratory analysis, blood contamination, hazardous medical
waste, and patient discomfort associated with traditional blood tests.

"The Pronto-7's accuracy, portability and ease-of-use helps clinicians protect
donors from unintentional harm," said Dr. Nurideen Abdulhamid Dagman, Libya
Minister of Health and former Director of the Benghazi Central Blood Bank.
"With the use of advanced technologies such as the Pronto-7, Libya is
demonstrating its commitment to patient safety."

Standardizing blood donor assessments using the Pronto-7 follows Libya's
national adoption of Masimo continuous noninvasive hemoglobin (SpHb®) as the
standard of care in the country's operating rooms in 2008.

"Libya's leadership in implementing Masimo's noninvasive hemoglobin monitoring
technology as a national standard of care, first in operating rooms and now at
blood donation centers, shows the country's commitment to adopting advanced
medical technologies that improve patient care and safety," said Masimo
founder and CEO Joe Kiani. "We applaud their efforts to put patient safety
first and acknowledge the tireless work of Motahida Medical Co., our
distributor in Libya, for making this achievement possible. Masimo is
dedicated to expanding our presence in the Middle East and helping this very
important region to continue to adopt leading-edge technologies for the
betterment of patient care and safety."

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About Masimo

Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI) is the global leader in innovative noninvasive
monitoring technologies that significantly improve patient care—helping solve
"unsolvable" problems. In 1995, the company debuted Measure-Through Motion and
Low Perfusion pulse oximetry, known as Masimo SET®, which virtually eliminated
false alarms and increased pulse oximetry's ability to help clinicians detect
life-threatening events. More than 100 independent and objective studies have
shown that Masimo SET® outperforms other pulse oximetry technologies, even
under the most challenging clinical conditions, including patient motion and
low peripheral perfusion. In 2005, Masimo introduced rainbow SET® Pulse
CO-Oximetry technology, allowing noninvasive and continuous monitoring of
blood constituents that previously required invasive procedures, including
total hemoglobin (SpHb®), oxygen content (SpOC™), carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO®),
methemoglobin (SpMet®), and Pleth Variability Index (PVI®), in addition to
SpO2, pulse rate, and perfusion index (PI). In 2008, Masimo introduced Patient
SafetyNet™, a remote monitoring and wireless clinician notification system
designed to help hospitals avoid preventable deaths and injuries associated
with failure to rescue events. In 2009, Masimo introduced rainbow® Acoustic
Monitoring™, the first-ever noninvasive and continuous monitoring of acoustic
respiration rate (RRa™).Masimo's rainbow® SET® technology platform offers a
breakthrough in patient safety by helping clinicians detect life-threatening
conditions and helping guide treatment options. In 2010, Masimo acquired
SedLine®, a pioneer in the development of innovative brain function monitoring
technology and devices. In 2012, Masimo acquired assets of Spire
Semiconductor, LLC, maker of advanced light emitting diode (LED) and other
advanced component-level technologies; and Phasein AB, a developer and
manufacturer of ultra-compact mainstream and sidestream capnography, multigas
analyzers, and handheld capnometry solutions. Masimo SET® and Masimo rainbow®
SET® technologies also can be found in over 100 multiparameter patient
monitors from over 50 medical device manufacturers around the world. Founded
in 1989, Masimo has the mission of "Improving Patient Outcome and Reducing
Cost of Care … by Taking Noninvasive Monitoring to New Sites and
Applications®." Additional information about Masimo and its products may be
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Masimo SpHb accurately tracks and trends Hb changes in all patients, risks
related to our belief that the Pronto-7 enables quick and easy noninvasive
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the point-of-care for all patients, as well as other factors discussed in the
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