Lidl Shaves 2 Months off Shopping Time

                    Lidl Shaves 2 Months off Shopping Time

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  LONDON, January 30, 2013

LONDON, January 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Fresh market research has revealed that Lidl offers the quickest supermarket
shop and saves customers two months over their total lifetime, compared to
food shopping at one of the Big 4 supermarkets.

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The research was gathered by an independent market data agency¹ that sent 295
shoppers to purchase 50 staple food items representative of the average weekly
family shop. The shoppers were asked to accurately record the start and finish
times of their visit from the moment they entered each store to the moment
they arrived back at their car as they visited stores in Glasgow, Manchester,
Cardiff, and London.

The results showed that Lidl was the quickest supermarket by 20 minutes with
the shop completed in 49 minutes. Sainsbury's was second quickest with 1 hour
9 minutes; followed by Morrison's with 1 hour 11 minutes; and Tesco's and Asda
joint longest with 1 hour 18 minutes.

According to this fresh data, consumers could save around 25 hours a year by
doing their weekly shop at Lidl, compared to Asda and Tesco, or 1,584 hours or
66 days or 2 months over the course of their lifetime - a considerable
advantage in increasingly busy times as it affords people precious extra time
to spend with family and friends. In equivalent terms... you could watch 16
extra football matches a year in that time, do 25 extra Zumba classes a year,
have 50 facials, or travel to Paris and back 11 times.

Notes to Editors:

¹ Research conducted by Taylor McKenzie


  *Over a lifetime at Tesco or Asda, you could spend 4,259 hours food
  *Over a lifetime at Lidl, you would spend 2,675 hours food shopping.

Results Table:

                                Average Time Taken For Shop

            Supermarket                   (HH:MM)
               Lidl                        00:49
            Sainsbury's                    01:09
             Morrisons                     01:11
               Tesco                       01:18
               Asda                        01:18

Additional Facts:

  *Approximately one third of one's lifetime is spent sleeping.
  *The average person will spend six months waiting at traffic lights over a
    period of 63 years.
  *People spend an average 11 years watching television over a lifetime.
  *An average of four years is spent queuing in the UK.
  *The average person is in the kitchen cooking for approximately two years
    over their lifetime.

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