(The following is a reformatted version of a press release
issued by the Office of Attorney General Martha Coakley
and received via electronic mail. The release was confirmed by
the sender.) 
January 30, 2013 
Effort a Result of Agreement Between Monster Worldwide and the
Attorney General’s Office and National Federation of the Blind;
First Job Search Website to Be Fully Accessible 
BOSTON - The popular job search website will be the
first job search and recruitment website in the industry to
provide job seekers who are blind with full and equal access to
all of its products and services including mobile applications,
Attorney General Martha Coakley, Monster Worldwide, Inc. and the
National Federation of the Blind (NFB) announced today. 
The announcement is the result of an agreement with the AG’s
Office and the NFB and provides meaningful benefit to
individuals nationwide who are blind or visually impaired,
including more than 35,000 residents in Massachusetts. As part
of the agreement, Monster will contribute $50,000 to the
Commonwealth that will be used to fund the Massachusetts
Commission for the Blind’s (MCB) job internship program. Monster
will also make a $50,000 contribution to the NFB and serve as
the title sponsor of the NFB’s annual convention in 2013. 
“Unemployment and underemployment in the blind community are
significant problems and given the extent to which computers and
the Internet have become integral to our daily lives, it is
essential that websites are accessible to everyone,” AG Coakley
said. “We are pleased to have worked with the NFB and Monster to
make the company’s valuable products and services accessible and
to provide better employment opportunities to job seekers who
are blind, visually impaired or have other print disabilities
such as dyslexia.  We are hopeful that with the ability to
access written information in an audible text to speech format,
these users will now have access to jobs, and better jobs, than
ever before.  We want technology to improve people’s lives, not
create obstacles or barriers.” 
“Over the past year, a team at Monster has been working closely
with teams from the National Federation of the Blind and the
Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office to enhance our website in a way that will provide more
opportunities for blind job seekers to find jobs,” said Mark
Conway, Chief Information Officer, Monster Worldwide. “Although
portions of our site were already accessible, we all agreed we
could do more. Based on the work of these teams, the
site will be enhanced to make its website and mobile
applications accessible to blind job seekers. This has been an
enormous undertaking and is an exciting accomplishment for which
we can all be proud.” 
“The National Federation of the Blind works for full and equal
access by blind Americans to all forms of digital information,”
said Dr. Marc Maurer, President of the National Federation of
the Blind. “Access to digital information and applications is
critical to success in the twenty-first century in all areas of
life, including searching and applying for career opportunities.
We are therefore pleased that Monster is making this commitment
to full and equal access to its website and mobile applications.
We also thank the Attorney General of Massachusetts for being
such a strong partner and advocate for accessibility.” 
“We are excited to partner with Monster and the National
Federation of the Blind to provide access to job opportunities
available to individuals who are blind,” said Commissioner Janet
LaBreck of the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind. “The MCB
internship program enables individuals the opportunity to access
early work experience.  Utilizing accessible technology
available on Monster’s website to conduct a job search ensures
that individuals who are blind can independently and
successfully perform the same tasks as other job seeking
To make its website and mobile applications accessible to job
seekers who are blind, Monster is  making them compatible with
innovative technology called screen access software that renders
on-screen information into Braille or speech so that blind
individuals can use keyboard commands to access the same
information as sighted users. 
In accordance with the agreement, Monster is in the process of
making its desktop and mobile websites fully and equally
accessible and will have its mobile applications accessible
within two years. Monster has also ensured the templates
employers use to post job advertisements on its site will be
fully and equally accessible within six months. 
Monster will also train its customer service representatives to
assist users who are blind and will establish a standing
committee to oversee implementation of the agreement and other
issues related to accessibility in the future. In addition,
Monster has agreed to work with the NFB to encourage higher
education programs to incorporate accessible design and
assistive technology in to their core curricula. 
The agreement is the most recent result of
collaboration between AG Coakley’s Office and the NFB. Past
collaborations have included making Apple’s iTunes services and
Cardtronics ATMs fully and equally accessible to the blind. 
State and federal laws not only prohibit disparate
treatment of individuals with disabilities in employment and
housing, but also require that all businesses operating places
of public accommodation provide people with disablities with
full and equal enjoyment of their goods, services, and
facilities. is the worldwide leader in connecting people to jobs
and provides a full array of job seeking, career management,
recruitment and talent management products and services in more
than 40 countries. 
This matter was handled by Assistant Attorney General Genevieve
C. Nadeau and Paralegal Bethany Brown of Attorney General
Coakley’s Civil Rights Division, and Assistant Attorney General
Maura Healey, Chief of Attorney General Coakley’s Public
Protection and Advocacy Bureau. 
Jillian Fennimore (AGO)
 (617) 727-2543 
Kristen Gugliotta (Monster)
 (978) 461-8089 
Chris Danielsen (NFB)
 (410) 262-1281 
(bjh) NY 
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