LexisNexis Unveils LexisNexis MedMal Navigator – Interactive Litigation Tool Significantly Streamlines Complex Medical

  LexisNexis Unveils LexisNexis MedMal Navigator – Interactive Litigation Tool
  Significantly Streamlines Complex Medical Malpractice Case Preparation

 Medical and Legal Information Helps Medical Malpractice Attorneys Formulate
        Best On-Point Case Strategy with Greater Efficiency and Speed

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NEW YORK -- January 30, 2013

LexisNexis^® Legal & Professional, a leading provider of content and
technology solutions, today introduced LexisNexis^® MedMal Navigator^SM, a new
interactive, all-in-one medical malpractice dashboard tool designed to help
medical malpractice attorneys formulate the appropriate on-point strategy for
their case more efficiently and cost-effectively. The MedMal Navigator tool on
Lexis Advance^® combines medical and legal research content with a user’s case
facts, so that attorneys can quickly assess the value of a case, understand
the medical issues and standard of care, identify potential expert witnesses
and access relevant medical and legal content – all in one place.

“The nature of medical malpractice litigation requires attorneys to carefully
comb through volumes of complex legal and medical research, as well as outside
data sources to formulate and develop their case strategies,” said Aileen
Stirling, Vice President, Federal & State Litigation Portfolio at LexisNexis.
“This can be arduous and time consuming. MedMal Navigator is designed to save
attorneys time, money and resources by simplifying this process through a
single online dashboard that uses interactive Q&A technology. It puts all of
the relevant data right at the attorney’s fingertips.”

The MedMal Navigator dashboard fills a critical gap for medical malpractice
attorneys by addressing and relieving many of the pain points they commonly
face, including:

  *Accessing Medical Research and Understanding the Medical Issues - MedMal
    Navigator gives medical malpractice attorneys access to premier medical
    information, as used by doctors and hospitals, including the expansive
    collection of health information from Elsevier^®, the world's leading
    provider of science and health information. It also enables them to search
    thousands of medical definitions, guides, journals, abstracts and medical
    images through one single source, enabling them to understand the medicine
    and quickly determine if and where a deviation in the standard of care may
    have occurred.
  *Comparing Similar Verdicts & Settlements and Finding the Right Expert -
    MedMal Navigator allows attorneys to compare verdicts and settlements from
    prior similar cases to efficiently assess the merits of a case, as well as
    find and research experts’ profiles by disease, condition and
    jurisdiction. This ensures that attorneys are armed with the critical
    insight they need to determine the best course of action for their case
    and formulate appropriate case strategies.

“For the first time, I can access medical research materials in one place,
even those hard-to-find materials,” said Darren W. Dummit, Associate and
Manager of the Employment Law Division at Dummit, Buchholz & Trapp. “I can
also quickly compare similar verdicts and settlements and spot any issues or
deviations from the standard of care, allowing me to determine in 20 minutes
versus 20 days if a case is worth taking on. This tool is a powerful, one-stop
solution for malpractice attorneys.”

LexisNexis MedMal Navigator employs leading edge interactive Q&A technology,
helping medical malpractice attorneys quickly examine the specific facts and
issues of their cases. Their input is then matched to underlying medical and
legal content and is displayed via an online dashboard. This Q&A process
generates highly relevant research results that are tailored to the case,
thereby providing actionable information to the attorney.

The MedMal Navigator tool is offered to Lexis Advance^® customers via
subscription and can be accessed under the MedMal Navigator tab. Please click
here to learn more about MedMal Navigator.

High-resolution screen shots can be downloaded here:

  *MedMal Navigator: Dashboard
  *MedMal Navigator: Standard of Care

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