Travelzoo Asia Pacific Survey Highlights Burgeoning Regional Travel Appetite

 Travelzoo Asia Pacific Survey Highlights Burgeoning Regional Travel Appetite

A Strong Renminbi and a Growing Travel Demand will see Travelzoo's Mainland
Chinese Subscribers Lead the Region in Travel Frequency

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HONG KONG, Jan. 29, 2013

HONG KONG, Jan. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Travelzoo Asia Pacific, a licensee of
Travelzoo Inc. (NASDAQ:TZOO), a global Internet media company, today announced
its annual subscriber survey findings that showed Asian travellers' appetite
for leisure travel remains strong, regardless of economic uncertainty. Other
key figures that will shape this year's leisure travel industry include an
increase in overall spending and the rising influence of Mainland Chinese

The survey forms part of Travelzoo Asia Pacific annual initiative to better
understand travel behaviour and trends of its regional subscribers. Conducted
in collaboration with WIMI[1], ^ a consumer insights consultancy firm, nearly
3,000 Travelzoo subscribers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and Japan
responded between December 1, 2012 and January 22, 2013.

According to the survey, average travel frequency in the region will increase
to 4.5 from 3.6 of last year. Regional spending will also see a similar
growth of around 23 percent over that of last year. Although economic
uncertainty and inflation continues to weigh heavily across the region, these
figures show that Asian travellers' appetite to travel not only remains
unabated, but will instead only grow stronger.

When segmented by country, Australian travellers will be the biggest spenders
in 2013. According to the survey, Travelzoo Australian subscribers will fork
out on average USD 8,867 and travelling 3.8 times, compared to last year's
figures of USD 6,877 and travelling 2.8 times.

Mainland Chinese rising influence on the leisure travel industry was a key
highlight of the survey. According to the survey figures, Mainland Chinese
subscribers, with 6.9 leisure trips on average that includes getaways and
long-haul holidays, will travel the most in 2013. This is a significant
increase from last year's average figure of 4.2. They will also be the second
biggest spenders after the Australian leisure seekers. Figures show that they
will spend 20 percent more than last year, amounting to USD 7,117 on average.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong travellers are forecasted to spend 22 percent more but
travel slightly less in 2013. According to the figures, they are looking to
spend USD 5,909 on average but reduce their average trip to 4.2 from 5 last
year. Inflation and stronger overseas currency may be key reasons for the
slight curb in travel, as Hong Kong travellers are expecting to spend more per
trip than they were used to.

Japanese travellers desire to travel continue to remain strong, with 4.7 trips
on average compared to last year's 3.4. However, the weaker Japanese yen and
the resurgence of inbound travel after the Tsunami, with less discounted deals
for local travellers, will see this group's spending remain nearly flat at USD
4,342 this year. 

Taiwan travellers will follow their Australian and Mainland Chinese
counterparts by travelling more and spending more. Figures show that they
will spend USD 4,050 on average, and travel on average 3 times.

"What the survey shows is that the desire for leisure travel remains strong.
At the same time, you cannot deny the growing influence of Mainland China
travellers on the leisure travel market," said Mr. Jason Yap, CEO, Travelzoo
Asia Pacific. "Buoyed by a strong Renminbi, and a growing passion for unique
travel experiences, our discerning subscribers in China are highlighting their
strong travel appetite, which has changed considerably over the past year and
is driving the regional travel trends. In addition, the results underscore
Travelzoo's success in providing high quality recommendations that speak
directly to their increasingly sophisticated travel inclinations."

Other Key Findings:

Chinese prefer Australia

Australia continues to be the favourite destination for most Mainland Chinese
subscribers, although Maldives and Thailand are becoming increasingly popular,
being ranked second and third respectively. The survey also underscored the
Mainland Chinese's appetite to travel further. A stronger Renminbi, rising
inflation within China, and the allure of exotic foreign travel were reasons
for Mainland Chinese subscribers choosing to replace domestic travel and Hong
Kong with Italy, Switzerland and France in their Top 10 desired destinations.
Desire to holiday in Japan also fell drastically due to the prevailing
tensions between the two countries.

Radiation fears are having little effect on the travel appetites of Hong Kong
and Taiwanese subscribers, as they continue to choose Japan as the favourite
destination. The recent depreciation of Japanese yen will continue to attract
shoppers and travellers to Japan. Meanwhile, Australian subscribers rank
domestic travel as their favourite, and Japanese subscribers prefer spending
their leisure holidays in the USA.

For a complete list of Top 10 Destinations by Markets, please visit:

Majority are beach lovers

Nearly half of Travelzoo Asia Pacific subscribers prefer sun-kissed holidays
at the beach, making it the top holiday activity in their list.

Mainland Chinese subscribers asserted their confidence in venturing out on
their own by selecting self-drive holidays as their second-most desired
activity. The entry of niche holidays into their top 10 desired vacations,
such as photography vacations and safaris, also highlight their heightening
desire and sophistication for unique and adventurous experience. Meanwhile, a
rising majority of Mainland Chinese subscribers enjoy the flexibility of solo
travel, with 41 percent saying they will travel alone for leisure in 2013, up
from the 28 percent in 2012.

More subscribers are also taking to the Internet to conduct their travel
bookings. A PhoCusWright[2] ^ study showed that travel bookings in China will
surpass USD 105 billion in 2013, of which more than USD 15 billion will be
made online. It also estimates that the online travel market will grow by
some 500% between 2008 and 2013.

"While the survey shows that the Asia Pacific leisure travel industry will
continue to impact the global market, it also highlights the increasingly
prominent role of the Mainland Chinese travellers," said Darryl Andrew,
Managing Partner of WIMI. "Although traditional modes such as guided tours
will see some growth, many Mainland Chinese are becoming more adventurous and
diverse in pursuing unique leisure escapades. Therefore, growth is likely to
be much more dynamic in the areas and sectors that cater to individual
pursuits and exploration."

For a complete list of Top 10 Holidays by Markets, please visit:

Travellers becoming more mobile-savvy

Over 60 percent of Travelzoo Asia Pacific subscribers used mobile Internet
while travelling in 2012. Hong Kong is proving to be a centre of innovation
when it comes to the use of mobile devices for travel, with more Hong Kong
subscribers indicating that they used their mobile devices for planning and
booking their holidays.

According to the results, 83 percent of Travelzoo Hong Kong subscribers said
they used their smart phones to navigate routes, discover restaurants and
communicate via messages. Meanwhile, 31 percent said that they completed a
travel booking using their mobiles, which leads the regional average of 26
percent and falls just behind the 34 percent mobile-savvy Japanese

[1] WIMI (When Insight Meets Innovation),, is a consumer
insights consultancy firm in which Darryl Andrew is the managing partner, who
was previously CEO of Synovate China

[2] PhoCusWright's China Online Travel Overseas Fifth Edition

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