DreamHost Announces General Availability for DreamObjects Public Cloud Storage

DreamHost Announces General Availability for DreamObjects Public Cloud Storage 
Thousands of Users Find Value, Special Offers to Drive Large-Scale
LOS ANGELES, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 01/29/13 --  DreamHost(R), a
global leader in Web hosting and cloud services, today announced the
general availability of DreamObjects(TM), its highly scalable,
resilient, and cost-effective cloud storage service for Internet
entrepreneurs and developers. With thousands of beta users,
DreamObjects cloud storage is powering a wide range of customer uses,
including application storage, Web site backup, content storage,
disaster recovery, as well as a broad following in persistent
personal backup of photos and videos. 
DreamObjects' storage capability is powered by Ceph, the massively
scalable, universal storage system created by Sage Weil, co-founder
of DreamHost, which funded and supported the Ceph project for many
years. Ceph is now developed and supported by Inktank and a growing
community of developers worldwide. Applying open source Ceph as a
basis for DreamObjects gives DreamHost significant advantages in
resiliency, scalability, and allows the company to offer
industry-leading and cost-effective object storage to its customers
worldwide. DreamObjects is compatible with Amazon(TM) S3 and
Swift-based APIs, meaning that stored data can be moved flexibly
between DreamObjects and other object storage services. 
DreamObjects is an ideal cloud storage service for both casual users
and savvy developers. Customer applications for DreamObjects range
from personal backup of documents, photos and videos using a third
party client like CloudBerry(TM) Backup, Cyberduck(TM), CrossFTP(TM),
or GoodSync(TM) to application storage and Web site backup.
Application developers store data without needing to worry about
storage capacity or provisioning more. Data is stored and accessed
through RESTful API requests. Web site owners create backups and
archive them to DreamObjects, either through an automated script or a
plug-in (i.e., WordPress). Anyone needing to store content accessible
via the Internet has a readily available storage service and can even
take advantage of disaster recovery capabilities by storing a copy of
data offsite in the event of the loss of other backup media. 
As a foundatio
nal public cloud storage service, DreamObjects lines up
with its associated computing service, DreamCompute, to deliver a
unique blend of capabilities. DreamCompute is engineered from the
operating system up to deliver the next generation cloud computing
service that developers are asking for. With OpenStack(TM) virtual
machine management, reliable and resilient Ceph block storage, and
software-defined networking that fully isolates each instance in the
infrastructure, DreamCompute sets a new standard for
 Since its beta launch in October
2012, DreamObjects' customer base has quickly grown into thousands of
users. On the occasion of taking the service to general commercial
availability, DreamHost is offering pace-setting promotions to drive
DreamObjects and open source storage forward. Customers can sign up
today for a 30-day trial and get 100GB storage and 100GB bandwidth
out free for the first month. Thereafter, the low month-to-month
price of 7 cents per GB of storage and 7 cents per GB of transfer out
bandwidth applies. Even lower pricing is available when making
longer-term commitments. For a limited time, all pre-paid storage
plans will be discounted 50% for the first year of service. That is
cloud object storage as low as 2.2 cents per GB per month.  
Taking the DreamObjects offers to the next level, and demonstrating
DreamHost's commitment to security, customers who enable the free
multi-factor authentication will receive 1GB of free storage for the
length of their service. Additionally, DreamHost partner CloudBerry
Lab will make an exclusive offer of up to 50% off of its suite of
solutions for the DreamObjects cloud platform. Customers can stay
tuned for more GB-free and other promotional offers from DreamHost
and its partners in the near future to help them get the most of
their DreamObjects experience.  
"With the general availability of DreamObjects for entrepreneurs and
developers worldwide, DreamHost is setting a new bar for value in
public cloud storage," said Simon Anderson, CEO of DreamHost. "We
believe that the current generation of innovators and content
creators will thrive and prosper in an environment where
feature-rich, reliable cloud storage can be utilized for pennies per
gig. Developers are keen to work with companies like DreamHost that
contribute significant code to leading Open Source software projects
like Ceph, OpenStack and WordPress. We're excited to be part of the
Open Source software movement that is transforming the way big
technology problems are solved and cloud services are delivered for
the greater good." 
Supporting partner quotes: 
CloudBerry Lab
 "DreamObjects is a great example of how the secure
and affordable public cloud storage service should be built and
delivered to the market. Combined with CloudBerry Backup,
DreamObjects can be easily integrated as the secure, reliable and
affordable backup and disaster recovery solution. We're also very
proud to have DreamObjects supported in our other core products --
CloudBerry Explorer and CloudBerry Drive."
 -- Alexey Serkov,
Co-Founder and CTO at CloudBerry Lab 
 "Affordable and
scalable storage is the next frontier in cloud computing, and it is
exciting to see cloud providers like DreamHost turning to Ceph's
revolutionary storage technology to meet this growing need," said
Bryan Bogensberger, CEO of Inktank. "Ceph's unmatched scalability,
resiliency, and flexible open-source nature make it an ideal storage
solution for cloud players looking to compete with bigger companies
like Amazon. And because Ceph is self-managing, it provides a very
low cost of operations, enabling companies to pass the savings on to
their customers. With Ceph-powered DreamObjects, DreamHost has
created a robust, easy to use, and highly cost-competitive cloud
storage service that promises to change the cloud game, for the
benefit of developers, enterprises, and even individuals simply
looking to backup their photos online." 
Supporting customer quotes: 
"I was a cloud storage user of Amazon S3, and I moved to
DreamObjects. The pricing is easier to understand, and with
DreamObejcts, you don't need to worry about API usage. I use
DreamObjects to backup my website data every hour via s3cmd, and
access the data via ClouldBerry explorer. Since my website is hosted
with DreamHost, using DreamObjects for backup seems to be a good
 -- Vincent Wu, Komica 
"I am a hobby/semiprofessional photographer and have accumulated
about 150 GB of images in about six years which I backup to
DreamObjects. I was really happy when DreamHost offered backup space
for a reasonable price. I've had a few hard drive crashes before, yet
was never as relaxed as I am now because my data is securely backed
up. Web storage was something I considered before, but saw a big
hurdle in signing up for Amazon S3 or other services because there
was no real tutorial and the cost structure is quite complex.
DreamObjects made it really easy, I was set up with a few clicks." 
-- Eugen Ruppert 
For more information about the DreamObjects public storage cloud
service, please visit the following site:
About DreamHost
 DreamHost is a global Web hosting and cloud s
provider with over 350,000 customers and 1.2 million blogs, websites
and apps hosted. The company offers a wide spectrum of Web hosting
and cloud services including Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers
(VPS), Dedicated Server Hosting, Domain Name Registration, the cloud
storage service, DreamObjects, and the cloud computing service
DreamCompute. Please visit http://DreamHost.com for more information. 
About Ceph
 Ceph, The Future of Storage(TM), is a transformative,
universal storage system. Ceph is the first and only distributed
storage solution designed to enable object, block, and filesystem
storage in a single cluster with unlimited scalability. The platform
is capable of auto-scaling to the Exabyte level and beyond, it runs
on commodity hardware, it is self-healing and self-managing, and has
no single point of failure. Ceph is in the Linux kernel; Ceph can be
accessed natively via programming languages; Ceph can be accessed via
the Swift and S3 APIs; Ceph is integrated with the OpenStack(TM)
cloud operating system; and Ceph is integrated with the Apache
CloudStack project. As a result of its open source nature, this
portable storage platform may be installed and used in public or
private clouds. Please visit www.ceph.com for more information. 
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