Wunderkind Receives Second 2013 CASSIES Award at CASSIES Gala for Canadian Advertising Campaign That Has Changed the Future for

Wunderkind Receives Second 2013 CASSIES Award at CASSIES Gala for Canadian 
Advertising Campaign That Has Changed the Future for Girls 
Receives second Gold Award for Because I Am A Girl, this time for Sustained 
Success, at annual gala 
TORONTO, Jan. 28, 2013 /CNW/ - Wunderkind Inc., a Toronto-based "global 
advertising and design guild" known for innovative new methodologies and 
solutions in marketing, is pleased to acknowledge receipt of its second Gold 
CASSIES Award for the Because I Am A Girl campaign, administered by the 
Institute for Canadian Advertising (ICA). Celebrating outstanding business 
results achieved through advertising, the CASSIES presented Wunderkind Inc. 
with the Gold Award for Sustained Success across all industries, on January 
28, 2013 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Toronto. 
Developed for international development agency Plan Canada, Wunderkind created 
the winning Because I Am A Girl campaign from the ground up 3 years ago. In 
its first year, the campaign raised over $3 million in incremental revenue, 
and gained substantial attention in the marketplace. In its second year, 
Because I Am A Girl raised another $7 million in new revenue, and attracted a 
Facebook community of over 50,000 strong. BIAAG also drew in significant 
corporate partnerships, including substantial cash and in-kind gifts from 
Sears Canada, Smart Water, Birks and the Pemberton group. Celebrity 
ambassadors are a who's who of male and female celebrities from journalism, 
sports, media and entertainment. In its third year, web traffic has exceeded 
400,000 visitors. The majority of new audiences are between the ages of 14 and 
40, a vast change from the over-55 audiences that traditionally supported Plan 
through child sponsorship. 
Plan Canada has also succeeded in persuading the United Nations to designate 
October 11th as the International Day of the Girl Child, due to the volume of 
petitions signed through the public advertising campaign. The inaugural day 
in October 2012 attracted attention around the world, with monuments being 
illuminated pink for the evening, from the CN Tower and Niagara Falls, to the 
Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Empire State Building, and the Great Pyramids of Egypt. 
The campaign has to date (December 2012) raised over $22 million in funds in 
Canada, and Wunderkind has won two Golds at the CASSIES Awards for best 
business results in Canada delivered through advertising, in both 
Not-for-Profit and Sustained Success. The campaign has been widely hailed as a 
positive and refreshing departure from traditional humanitarian messaging. 
The power of the campaign's creative strategies has been admired in a number 
of countries, and elements of Wunderkind's Canadian creative work have been 
adapted across the global Plan (formerly Foster Parents Plan) network. 
"Wunderkind is thrilled to be honoured a second time for its initiatives on 
behalf of Plan Canada," said Wahn Yoon, President of Wunderkind Inc. "This is 
a validation and reconfirmation of how this campaign hit the bullseye and was 
an emanation point for a worldwide shift in showcasing the power of girls to 
eliminate global poverty. Not only are we quite proud that the calibre of the 
Because I Am A Girl campaign to date has been recognized by the Canadian 
marketing industry, we're delighted to have produced this campaign to benefit 
a world changing organization, Plan Canada, and that this campaign has created 
ripples in the global community." 
"The Because I Am A Girl campaign is one of the advertising projects that I am 
proudest to have been a part of," said Syd Kessler, Founding Partner and 
Creative Director of Wunderkind Inc. "Being a veteran advertising producer in 
Canada, I have worked on many campaigns. But Plan Canada is part of the 
backbone of children's aid globally and does such important work. I am glad 
that our team at Wunderkind and sister companies have played some small role 
in Plan's Canadian and international efforts." 
Recognizing business accomplishments since 1993, CASSIES are highly respected 
and valued in the business world and the only Canadian advertising awards 
competition of its kind. To learn more, visit http://cassies.ca/). 
About Because I Am A Girl 
Because I Am A Girl is Plan's global campaign to claim a brighter, safer 
future for girls. Girls in the poorest regions of the world are among the most 
disadvantaged people on the planet. They face unique barriers to survival and 
development — simply because they are girls. But if girls are healthy, 
educated and empowered, they will pull themselves out of poverty, and bring 
their children, communities and nations along with them. Investing in girls is 
key to eliminating poverty and creating a better world.
Visit http://www.becauseiamagirl.ca 
About Plan 
Plan is a global movement for change, mobilizing millions of people around the 
world to support social justice for children in developing countries. Founded 
in 1937, Plan is now one of the world's oldest and largest international 
development agencies, working in partnership with millions of people around 
the world to end global poverty. Not for profit, independent and inclusive of 
all faiths and cultures, Plan has only one agenda: to improve the lives of 
Visit http://plancanada.ca 
About Wunderkind Inc. 
Wunderkind is a global advertising & design guild, a new model for delivering 
exceptional quality with greater efficiency and agility. It is an open-source 
creative agency with a vast network of experienced and gifted specialists in 
every area of advertising and marketing. Wunderkind was created by Syd 
Kessler, Wahn Yoon and Jacob Kessler in 2008, who bring over 60 years of 
combined experience with major brands and campaigns to the table. Wunderkind 
has since established a reputation for outstanding strategy and creative work 
that delivers remarkable business results. Wunderkind has a strong affinity 
and aptitude for organizations that are at a "watershed moment" - where a 
dramatic repositioning, brand/product launch or technological shift is 
required. Hence our tagline: "Play Big". 
In conjunction with associated company Scientific Intelligence Inc., the 
principals bring a powerful new perspective to marketing issues and 
Visit http://www.wunderkindworld.com
Visit http://www.scientificintelligence.com 
Media Contact: Jacob Kessler - 416-520-5900 jacob@wunderkindworld.com 
SOURCE: Wunderkind Inc. 
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