Investigation Discovery Cuts The Men Out Of The Picture With A Game Day Sunday Marathon Of Its Hit Series "WIVES WITH KNIVES"

Investigation Discovery Cuts The Men Out Of The Picture With A Game Day Sunday
                Marathon Of Its Hit Series "WIVES WITH KNIVES"

- WIVES WITH KNIVES featured in Weekend Update spoof during the January 26th
episode of "Saturday Night Live" -

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SILVER SPRING, Md., Jan. 29, 2013

SILVER SPRING, Md., Jan.29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Game dayparties can get
dicey when football rivalries turn friends into fanatic foes, but especially
when the woman serving your game-day snacks is a knife-wielding femme
fatale.So reach for your finger foods with caution and change the channel to
Investigation Discovery for a primetime marathon of WIVES WITH KNIVES
thisGame DaySunday, February 3, from 6PM to 5AM ET. The series was recently
mentioned during a hilarious spoof of Arianna Huffington on Saturday Night
Live's Weekend Update [beginning at 2:20].


In this encore marathon presentation of WIVES WITH KNIVES season one, women
stab their husbands, sometimes killing them. Each wife sits down with Dr.
Casey Jordan, a criminologist and behavioral analyst with a law degree, to
reveal what events or motivations led them to slice and dice.

The marathon schedule is as follows:

  o6 PM ET
    Pills, Poison and Payback
    Teen mom Sarah Saunders struggles to raise her child and longs for a
    father figure for her daughter. She thinks she found "the one" in Tommy, a
    handsome and much older bouncer at a bar. They are both thrilled when
    Sarah finds out she's pregnant, but she experiences postpartum depression
    after giving birth and gets hooked on prescription drugs. Fed up, Tommy
    insists that Sarah get clean for the sake of the family, but she decides
    her only escape is to get rid of him forever. One night while Tommy
    sleeps, she grabs a fishing knife and stabs him in the temple. She
    attempts to call 911 and report the attack as a robbery gone wrong, but
    Tommy survives and implicates her.
  o7 PM ET
    Lonely and Lethal
    After a life full of pain and loneliness, Lori McLuckie meets Andrew, a
    seemingly gentle and attentive young man. For the first time in her life
    Lori is truly happy in a relationship, until Andrew's dark side emerges.
    After he rapes Lori and threatens to kill her and their unborn baby, Lori
    snaps and decides she has no choice but to get rid of him permanently.
    When he passes out, Lori chains him to a radiator, bludgeons and stabs
    Andrew to death, then dismembers his body. She is overcome by guilt and
    horror by what she's done and confesses her crime to a neighbor, who calls
  o8 PM ET (encores at 11 PM ET)
    Fourth Time's a Charm
    Donna is a hard-working nurse's aide who desperately wants a father figure
    for her four children. When she meets Kevin Cobb, a life of the party with
    a big heart and caring nature, Donna's thinks she's found the man of her
    dreams. But when drug abuse changes his personality changes from sweet to
    volatile, Donna becomes the victim of his uncontrollable rage. Just when
    she thinks Kevin's gotten rid of his demons, he brutally attacks her in
    the middle of the night. With her family's safety threatened, Donna stabs
    Kevin to death in a fight for her life.
  o9 PM ET (encores at 12 AM ET & 3 AM ET)
    Stripped to the Bone
    After a lifetime of exposure to violence, sex, and scandal, including an
    alleged gang rape at the age of 14, Crystal Magnum tries to rebuild her
    life to support her children from a failed marriage. She starts dating an
    older man named Reginald, who one night accuses her of flirting with other
    men. The argument turns physical and, at one point, Reginald grabs a set
    of kitchen knives and starts hurling them at her. In defense, Crystal
    grabs one of the knives and plunges it into his side. Almost two weeks
    later, Reginald dies of complications from the stabbing. Crystal is
    currently in jail and awaiting trial.
  o10 PM ET (encores at 1 AM ET & 4 AM ET)
    The Scorned Socialite
    Nancy is a woman with a track record of failed relationships. At age 43,
    she's been married and divorced three times but thinks she's finally found
    her knight in shining armor in Michael. But after marrying in Las Vegas,
    Michael becomes controlling and possessive. Nancy sticks by his side until
    he announces his plans to sleep with other women and hands her divorce
    papers. She is devastated but stays strong, thinking she can change his
    mind by becoming more intimate. But after an argument over how to divide
    up their assets, Nancy suddenly snaps. She enters Michael's office and
    stabs him in the shoulder. Nancy is arrested, while Michael survives and
    gets the divorce he so badly wanted.

WIVES WITH KNIVES is produced for Investigation Discovery by Indigo Films with
David M. Frank as executive producer, Carl Schick as supervising producer, and
Chris Leavell as vice president of content. For Investigation Discovery,
Eugenie Vink is executive producer, Sara Kozak is senior vice president of
production, Kevin Bennett is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is president
and general manager.

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