Webtrends Re-Imagines Digital Marketing With Significant Enhancements to Webtrends Streams(TM)

Webtrends Re-Imagines Digital Marketing With Significant Enhancements to 
Webtrends Streams(TM) 
Integrations and Session Streams Power the Next Generation of Digital
Intelligence for Marketers 
SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 01/29/13 --  Webtrends, the
global leader in digital intelligence, today announced significant
enhancements to its groundbreaking Webtrends Streams solution,
including Session Streams, full-session scoring and an integration
with Responsys (NASDAQ: MKTG), a leading provider of email and
relationship-based marketing solutions. Launched in December,
Webtrends Streams is the first scalable streaming architecture
pushing real-time visitor and event-level data into the marketing
ecosystem to drive immediate action.  
The proliferation of mobile and social channels, along with the
increasing demand to launch and run in-the-moment dynamic campaigns,
is driving the need to have more direct messaging with visitors at
the right time. Webtrends Streams allows customers to increase
engagement and conversion with visitors while they are on a site, no
matter which device or platform they are using, fueling relevant
content and offers based on historical profiles and in-session
behavior. The solution also tracks and responds to customer events
and behavior without a time delay as data is pushed to the marketer
as activity occurs. This enables marketers to adjust content and
offers based on customer behavior, when responding in seconds
"It's a mistake to treat real-time analytics as reporting eye candy,
because the real goal is instant insight that drives immediate
action.... Digital marketing interactions play out at increasingly
high speeds, reducing the time organizations have to identify and
react to opportunities to optimize customer interactions," wrote Joe
Stanhope, principal analyst, Forrester Research in a Forrester
Webtrends is announcing the following powerful new features with
Webtrends Streams: 

--  Session Streams - Customers will instantly have access to the complete
    rich visitor session details about each event during the visit, as
    each event occurs, while the visitor is still onsite. Additionally,
    high-value session summary information will be available in the Stream
uding the number of product views, events, purchases and
    abandonment status specific to that individual session. Access to this
    information as-it-happens will provide valuable business insight for
    marketing professionals and optimize offer relevance and product
    recommendations when consumed by online targeting and remarketing
--  Full-Session Scoring - Leveraging the powerful Session Streams data,
    Webtrends Optimize, which allows customers to test, segment and target
    content on their sites, will be packaged with Webtrends Streams to
    provide instant clarity about the full value of an individual visitor
    while they are still onsite. Until now, marketers have used historical
    information to determine the value of a visitor after they have left a
    site. Full-session scoring will enable high-precision content testing
    and targeting based upon the actions a visitor takes before they leave
    a site. For example, customers could specify that visitors who are
    still onsite, have added more than one item to their cart, but fewer
    than three items, and have not yet made a purchase, will be shown a
    special offer.
--  Webtrends Streams with Responsys - A first-of-its-kind packaged
    solution with Responsys will enable marketers to take action on any
    as-it-occurs visitor behavior, such as browsing, purchases or cart
    abandonment with immediate remarketing campaigns. By being able to
    respond in a timely and relevant manner via email, mobile or social
    channels with relevant offers or promotions, brands will experience
    improved engagement, higher conversion rates and optimized ROI.

Webtrends Push API
 Webtrends Streams offers a push API that enables
easy consumption of the stream in powerful data visualizations,
machine-to-machine solutions, or delivered directly into a customer's
big data solution. The Webtrends Streams API provides a flexible
method for filtering, tailoring or configuring the stream to any
specific needs.  
 Sessions Streams is in use by
Webtrends Early Adopters today and will be generally available by
early Q2 2013 along with Responsys integration. Full-session Scoring
with Optimize will be available by the end of Q2 2013. 
Comments About the News:
 "Delivering the right message to the right
audience at the right time is the goal of all digital marketers, and
the key to creating successful programs and campaigns. To-date,
marketers have been working with 'real-time' solutions that
experienced delays of up to minutes or hours after an event. This has
cost them customers, conversions and ultimately ROI. Now, the rich
data Webtrends Streams provides combined with these new integrations,
enable marketers to take critical action on what is trending across
their digital properties in the moment."
 -- Alex Yoder, CEO,
"We are proud to be partnering with Webtrends to offer an integration
with Streams. For too long, marketers have been searching for a way
to have their digital intelligence fuel their email campaigns, not
just immediately after an event happens, but as it's happening.
Webtrends is finally fulfilling the promise of as-it-occurs
remarketing and our integration is the logical next step."
 -- Scott
Olrich, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Responsys 
"By using Webtrends Streams, we are able to see the geographic
location of our customers and the items on our site they are
interested in as they are shopping. This has allowed us to optimize
our content to better meet their needs and increase conversion.
Streams is a game-changing technology and we're excited about the
enhancements announced today -- they will allow us to take our
digital intelligence one step further by driving information back
into our marketing ecosystem."
 -- Jason Miller, VP of Technology,
Motorcycle Superstore 
About Webtrends, Inc.
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Webtrends is at the forefront of real-time digital marketing
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intelligence. Our industry-leading analytics and optimization
solutions delivered across mobile, social and web enable marketers to
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highly relevant digital brand experiences in real-time. Webtrends is
co-headquartered in Portland and San Francisco, with offices in
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Webtrends dramatically improves digital marketing results for
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(1) How Real-Time Analytics Enables Digital Intelligence, Forrester
Research, Inc., January 10, 2013 
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