Hardware.com Offers Tips for Data Privacy Day

  Hardware.com Offers Tips for Data Privacy Day

  Five practical steps companies can take to minimize internal and external
                           threats to data privacy

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MINNEAPOLIS -- January 28, 2013

According to Google Inc., the corporation comes across 9,500 new malicious
websites each day and responds by sending notifications to webmasters.
Nevertheless, these websites are just one of the many dangers threatening data
privacy. In recognition of Data Privacy Day, observed on January 28,
Hardware.com is offering tips to help organizations mitigate data privacy
risks and increase corporate security.

“Without the proper precautions in place, an organization’s sensitive data can
easily fall into the wrong hands,” said Justin Hadler, Director of Engineering
at Hardware.com. “Whether information is financial, medical, or just personal,
it’s important for businesses of all sizes to take steps to avoid these
detrimental data breaches.”

Hardware.com’s tips for reducing data privacy risks include:

 1.  Create a privacy policy.
       Having an established privacy policy in place is a simple way to
       clearly define company expectations and tips for employees. Update the
       plan as new threats and best practices are identified. Then, conduct
       training sessions to educate employees about data privacy risks and how
       they can maintain the privacy of company and client data.
  2.   Carefully manage all employee devices.
       Today many workers access company information using multiple devices,
       including tablets, smartphones, and removable storage devices such as
       USB flash drives. Data privacy can be compromised if users lose these
       devices or share them with others. For this reason, it’s crucial that
       all devices, not just computers or the primary device, are carefully
       managed with password protections, encrypted data, and antivirus
  3.   Address social media threats.
       Employees often let their guard down when using social media sites such
       as Twitter and Facebook. They need to be extremely careful given the
       amount of spam available over the web. Warn employees to avoid
       downloading third-party apps unless they are absolutely necessary. They
       should also be advised to never click on suspicious links, since these
       often contain malicious content capable of harming computers and
       stealing login information. In some cases, organizations may want to
       consider restricting access to social networks altogether in order to
       maximize their network security.
  4.   Install real-time protection.
       Sometimes a hacker strikes without anyone knowing until it is too late.
       Identifying hackers before they attack web applications can be
       accomplished with a solution such as Juniper’s Mykonos Web Intrusion
       Prevention System. Using Mykonos, organizations can detect, track,
       profile, and prevent hackers in real-time.
  5.   Don’t overlook the obvious.
       Certain threats and solutions can appear quite obvious and simple but
       are easily overlooked. For example, be sure employee devices conduct
       automatic updates, so the latest web browsers, operating systems, and
       security software are installed. Additionally, disable network access
       when a device becomes infected so that it doesn’t spread malicious
       content to other devices. Lastly, don’t forget to monitor outbound
       traffic, since employees may accidentally, or even purposefully, send
       an email attachment containing sensitive information to an unauthorized

“According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, an organization is only as
secure as its least reliable employee,” Hadler added. “However, by following a
simple checklist to ensure employees are compliant and security measures are
up to date, businesses can better protect private data from being mishandled
internally or accessed by external threats.”

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