Waters Unveils Industry's First Integrated LC/MS Platform for Proteins, Peptides, and Glycans Analysis at WCBP 2013

   Waters Unveils Industry's First Integrated LC/MS Platform for Proteins,
                 Peptides, and Glycans Analysis at WCBP 2013

Complementing the Expanded Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution are New Charged
Surface Hybrid Particle Column and GlycoWorks Kit for Glycan Preparation

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WASHINGTON, Jan. 28, 2013

WASHINGTON, Jan. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Waters Corporation (NYSE: WAT) today
reinforced its commitment to advancing biotherapeutic characterization
technology at the Well Characterized Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals 2013
Symposium (WCBP 2013). More specifically, Waters^® today introduced an
expansion of its Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution with UNIFI^®, new ACQUITY
UltraPerformance LC^® (UPLC^®) CSH130 C[18] and XSelect™ HPLC CSH130 C[18]
columns for peptide mapping, and three GlycoWorks™ kits for glycan labeling
and sample preparation.

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These innovations represent Waters' continued focus on developing targeted
solutions for developers of biotherapeutics and biosimilars, as well as
related contract laboratory organizations. These new products further progress
routine biotherapeutic analysis, particularly for glycoproteins that require
analysis of glycan modifications in addition to detailed protein and peptide
level structural analysis. Armed with more rapid and accurate glycosylation
knowledge throughout the development and manufacturing process,
biopharmaceutical companies can gain a greater degree of control over the
critical quality attributes of their molecules. Such capabilities are in-line
with increasing regulatory expectations aimed at guaranteeing safe and
efficacious biotherapeutics.

Waters Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution with UNIFI

The Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution brings together UPLC/MS
characterization technology with the UNIFI Scientific Information System that
was first developed for intact protein mass analysis, peptide mapping and
supporting general bio-separations. Today, Waters extended the solution's
reach to support a mix of quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-Tof) MS and optical
detection instruments within a networked laboratory workgroup. The ability to
deploy UNIFI-based systems within regulated or non-regulated laboratory
environments provides biopharmaceutical companies the flexibility to employ
high resolution UPLC bioseparations and high performance mass analysis across
the entirety of their development and quality organizations.

The newly introduced released Glycan application workflow expands the
platform's capabilities to support routine assignment and profiling of
released glycans using fluorescence detection. The combination of high
performance UPLC HILIC (hydrophilic interaction chromatography) separations,
Waters' calibration standards and reagents, and access to the NIBRT/Waters
GlycoBase 3+ UPLC glycan unit reference database enables confident glycan
assignments, quantification, and profiling.

Developed byProfessorPauline Rudd'sresearch team at Ireland's National
Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT), the GlycoBase 3+
Databaseis the first-of-its-kind repository of glycan chromatographic
retention data, expressed in glucose calibration units, and encompassing the
diverse sets of glycan structures associated with modern biotherapeutic

The Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution with UNIFI now features:

  oACQUITY UPLC H-Class and the H-Class Bio System featuring a bio-inert flow
    path and quaternary solvent management with Auto-Blend Plus™ Technology,
    for flexibility in executing high-resolution bioseparations;
  oWaters Peptide, Protein, and Glycan Separation Technology Columns,
    engineered with the selectivity to leverage the characteristics of
    biomolecules and QC-tested to ensure consistent results;
  oWaters Analytical Standards and Reagents for biopharmaceutical analysis,
    enabling SEC (size exclusion chromatography) and released glycan
    separation calibration, and system check standards for intact mass,
    peptide map, and released glycan workflows;
  oXevo^® G2-S Q-Tof Mass Spectrometer, a highly sensitive exact-mass
    quantitative and qualitative benchtop MS system featuring Waters'
    proprietary StepWave™ ion optics technology, a unique, off-axis ion source
    technology that delivers robust, reproducible, class-leading sensitivity
    to mass spectrometry;
  oUNIFI Scientific Information System, an interactive, workflow-driven data
    platform for flexible instrument control, advanced data processing, and
    comprehensive reporting, with GxP laboratory compatibility that enables
    routine deployment in workstation or workgroup laboratory configurations;
  oGlycoBase 3+ database, a first-of-its-kind library of chromatographic
    retention positions expressed in glucose units for sets of glycan
    structures associated with a range of biotherapeutics.

Waters Charged Surface Hybrid Particle Technology Columns

Waters' new CSH130 particle technology columns offer unique selectivities for
UPLC and HPLC peptide mapping and proteomics applications. The ACQUITY UPLC
CSH130 C[18] and XSelect™ HPLC CSH130 C[18] Columns set a new standard in the
analysis and purification of peptides for the quality of information generated
by UPLC and UPLC/MS assays. The columns are available in a variety of particle
sizes and column dimensions.

The novel columns feature Waters' synthesis process for its Charged Surface
Hybrid particles, which imparts a low level positive charge to the surface of
each particle. This particle technology allows the columns to be used with a
weaker acid modifier such as formic acid to obtain greater resolving power and
improved method sensitivity compared to standard LC/MS methods that specify
the use of MS signal-suppressing ion pairing additives such as trifluoroacetic
acid (TFA).

The benefits of the Waters Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution with UNIFI for
glycan analysis, as well as for biosimilar comparison and peptide mapping, are
being presented in several posters being given at the WCBP 2013.

GlycoWorks Line of Consumable Products

Waters' new GlycoWorks Line of Consumable Products brings together everything
needed for the preparation of glycans for analysis, including sample
preparation, labeling, clean-up and standards, along with methodologies and
troubleshooting tools.

The product line includes two GlycoWorks prep kits, one for high throughput
and another for single use, and a labeling kit. Each prep kit includes
enzymatic deglycosylation with a variety of enzyme choices, HILIC sorbent for
the cleanup and capture of released glycans, and a control standard to help
with method validation, development and troubleshooting. A GlycoWorks 2-AB
labeling kit includes four reaction reagents for use with released glycans.

Other consumable products from Waters that support glycan analysis include
ACQUITY UPLC BEH Glycan columns that have been specifically developed and QC
tested to provide superior UPLC component resolution for glycan structures; a
Dextran calibration ladder that is 2-AB labeled for calibration; and a Glycan
performance standard, a control standard of 2-AB labeled Human IgG.

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