Reviews the Urgency of Online Reputation Management Reviews the Urgency of Online Reputation Management 
A Recent CIO Article Underscores the Urgency of Online Reputation
Defense; It Has Warranted a Comment From 
NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 01/25/13 --  According to a recent
article from CIO, a few bad reviews or unflattering online news
stories can ruin a business' reputation -- and with it, significantly
impact the business' bottom line. CIO notes that many companies have
numerous happy and satisfied customers, but these customers feel no
great urgency to post kind or effusive online reviews; a single
dissatisfied customer, meanwhile, might wish to air his or her
frustrations for all the world to see. One bad review, posted to a
site like, is all it takes for a business' online image to
be totally ruined. This article has won a comment from -- the world's leading online reputation
defense firm. reviews the article, and the urgency of online
reputation defense, in a new statement to the press. "This article
gets at the heart of the issue, noting that a business' reputation is
an important thing -- and one bad review is all it takes to sour it,
possibly doing permanent damage," comments Michael Zammuto, the COO
of "As such, online reputation management is
an investment that companies really cannot afford not to make." 
CIO notes that one of the reasons why online review sites prove so
detrimental is that many of them, particularly, have a great
deal of traction with Google and the other search engines. As such,
when a company's name is entered as a search query, the corresponding
Yelp page is often one of the first listings to emerge -- and if the
Yelp reviews are less than flattering, it means that consumers get a
very negative first impression of the business in question. 
Zammuto says this effect is heightened by changing patterns in
consumer behavior. "More than ever, consumers are turning to these
online review sites to help inform their purchasing decisions," he
explains. "Rather than blindly spend money on a product or a service,
consumers seek to discover what other consumers have said, what kinds
of feedback have been offered. This is a real boon to consumers, but
it is a real risk to businesses, which can only do so much to prevent
bad or defamatory reviews from happening." 
Indeed, Zammuto notes that no business or brand is immune to the
threat of negative online reviews. "Remember that not all of these
defamatory reviews are actually submitted by real consumers," he
notes. "Sometimes, a business is attacked with fake online reviews,
posted by business rivals or by frustrated employees. Businesses can
really do very little to prevent these contingencies." 
Whether a negative online review is truthful or not, Zammuto
continues, the effects can prove dire. "Bad online reviews can all
but ruin a company's good name," he says. "Businesses with bad online
reputations tend to experience steep drop-offs, in terms of clients
and in terms of profits. The bottom line is that a bad online
reputation is a sure business-killer." 
The silver lining is that there are ways in which companies can work
to render bad reviews non-issues. Companies like offer review suppression and brand enhancement
services that are made to help businesses restore their illustrious
names. "We cannot stop bad reviews from happening, but we have proven
strategies and advanced technologies that can take the sting out, and
render these reviews virtually non-existent," offers Zammuto.
" reviews the online reputation needs of
businesses and brands in all industries and verticals, and we are
excited about the reputation repair services that we can offer." 
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