Diverse Manufacturing Businesses Handle Range of HR Challenges with Ultimate Software’s UltiPro

  Diverse Manufacturing Businesses Handle Range of HR Challenges with Ultimate
  Software’s UltiPro

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WESTON, Fla. -- January 24, 2013

Ultimate Software (Nasdaq:ULTI), a leading cloud provider of people management
solutions, announced today that manufacturing customers Amphenol, Grande
Cheese Company, and Blyth Inc. are addressing a range of HR-related business
challenges with UltiPro’s workforce reporting and business intelligence, 24-7
access portal, and end-to-end functionality for human capital management

Over the past several years, companies within the manufacturing industry have
had to evolve to the highest levels of efficiencies and productivity to remain
competitive. Just as these companies use technology to enhance their plant
operations, leading manufacturers have increasingly embraced cloud HCM to
optimize their people-management processes.

Manufacturers often face a wide range of specific HR and business challenges
such as:

  *Handling a geographically dispersed workforce that may shift in size,
    including multiple business units, locations, products, and FEINs
  *Capturing and organizing data quickly for meaningful, accurate, and
    strategic workforce analytics
  *Building efficiencies while improving services to employees that work 24-7
    and may not have access to desktop PCs
  *Providing integration with multiple internal technologies and systems that
    are used for non-HCM-related operations
  *Managing a multinational workforce

Amphenol Corporation

Before switching to Ultimate in 2008, Amphenol, one of the world’s leading
producers of electronic and fiber optic connectors, cable, and interconnect
systems, had been using a payroll service bureau but found new technologies
were needed to optimize efficiencies and manage growth. HR leadership
determined that the company needed to leverage a single solution for workforce
analytics that could handle a decentralized payroll for approximately 3,600
U.S.-based employees. Today, with UltiPro, the company can provide remote
teams with the autonomy to handle their own payroll and HR processes while
giving Amphenol’s corporate office the ability to instantly generate
companywide reports.

“We have 19 federal identification numbers that represent 19 U.S.-based
subsidiaries of Amphenol Corporation, and 12 HR/payroll processing locations,
with each location processing separate payrolls completely over the Web with
UltiPro,” said Cassandra Lindsey-Williams, senior HRIS analyst at Amphenol
Corporation. “With UltiPro, our remote payroll groups can operate
independently, which is how we prefer to function, and other functional areas
like accounting and finance can still access metrics needed to make business

A growing enterprise, Amphenol adds new businesses every year. UltiPro has
reduced the time needed to add employees into its HCM solution from several
weeks to days, and new employees are integrated rapidly and seamlessly.

“With UltiPro, there has been a tremendous improvement in our ability to add
new employees quickly and develop reports and business intelligence without
having to complete time-consuming spreadsheets or having to deal with costly
third-party vendors,” said Lindsey-Williams. “If needed, we could integrate
new divisions into the solution over a weekend and have them all ready for
payroll on Monday.”

Grande Cheese Company

Since going live on the UltiPro solution in 2009, Grande Cheese Company’s HR
and payroll team has addressed a range of business challenges, such as
capturing strategic workforce analytics, decreasing the number of questions
and requests from Associates, and minimizing paper transactions to reduce
costs. According to Amy Thomas, corporate social responsibility analyst at
Grande Cheese Company, UltiPro is helping the HR and payroll teams more easily
and quickly develop reports needed for compliance, executive decision-making,
and HR analysis.

“UltiPro definitely has given our HR teams, managers, and executives more
access to our people data,” said Thomas. “The solution’s reporting is easy and
very simple to use, and we don’t have to manipulate manual data to get the
metrics we need. Plus, we don’t have to rely on a third party’s schedule — we
can quickly and easily complete what we need to do on our own. As a result,
productivity and effectiveness have increased.”

When Grande Cheese Associates have payroll and HR questions, they can now log
on to UltiPro for the answers they need using self-service access at their
convenience. Associates can update their own personal data, apply for a job,
make direct deposit changes, and more. Grande Cheese has found UltiPro’s 24-7
Web access for Associates and managers to be an effective tool to enhance
services and build efficiencies for the unique needs of its workforce.

“With UltiPro, our Associates can access their information from kiosks or from
home, and then make any changes or updates on their own,” said Lisa Luedtke,
payroll administrator at Grande Cheese Company. “The accessibility for
Associates is fantastic. About a year after we went live, our HR department
surveyed our Associates, and we found they were very pleased with the control
and convenience that UltiPro provides. Plus, our HR and payroll teams are now
free from so much administrative work that used to take us away from larger
business initiatives.”

“In addition, UltiPro automates so many processes that used to require
thousands of pieces of paper every year,” said Thomas. “Ultimate’s cloud
technology is a great asset to our company — improving how we work,
strengthening our overall business, and helping our Associates and our

Blyth Inc.

Accurate, point-in-time reporting is critical for manufacturing businesses to
monitor costs and stay lean. In order to reach the company’s strategic
objectives, Blyth Inc., a global manufacturer of home decorative and fragrance
products, decided to leave the payroll service bureau it had been using and
then selected UltiPro in 2004 as its single HCM system of record. Today, Blyth
is achieving optimal HR operations, including the flexibility to build a range
of tailored reports on its global workforce.

“UltiPro is so easy to use. Our international markets can input their own
workforce information and access the solution whenever they need to,” said
Michelle Tassinari, manager of corporate HRMS/payroll at Blyth Inc. “Now, our
HR teams have a single go-to place for employee data. For example, when we
need to answer a question about someone’s job history or compensation details,
we can find it in seconds. Previously, we had hundreds of spreadsheets and
systems that contained global employee information, so it was impossible to
get an accurate, real-time picture of demographics for our international
employees. With UltiPro, our visibility into our workforce has expanded and
become much clearer. We’re very excited about how we have elevated our
strategic capabilities with UltiPro.”

“Because our employees are embracing the ability to manage their own
information with UltiPro, we’ve reduced the resources required on my team by
50%. We are much more productive and effective,” said Tassinari. “Our business
units are excited to have critical information and insight that helps them
better recruit and retain talent. Plus, our HR teams can quickly configure a
report for our managers and then make the results immediately available.”

“Businesses in the manufacturing industry often face unique burdens when
managing their HCM operations. With one centralized system of record for their
workforce, these businesses can improve a range of efficiencies across their
organizations,” said Greg Swick, chief sales officer at Ultimate. “UltiPro is
cloud technology that people want to use — managers, employees, HR teams, and
executives. Business benefits include fast time-to-live, scalability, and high
user adoption. We’re very pleased that our flexible, easy-to-use cloud
technology is delivering substantial business advantages to the manufacturing

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