Further update to Brookfield bid

                       Further update to Brookfield bid

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VANCOUVER, Jan. 24, 2013

TSX.V Symbol: "WND"
Issued and Outstanding: 70,475,306

VANCOUVER, Jan.  24, 2013  /PRNewswire/ -  Western Wind  Energy Corp.  -  (the 
"Company" or "Western Wind") (TSX Venture Exchange - "WND") (OTCQX -  "WNDEF") 
wishes to advise of the following disclosures with Brookfield.

On Thursday, January 17, 2013, Western  Wind received a call from  Rothschild, 
our financial advisor, stating that their Chairman received a call from a very
senior official at  Brookfield, requesting  a meeting  in Toronto  as soon  as 
possible, to discuss a revised increase in their bid.

A meeting was held  in Toronto on  the morning of  Saturday, January 19,  2013 
with the CFO of Western Wind, Rothschild and four (4) members of  Brookfield. 
In that six hour meeting, Brookfield requested, and was given, a very detailed
and forensic  look at  the Yabucoa  Project and  several other  key  financial 
matters. Western Wind delivered the  essential financial details in the  same 
manner as it would, for our lenders.

Following this disclosure, various  ideas were discussed  by both parties,  on 
how  to  increase  the  value  of  the  existing  $2.50  bid  by  Brookfield. 
Suggestions made by all  parties included: increasing the  bid as an all  cash 
bid; increasing the bid  in two (2) components  comprising of $2.75 cash  plus 
spinning out our Kingman  wind and solar production  facility and our  Arizona 
development assets into a separate Spinco;  and lastly, an increased cash  bid 
with a series of  contingency payments to pay  additional payments to  Western 
Wind shareholders, based on completion of certain milestones going forward.

After the conclusion of  the meeting, Brookfield said  that they would have  a 
proposal delivered to Western Wind by the  end of Sunday night, as this was  a 
condition for  Western Wind  attending to  their offices  and giving  up  very 
detailed forensic information on Yabucoa. It  was also very important to  get 
this new information into the revised Supplementary Directors' Circular, which
was scheduled to be released on Monday, January 21, 2013.

On Sunday night, an  email was sent by  Brookfield indicating that they  would 
not have anything by the evening of Sunday.

On  Monday,  January  21^st,  Western  Wind  issued  its  "no  recommendation" 
circular. Another email was sent from Brookfield stating that they would  not 
have anything ready  by 2pm  West Coast  time on  Monday, which  was past  the 
printing and mailout deadline of our Circular.

On January  22,  2013, an  email  was  received stating  that  Brookfield  was 
proposing $2.50 cash plus the 42 MW DC  Yabucoa Project to be spun out into  a 
new public company and had requested that we prepare a Heads of Agreement  and 
an Exclusivity Agreement. Western Wind  management and its Special  Committee 
began preparing the documentation regarding some of the proposals presented by

Due to the fact that Brookfield is  a significant insider to the Company,  and 
has had  access to  the  Company's very  detailed financial  information  that 
neither the  public  nor  any other  party  has,  it was  clearly  a  material 
obligation by the Board of  Western Wind, to release this  update by way of  a 
News Release, and to change the  "No Recommendation" to a "Rejection"  because 
of the impending new arrangements, which in any outcome, would be higher  than 

The CEO of Western Wind was not part  of and did not attended the meetings  in 
Toronto or  any  subsequent  discussions  with  Brookfield.  The  Independent 
Committee elected to send it's CFO to work with Brookfield and Rothschild.

On January  23,  2013, we  received  a  letter from  Brookfield  stating  that 
"Brookfield would  issue its  January  24^th news  release if  Mr.  Ciachurski 
continued to be involved in the process  and that if we, as a Board,  rejected 
the current outstanding $2.50 cash bid from Brookfield."

These two requests by Brookfield were  moot. Firstly, Mr. Ciachurski was  not 
involved in any of the meetings  with Brookfield nor did Mr. Ciachurski  speak 
with any of  the members from  Brookfield, either as  a whole or  individually 
during this process from the 17th.  Mr. Ciachurski is also excluded from  any 
of the Independent Committee meetings. Secondly, since Brookfield, as a major
insider, is proposing a bid greater than $2.50, the Board of Western Wind  has 
a statutory  obligation  to reject  the  preexisting  $2.50 bid.  That  is  a 
fundamental obligation to keep it's shareholders informed.

At no time, was there ever a  discussion with Mr. Ciachurski or any member  of 
Western Wind with Brookfield, regarding  a bonus to meet  or not meet a  $3.00 
threshold. The bonus  that Brookfield refers  to, was in  force for at  least 
four years and predates by three  years, the published DAI valuation that  was 
sent to the TSX valuing the Company at $5.60 per share.

Mr.  Ciachurski  issued  a  "blackout  trading  order"  to  all  officers  and 
directors, well in advance of the first indicative bid. Any sales after that
date were for tax sales, required for compliance with the tax laws in both the
US and Canada.

Western Wind has  been proceeding  with the  sales process  as efficiently  as 
possible, given  the difficulties  of having  a significant  insider making  a 
hostile bid  for  the Company.  Regardless  of Brookfield's  refusal,  as  an 
insider, to have a valuation performed, which keeps the process fair,  Western 
Wind staff  and the  Independent  Committee have  been working  diligently  to 
accommodate the requests by Brookfield, of  a revised offer. This offer  been 
stated by Brookfield's CEO, several times.

Brookfield continues to mischaracterize, discredit and interfere with  Western 
Wind's sincere attempt to sell the Company. The Western Wind Board only wants
the best value for  its shareholders, and Brookfield  has shown that they  are 
only interested in  doing what's best  for Brookfield. From  the start,  they 
have ignored  the  process  and  have  shown  nothing  but  contempt  for  our 
shareholders. We are  hopeful that  our shareholders will  see through  their 
ruse, and reject their strategies.


Western Wind is  a vertically integrated  renewable energy production  company 
that owns and operates wind and solar generation facilities with 165 net MW of
rated capacity  in  production, in  the  States of  California  and  Arizona. 
Western Wind further owns  substantial development assets  for both solar  and 
wind energy in the U.S. The Company is headquartered in Vancouver, BC and  has 
branch offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Tehachapi, California. Western Wind
trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under  the symbol "WND", and in the  United 
States on the OTCQX under the symbol "WNDEF".

The Company  owns and  operates  three wind  energy generation  facilities  in 
California, and one fully integrated combined wind and solar energy generation
facility in  Arizona.  The  three operating  wind  generation  facilities  in 
California are comprised of the 120MW Windstar, the 4.5MW Windridge facilities
in Tehachapi, and the 30MW Mesa  wind generation facility near Palm  Springs. 
The facility in Arizona is the  Company's 10.5MW Kingman integrated solar  and 
wind facility.  The  Company is  further  developing wind  and  solar  energy 
projects in California, Arizona, and Puerto Rico.



Michael Boyd

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that
term is  defined  in  the  policies  of  the  TSX  Venture  Exchange)  accepts 
responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.


Certain  statements   contained   in   this  news   release   may   constitute 
forward-looking information under applicable Canadian securities legislation.
These statements relate to future events  and are prospective in nature.  All 
statements  other   than  statements   of  historical   fact  may   constitute 
forward-looking   statements   or    contain   forward-looking    information. 
Forward-looking statements are often, but not always, identified by the use of
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"seek",   "anticipate",   "should",   "believe"   or   variations    thereof. 
Forward-looking information  may relate  to  management's future  outlook  and 
anticipated events  or  results  and may  include  statements  or  information 
regarding the future plans or prospects of the Company.

Forward-looking information  is  based  on  certain  factors  and  assumptions 
regarding, among  other things,  the Company's  negotiations with  prospective 
purchasers and  the  results  of due  diligence  investigations  conducted  by 
prospective  purchasers,  the  Company's  ability  to  successfully  negotiate 
non-disclosure agreements  with  interested  parties, the  availability  of  a 
financially  superior  offer,   the  Company's  future   growth,  results   of 
operations, performance, business prospects and  opportunities as well as  the 
economic environment in which it operates. Several factors could cause actual
results to  differ  materially from  those  expressed in  the  forward-looking 
statements, including, but  not limited to:  actions taken by  the Offeror  or 
Brookfield Renewable,  actions  taken  by the  Western  Wind  Shareholders  in 
relation to  the Offer,  the possible  effect of  the Offer  on the  Company's 
business, the outcome of the Company's previously-announced sale process,  the 
ability of  the Company  to successfully  negotiate non-disclosure  agreements 
with interested parties, and the availability of value-maximizing alternatives
relative to the Offer. Additional risks and uncertainties can be found in the
Company's MD&A for the  year ended December 31,  2011 and the Company's  other 
continuous disclosure filings which are available at www.sedar.com.

Forward-looking statements and forward-looking  information involve known  and 
unknown risks, uncertainties and other  factors that may cause actual  results 
or events  to  differ  materially  from  those  anticipated.  Forward-looking 
information is subject to a variety of known and unknown risks,  uncertainties 
and other factors  that could cause  actual events or  results to differ  from 
those  reflected  in   the  forward-looking   statements  including,   without 
limitation: the progress of Western Wind's sales process, whether the  Company 
is able to successfully negotiate the terms of non-disclosure agreements  with 
interested parties, the results of  due diligence investigations conducted  by 
interested parties,  and,  assuming  the Company  receives  an  expression  of 
interest, whether  a  financially superior  offer  for Western  Wind  emerges, 
whether the  Company is  able to  successfully negotiate  a prospective  sales 
transaction and whether the conditions of any proposed transaction,  including 
receipt by the Company of all necessary approvals, are met.

The Board  of  Directors  believes  that the  expectations  reflected  in  the 
forward-looking statements contained in this news release are reasonable,  but 
no assurance can be given that they will prove to be correct. Actual  results 
and future events may differ materially from those anticipated and accordingly
forward-looking statements should not be unduly relied upon.  Forward-looking 
statements contained in this document speak only  as of the date of this  news 
release. Except as  required by  applicable law, Western  Wind disclaims  any 
obligation to update any forward-looking information.

SOURCE Western Wind Energy


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