GET: Groupe Eurotunnel SA: 2012 Revenue and Traffic Figures for the Eurotunnel Group

  GET: Groupe Eurotunnel SA: 2012 Revenue and Traffic Figures for the
  Eurotunnel Group

UK Regulatory Announcement


2012 revenues increased by 14%^1 to € 993.1 million

► Channel Tunnel Fixed Link Concession

  *EurotunnelShuttles: further revenue growth (+16 %)
  *High speed trains: further increase in traffic (+2%)
  *Almost 20 million passengers, on all services, have travelled through the

► Europorte: continuing development (+28%) to €209.5 million.

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Eurotunnel SA,

“Groupe Eurotunnel has had a record year. The Group has reaffirmed its ability
to move forward by getting the best from the infrastructure and operations it

^1 All comparisons with 2011 are made at a constant exchange rate of £1 =


In million euros      2012        2011           Change     2011
                     un audited  recalculated*  2012/2011  published**
Eurotunnel Shuttles    478.1        413.1           +16%        398.8
Railway Network        285.7        287.5           -1%         278.4
Other revenues        12.9        10.1           +28%       9.8
Sub-total Fixed Link  776.7       710.7          +9%        687.0
Europorte             209.5       163.7          +28%       157.8
MyFerryLink           6.9         -              n/a        -
Revenue               993.1       874.4          +14%       844.8


                      4^th         4^th Quarter             
In million euros       2012          2011            Change      4th Quarter
                     un audited   recalculated*  2012/2011  published**
Eurotunnel Shuttles    112.7         101.1           +12%        100.5
Railway Network        69.3          68.7            +1%         68.1
Other revenues        3.4          2.4            +44%       2.4
Sub-total Fixed Link  185.4        172.2          +8%        171.0
Europorte             55.1         46.8           +18%       46.0
MyFerryLink           5.1          -              n/a        -
Revenue               245.6        219.0          +12%       217.0

* Average exchange rate for 2012: £1= €1.23

** Average exchange rate for 2011: £1= €1.148

Total consolidated revenues for the Eurotunnel Group for the year 2012
increased to €993.1 million, an increase of 14% compared to 2011.

A. Channel Tunnel Fixed Link Concession

The advantages of the Tunnel, that is to say speed, reliability and respect
for the environment are appreciated by its customers. This is demonstrated by
the number of people transported: the symbolic bar of 300 million passengers
travelling through the Channel Tunnel since its construction was reached in
October 2012, of which approximately 20 million travelled in 2012.


                                  2012       2011       Change
Truck Shuttles         Trucks      1,464,880  1,263,327  +16%
Passenger Shuttles     Cars ¹      2,424,342  2,262,811  +7%
                       Coaches     58,966     56,095     +5%
High speed trains ²    Passengers  9,911,649  9,679,764  +2%
Rail freight trains ^3 Tonnes       1,227,139   1,324,673   -7%
                       Trains      2,325      2,388      -3%


                                     4^th Quarter  4^th Quarter  Change
                                    2012          2011          
Truck Shuttles          Trucks       370,751        344,696        +8%
Passenger Shuttles       Cars ¹       555,139        508,863        +9%
                        Coaches     14,849        13,089        +13%
High speed trains ²     Passengers  2,473,364     2,353,276     +5%
Rail freight trains ^3   Tonnes       320,445        287,469        +11%
                        Trains      600           550           +9%

^1 Includes motorcycles, vehicles with trailers, caravans and camper vans.

^2 Only passengers travelling through the Channel Tunnel are included in this
table, excluding those who travel between Paris-Calais and Brussels-Lille.

^3 Rail freight services by train operators (DB Schenker on behalf of BRB, the
SNCF and its subsidiaries, and Europorte) using the Tunnel.

Eurotunnel Shuttles

The Shuttle business revenues increased significantly, by 16% in 2012.

  *Truck Shuttles: During the year, traffic carried on Truck Shuttles
    increased (16%) to approach the symbolic milestone of 1.5 million trucks,
    putting Eurotunnel a considerable way ahead of its rivals as world leader
    in piggy back transport. Market share increased to almost 43.5% for the
    year. Eurotunnel has never before carried as many trucks as in 2012, which
    overtook 2007, the previous record year. The Short Straits cross-Channel
    market for trucks experienced a further year of growth (estimated at
    +2.5%) although it remains 10% below its 2007 level.
  *Passenger Shuttles: Eurotunnel’s passenger traffic has also been extremely
    encouraging and has continued to grow (+7% for cars, +5% for coaches) to
    approach 2.5 million vehicles, even though the cross-Channel car market
    contracted (-2.4%) in 2012. Eurotunnel’s market share increased by 4.4
    points in 2012 to 50.8%. Major events such as the Queen’s Jubilee and the
    Olympic Games were catalysts for this traffic.

Overall, although the economic crisis is not yet over and competition remains
strong in the cross-Channel market, customers continue to demonstrate strong
loyalty to the Eurotunnel system. The high frequency of departures, the short
journey time, the levels of punctuality and the minimal impact on the
environment encourage industrial and individual customers to turn to
Eurotunnel, whose business model and the capacity of whose staff to adapt to
the increases in traffic should be recognised.

Railway Network

  *High speed trains: Eurostar continued to achieve traffic growth during the
    year, reaching 9.9 million passengers (+2%) for the year. This market
    should continue to grow with new services to the south of France, such as
    the weekly service which will be tested during the spring of 2013 between
    London and Aix-en Provence, via Avignon and Lyon.
  *Rail freight: The decline in the number of rail freight trains (-3%)
    reflects the fact that SNCF stopped its cross-Channel wagon load business
    and that RFF imposed a surcharge on customers at Frethun.

B. Rail freight operators: Europorte and its subsidiaries

The British and French rail freight subsidiaries are both fulfilling their
roles as vectors for growth. Europorte has recorded a substantial increase in
revenues (+28%, like for like) as a result of new contracts and closer
relations with certain economic sectors. The quantity of cereal transported by
Europorte in France increased by 20% during 2012. Industrial customers have
confidence in the service developed by the Group based on flexibility, service
quality and good working conditions for staff. With a European licence and
Belgian certification, Europorte has also started new traffic flows on the
Belgian network, opening the routes towards Antwerp and the surrounding area.

Europorte’s expertise in infrastructure management is well established and is
bearing fruit. Europorte has won all of the tenders where it has entered a bid
in the ports sector in France.

GB Railfreight, the third largest rail freight operator in the UK continues to
grow its business. In February 2012 GB Railfreight signed a 2 year contract to
transport more than a million tonnes of spoil for a subcontractor of
Crossrail, the railway network which will cross London from 2017.

C. MyFerryLink

Following the purchase of three ships from the ex-SeaFrance, Eurotunnel, as
ship-owner, conferred their operation to an independent company, the SCOP.
Services only commenced at the end of the summer so the revenues generated are
not representative of the potential of this business. In February 2013 the
three ships will all operate simultaneously, providing services spread across
the day to meet customer requirements.

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