Is MMR Global's Personal Health Records Patent Portfolio Worth

Is MMR Global's Personal Health Records Patent Portfolio Worth a
Closer Look? 
LOS ANGELES, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 01/23/13 --  The Michael Bass
Group, an investment banking and strategic advisory services firm
focused on healthcare information technology, healthcare IT services,
healthcare mobility providers, medical technology and devices, today
released a patent valuation report for MMR Global. 
MMR Global (OTCQB: MMRF) with a current market cap of $10 million,
provides secure and easy-to-use online Personal Health Records
("PHRs") and electronic safe deposit box storage solutions, serving
consumers, healthcare professionals, employers, insurance companies,
financial institutions, retail pharmacies, and professional
organizations and affinity groups. The independent research report
shows that the potential value of the patents in the U.S. domestic
market could be worth in a range as low as $600 Million to a high of
$1.1 Billion, or 100 times the current market cap of the company. In
addition, MMR has many international patents as well that were not
included in this evaluation. 
According to a recent Press Release from the company, the Company now
owns seven U.S. patents and has nearly 400 claims focused on the
digital transmission of medical records, including Personal Health
Records (PHRs). The Company also has additional U.S. patent
applications pending, which include numerous continuation
applications. Internationally, the Company has issued patents and
pending applications in countries of commercial interest such as
Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan,
South Korea, Israel, and European nations. 
MMR has met with significant success in their early licensing efforts
based on a five-plus year industry-wide awareness of the Company's
intellectual property and its relevance to the market. In 2013, the
Company will aggressively pursue infringement claims and plans on
commencing litigation beginning this month against companies in
healthcare, retail and other markets. The litigation just mentioned
could potentially be key for a sharp appreciation in the stock price
of MMR Global, as recent patent infringement plays have been red hot
with traders and investors alike.  
In addition, over the last month, MMR Global has entered
licensing agreements with EMR vendors, a laboratory reporting
services vendor, a document management systems vendor providing
services to more than 750 hospitals, and a Personal Health Record
provider. They believe that this trend will continue which will
provide a steady and ever increasing revenue stream to the company. 
Based on government regulations and the breadth of its patent
portfolio, MMR is well positioned to monetize its intellectual
property given requirements under the law pertaining to HIPAA, the
HITECH Act and Meaningful Use Stages 2 and 3. The Company believes
hospitals, healthcare professionals and certain vendors responding to
the current needs of the market will need licenses from the Company,
or they could infringe upon MMR's portfolio of intellectual property. 
Stay tuned for pending developments, as important catalysts may be
set to occur in the days ahead.  
A link to the Patent Valuation report is provided here:  
As we cautioned in our previous article, MMR Global is a small
company. While they did do revenues of around $1.5M for the past
fiscal year and are forecasting revenues of over $5M this year, they
are not cash flow positive as of yet and do have debt. Therefore any
investment in these types of stocks does carry additional risk. 
Contributor Adam Meadows' full report can be found here: 
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