CoreSite Announces 2012 Distribution Tax Treatment

  CoreSite Announces 2012 Distribution Tax Treatment

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DENVER -- January 23, 2013

CoreSite Realty Corporation (NYSE: COR), a national provider of powerful,
network-rich data centers, today announced the income tax allocation for
federal income tax purposes of its 2012 distributions on its common stock
(CUSIP: 21870Q105).

                                         Taxable     Long-term   Long-term                  Return
Record      Payable     Distribution  Ordinary   Capital    Unrecaptured  Qualified  of
Date         Date         Per Share      Dividends   Gains       Section 1250   Dividends   Capital
3/30/2012    4/16/2012    $    0.18      $   0.18    $   0.00    $    0.00      $   0.00    $  0.00
6/29/2012    7/16/2012         0.18          0.18        0.00         0.00          0.00       0.00
9/28/2012    10/15/2012        0.18          0.18        0.00         0.00          0.00       0.00
12/31/2012   1/15/2013        0.27         0.27       0.00        0.00         0.00      0.00
             Total        $    0.81      $   0.81    $   0.00    $    0.00      $   0.00    $  0.00

Under the tax rules applicable to real estate investment trusts such as
CoreSite, the entire amount of the January 15, 2013, distribution applies to
tax year 2012.

CoreSite’s tax return for the year ended December 31, 2012, has not been
filed. As a result, the income tax allocation for the distributions discussed
above has been calculated using the best available information as of the date
of the release.

Please note that federal tax laws affect taxpayers differently, and the
information in this release is not intended as advice to shareholders on how
distributions should be reported on their tax returns. Also note that state
and local taxation of real estate investment trust distributions varies and
may not be the same as the taxation under the federal rules. CoreSite
encourages shareholders to consult with their own tax advisors as to their
specific federal, state, and local income tax treatment of CoreSite

About CoreSite

CoreSite Realty Corporation (NYSE: COR) is the data center provider chosen by
more than 750 of the world's leading carriers and mobile operators, content
and cloud providers, media and entertainment companies, and global enterprises
to run their performance-sensitive applications and to connect and do
business. CoreSite propels customer growth and long-term competitive advantage
through the CoreSite Mesh by connecting the Internet, private networking,
mobility, and cloud communities within and across its 14 high-performance data
center campuses in nine markets in North America. With direct access to 275+
carriers and ISPs, over 180 leading cloud and IT service providers, inter-site
connectivity, and the nation's first Open Cloud Exchange that provides access
to thousands of lit buildings and multiple key cloud on-ramps, CoreSite
provides easy, efficient and valuable gateways to global business
opportunities. For more information, visit


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