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Washington Bond Sale and Refinancing Yields Savings of $79 million - $11.9 
Million Available for Near Term Budgets. 
January 23, 2013 - Wednesday's $554 million new bond sales and the refinancing 
of $785 million outstanding general obligation bonds saved taxpayers more than 
$79 million in today's dollars. This reduction in principal and interest 
payments will provide more than $11.9 million to help balance budgets through 
the end of the 2013-15 biennium.                                                 
State Treasurer James McIntire said great results are no accident.
"This is a $11.9 million reminder that our strong credit rating and reputation 
for prudent financial management are tangible assets for the taxpayer," 
McIntire said. "With the savings from this sale, we take a small step toward 
closing a substantial budget gap and another long stride in our efforts to make 
sure taxpayers get the maximum value for their money."
House Appropriations Chairman Ross Hunter agreed.                                
"When you are tasked with finding a way to add $1.4 billion to K-12 education 
and preserve the government services the public demands, every penny counts." 
Hunter said. "These savings make a big difference."                              
Treasurer McIntire's debt management team led by Ellen Evans, has infused 
greater competition and market participation into the bond sale process and 
reduced debt service costs by $1.4 billion on a present value basis since 2009.
"I am grateful for the public and private sector experience Ellen Evans brings 
to the table each and every day," McIntire said. "Her tireless work has 
increased our access to the bond markets so that we can reduce the interest 
rates we're paying on new and old debt."                                         
The bonds refinanced today produced present value savings of more than 10 
J.P. Morgan Securities beat out seven other bidders in the $637.6 million 
various purpose general obligation refunding with a TIC of 2.36 percent. RBC 
Capital Markets was the winning bidder on the $147.1 million motor vehicle fuel 
tax refunding with a TIC of 2.67 percent. 
Bank of America Merrill Lynch had the winning bid for the Series 2013D 
tax-exempt General Obligation bonds at a true interest cost (TIC) of 2.98 
percent. Citigroup Global Markets had the winning bid for the Series 2013E 
tax-exempt Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax bonds with a TIC of 3.22 percent. 
For more information visit the Office of the State Treasurer's website at 
www.tre.wa.gov <http://www.tre.wa.gov> 
Contact: Chris McGann 360-902-9033 
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