Prelert Introduces Anomaly Detective, an Advanced Predictive Analytics Solution for Splunk Enterprise Environments

  Prelert Introduces Anomaly Detective, an Advanced Predictive Analytics
  Solution for Splunk Enterprise Environments

   100 percent self-learning predictive analytics uses machine intelligence
               assistance to dramatically improve IT operations

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FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- January 23, 2013

Prelert, the first company to provide 100 percent self-learning predictive
analytics solutions to dramatically improve IT operations, today announced
Anomaly Detective, an advanced machine intelligence solution for Splunk^®
Enterprise environments. The introduction of Anomaly Detective expands
Prelert’s line of diagnostic predictive analytics products that integrate with
a customer’s existing IT management tools and quickly provide value by finding
problematic behavior changes hidden in huge volumes of operations data.

Anomaly Detective’s self-learning predictive analytics with machine
intelligence assistance recognize both normal and abnormal machine behavior.
Using highly advanced pattern recognition algorithms, Anomaly Detective
identifies developing issues and provides detailed diagnostic data, enabling
IT experts to avoid problems or diagnose them as much as 90 percent faster
than previously possible. IT personnel who utilize Splunk Enterprise software
in infrastructure, applications performance and security can now additionally
benefit from machine learning to automatically spot anomalies and isolate
their root causes in minutes, saving time and resolving problems before the
business is impacted.

Anomaly Detective is easily downloadable software that installs and provides
value in minutes as a tightly integrated application for Splunk Enterprise.
Because it leverages recent advances in machine intelligence, Anomaly
Detective is 100 percent self-learning and requires minimal configuration.
Anomaly Detective augments existing IT expertise, empowering IT staff to spend
less time mining data, reduce troubleshooting costs and improve compliance
with service-level agreements — all of which contribute to a rapid return on

“Prelert Anomaly Detective is like a machine intelligence assistant, using
advanced machine learning analytics to analyze the massive amounts of IT
operations management data produced by today’s online applications and
services,” said Mark Jaffe, CEO of Prelert. “We’ve packaged the power of big
data analytics, normally focused on solving business problems, in easy-to-use
machine intelligence solutions that are greatly needed in the real world of IT

Splunk Validation

“We encourage users and vendors alike to develop applications that leverage
and complement the power of the Splunk software platform. Prelert’s Anomaly
Detective is an excellent example. Its ability to extend the advanced search
and analytical capabilities of Splunk Enterprise to include the power of
self-learning predictive analytics enables users to easily derive more value
from machine-generated big data,” said Bill Gaylord, senior vice president of
business development at Splunk.

Customer Validation

“With the overwhelming amount of log data we generate every day, it can be
very difficult to find subtle, previously unknown behavior changes that can
cause issues,” said Craig Merchant. Senior Security Architect at Responsys.
“By using Prelert’s predictive analytics on top of Splunk, I can spot
anomalies in my data even though I may not have had the prior insight to look
for it.”

Reseller Validation

“Prelert extends the power of Splunk with machine learning analytics that
significantly reduce the time and domain expertise required to solve complex
issues. This allows customers to get more value, more quickly while increasing
their visibility to the behavior of their IT environments,” said Andrew
Walley, Commercial Director at Eqalis. “Our customers will be able to leverage
their investment in Splunk without the need to devote additional analyst
resources to save them from drowning under the increasingly high volumes of
data being generated by their IT estate.”

Industry Validation

“Prelert is a real ‘trailblazer’ in the application performance analytics
marketplace with its machine intelligence-based predictive analytics solution
for Splunk,” said Dennis Drogseth, vice president of research, IT Megatrends,
Analytics and CMDB at Enterprise Management Associates Inc. “It provides a
dynamic narrative around what comes first in a sequence of IT events to
quickly triage issues caused by data anomalies. Prelert turns the diverse
assortment of IT-generated data into valuable information for delivering
higher-quality applications and services.”

“Our research shows that the challenges and complexity around the usability of
application performance data are increasing customers’ demands for advanced
application performance analytics,” said Bojan Simic, president and principal
analyst, TRAC Research. “Prelert is responding to this need with its Anomaly
Detective machine intelligence-based predictive analytics for Splunk
environments, which ensures the availability and delivery of the right
information when it is needed.”

Availability and Pricing

Prelert Anomaly Detective is now available and easily downloadable from the
Prelert website and from Prelert resellers. Pricing is based on the amount of
data analyzed per day, starting at $1,200 for environments indexing more than
500MB of data per day. For information on pricing for Splunk Enterprise, go to

Prelert Product Line

Prelert’s predictive analytics products also include Prelert Real-Time —
predictive analytics for Computer Associates, Microsoft and ITRS Geneos
products — and Prelert Open SQL Database API for custom development.

About Splunk Inc.

Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK) provides the engine for machine data™. Splunk®
software collects, indexes and harnesses the machine-generated big data coming
from the websites, applications, servers, networks and mobile devices that
power business. Splunk software enables organizations to monitor, search,
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machine data. More than 4,800 enterprises, universities, government agencies
and service providers in more than 80 countries use Splunk Enterprise to gain
operational intelligence that deepens business and customer understanding,
improves service and uptime, reduces cost, and mitigates cybersecurity risk.
Splunk Storm, a cloud-based subscription service, is used by organizations
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About Prelert

The complex IT environments behind today’s online applications and services
generate more operations management data than a human can structure or
analyze. Prelert is the first company to solve this problem by providing 100
percent self-learning predictive analytics solutions that augment IT expertise
with machine intelligence assistance to dramatically improve IT operations.
Prelert’s patent-pending analytics automatically mine existing management
tools to find answers hidden in huge volumes of operations data. Prelert
products install in minutes, giving IT operations, application support and
security personnel the ability to reduce diagnostic time as much as 90
percent.Prelert empowers IT experts with machine intelligence.

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