Aqua Pennsylvania Offers Customers Tips to Keep Pipes from Freezing

  Aqua Pennsylvania Offers Customers Tips to Keep Pipes from Freezing

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BRYN MAWR, Pa. -- January 22, 2013

Due to the below-freezing temperatures and wind chills, Aqua Pennsylvania,
Inc. (Aqua) is providing tips to its customers to help them avoid frozen and
broken water pipes in their homes.

Aqua says that customers should use the following tips in unheated areas of
their homes when temperatures drop below freezing.

  *Wrap pipes with insulation material or heat tape. Wrap indoor water meters
    with a blanket. Proper use of portable space heaters can also keep exposed
    pipes in drafty areas from freezing.
  *For interior plumbing located on an outside wall such as a kitchen sink,
    install heat tape to the pipes beneath the sink. If no small children are
    in the house, open cabinet doors beneath the sink to allow the warm air in
    the home to reach the pipes.
  *Make sure the lids on outdoor meter pits are not broken or missing.
  *Shut off and drain any outside faucets including those for lawn sprinkling
  *When temperatures remain near 10°F, customers might want to leave a very
    thin stream of water running continuously from at least one tap—preferably
    the one farthest from the meter. The additional cost of the water is
    cheaper than the cost of repairing ruptured pipes.
  *If a customer can locate the frozen area, use a hand-held hair dryer (blow
    dryer) or heat tape to thaw the area.

Aqua advises that every customer should know where their master valve is so
that they can turn off the water to their home in case a pipe breaks inside
their home.

Aqua Pennsylvania serves approximately 1.4 million residents in 30 counties
throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Aqua is prepared to do a weatherization “show and tell” of how
to prevent frozen pipes inside of a home in certain areas of its service
territory. The demonstration would include the proper use of pipe insulation,
heat tape, blankets, how to locate the master valve, etc. Any reporter or
photographer who is interested in a weatherization show and tell should
contact Donna Alston at 610.645.1095 to determine if it is available in their


Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc.
Donna Alston
Manager, Communications
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