Art Stage Singapore Opens Under the Hallmark of Artprice's Strategic Alliance With City State's Largest Contemporary Art Fair

Art Stage Singapore Opens Under the Hallmark of Artprice's Strategic Alliance
               With City State's Largest Contemporary Art Fair

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  PARIS, January 22, 2013

PARIS, January 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

As pre-announced in its press release of 25 October 2012, Artprice confirms
the establishment of a long-term alliance with Art Stage Singapore, an
alliance that has grown ever since this major Asian Contemporary art fair
began and which today represents a mature, multi-faceted partnership. In
effect, the Artprice/Art Stage duo is focused not only on producing and
publishing educational material and providing permanent digital data streams
for major Asian collectors, but also on exploiting the synergies from pooling
data-rich client files and creating a chain of value-added on the Internet
(PMN®Artprice) between each edition of Art Stage Singapore.

For the opening of Artstage Singapore (from 24 - 27 January 2013), Artprice
and Art Stage Singapore have a clear strategy focused on educating the Asian
art market's elite using all the necessary tools that Artprice can provide.
One of the key initiatives of both partners is to publish art market analyses
and a permanent stream of digital data offering added value to Asian art

According to Lorenzo Rudolf, founder of Art Stage Singapore, "Asian collectors
and buyers are playing an ever-growing role in the global art market" and "it
is our duty, with our longstanding partner Artprice, to provide these
collectors, both new and experienced, with all the knowledge they need in
order to purchase art in an informed manner under all circumstances."

Indeed, this ambition has inspired the two founder-CEOs, Lorenzo Rudolf for
Art Stage Singapore and Thierry Ehrmann for Artprice, to create this
multi-lingual guide entitled "Collecting 101". This guide discusses the key
issues of art collection, and offers a wide variety of services, benefits and
value chains to the prestigious collectors of "Greater Asia".

Henceforward, all of Artprice's market analysis tools and expertise in
econometric, standardization and traceability are now available to Asia's
major art collector.

As predicted in previous annual reports, Artprice confirms that Asia, as a
whole, will represent over 55% of the global art market in 2012 and a minimum
share of 65% to 70% by 2015.

However, despite China's apparent domination - with a 41% market share far
ahead of the USA with 23% - Asia, with 61% of the world population, is a
highly complex market and can even be a veritable nightmare for Western
companies that have failed to understand the local terrain.

For example, the question of "market share" on the Asian art market is in fact
far more complicated than it first appears. On paper, China looks the obvious
leader with Hong Kong; but Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea
and the Philippines could also justifiably make the same claim.

In reality, there are only two major entry points to the Asian art market
(which includes China, India, South East Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, and
Australia & New Zealand) and both are leading financial and wealth management
centres: Singapore and Hong Kong. Artprice has been intensely involved in
setting up its offices in Hong Kong since early August 2012. However, it still
lacked access through the other major gateway and indeed the most important
one for Asia as a whole, Singapore… with all of its cultural diversity.

Singapore is a cosmopolitan, dynamic and global City-State with a very high
standard of living, political stability and financial strength. It also has a
significant art scene, a powerful museum industry and a free port that meets
the needs of the Asian art market. In addition, Singapore is ranked among the
top three countries of the world in terms of broadband Internet penetration.

This strategic alliance, that will materialize by the end of 2012, is driven
primarily by the two companies' respective founders and leaders: Lorenzo
Rudolf, founder of Art Stage Singapore and Thierry Ehrmann, CEO and founder of

According to Thierry Ehrmann:

"Art Stage Singapore - which enjoys strong political support from Singapore's
government in its bid to become a major reference in Asia - owes its success
to its founder Lorenzo Rudolf. Lorenzo Rudolf is undoubtedly one of the top 5
global "market makers" (major players who impose their views on the Art
Market). Lorenzo Rudolf's career has been impressive and faultless: from Art
Basel in the 1990s, to Art Basel Miami and ShContemporary in Shanghai. Art
Stage Singapore is the fruit of an intelligent and intimate knowledge of the
global art market and especially the Asian Art Market, where no European or
American has acquired such a high level of art market expertise. In January
2013, Art Stage Singapore will focus its attention on Indonesia, the most
dynamic emerging country in Asia in terms of art, and a new "land of
opportunity" for Artprice. Likewise, the strong presence of Australian and New
Zealand galleries at Art Stage Singapore will complete Artprice's "global

According to Lorenzo Rudolf:

"Art Stage Singapore is the only international art fair that covers South Asia
and the Asia Pacific zone and which functions as the unavoidable rendez-vous
for collectors, artists, amateur art buyers, art institutions and art
galleries from both sides of Asia. The 2013 edition will showcase the
extraordinary vitality of Indonesian Art (Indonesian Pavilion) and will allow
Art Stage Singapore to present the first virtual art fair in Asia (Art

A significant portion of the fair will be devoted to a presentation of thirty
well-known artists from emerging countries (Art Stage Singapore Initiative)
and to the presentation of Singapore's State platform (National Arts Council -
NAC). There will also be a strong Australian element among the 130 galleries
from around the world (80% Pan Asia, 20% International). Lastly, Art Talks
will present a global view of art trends, both in Asia and rest of the world.
Art Stage Singapore's strategic alliance with Artprice offers prestigious
collectors from "Greater Asia" and beyond all the imaginable services and
chains of value that the art market can provide."

Artprice - as global leader in art market information - supports and validates
the highly sophisticated strategy of Art Stage Singapore and its director
Lorenzo Rudolf. Singapore is considered the Switzerland of Asia, a hub for
private wealth management with very strong State support for culture. In terms
of cultural dialogue and new artistic media, Singapore is destined to become
the center of the elitist segment of the Asia art market. Artprice's presence
in Hong Kong and the forthcoming launch of its Standardized Auction &
Fixed-Price Marketplace will give Artprice a key place at the core of the
Asian art market, which will account for close to 70% of the global art market
in less than three years. Artprice will the preferred channel for customer
transactions at Art Stage Singapore.

For Art Stage Singapore, the alliance with Artprice solves problems related to
the calendar of global art fairs while for Artprice it provides a physical
presence and an opportunity to irrigate the powerful and discrete networks
behind the major Asian collectors. (c)1987-2013 thierry Ehrmann

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ARTPRICE has joined the prestigious SBF 120 index. Following the quarterly
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The current liquidity of the Artprice share is 3.83 million euros per day
calculated over 440 trading days (amounting to a total of 1.688 billion

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4,500 international auction houses and auctioneers and publishes a constant
flow of art market trends for the main news agencies and 6,300 international
written media. For its 2.072 million members (member log in), Artprice posts
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