SGI Announces OEM Partnership With Scality for Scale-Out Storage Solution

SGI Announces OEM Partnership With Scality for Scale-Out Storage Solution

New Object- and File-Based Storage Solution Leads the Industry in Density and

FREMONT, Calif., Jan. 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SGI (Nasdaq:SGI), the
trusted leader in technical computing, today announced a strategic OEM
agreement with Scality, a leader in software-defined storage, to provide a
unified scale-out storage solution that offers both extreme scale and high
performance allowing customers to manage massive unstructured data sprawl.

Bundled together with the extreme density of the SGI® Modular InfiniteStorage™
(SGI MIS™) platform, Scality'sRING OrganicStorage software enables
enterprises to take advantage of a converged multi-petabyte storage
architecture that scales to billions of files with maximum data security in
the minimum of datacenter real estate. A single 19" rack can house nearly
three petabytes of scale-out storage with total data security and no single
point of failure, to enable a self-healing infrastructure that can grow as
needed with no data migration or downtime required.

"Scale-out object-based solutions are designed to address this particular set
of problems by minimizing manual intervention for storage expansions,
migrations, and recoveries from storage system failure," said Ashish Nadkarni,
research director, Storage Systems at IDC. "Such a dispersed, fault-tolerant
architecture enables IT organizations to more efficiently absorb data growth
in a manner that is predicable for the long term."

Deployed for a wide range of application needs, Scality RING is perfectly
suited for tier one environments with very demanding applications in term of
IOPS and latency, but also for storage capacity oriented applications with
millions of users, such as online storage services or long-term archives. From
an application standpoint, the appliance presents a unified data interface
capable of delivering local and remote, object and file access. The platform
is self-healing, affording very high levels of data durability, provided by
replication and erasure coding techniques. Optional configurations offer
geo-redundancy and auto-tiering. Designed as a massively parallel system,
Scality can scale to accommodate a wide variety of different capacity and
performance profiles.

This means data administrators no longer need to worry about data silos
filling up or manually managing load balancing from one tier or platform to
another. This solution enables a unified, efficient and cost-effective
approach to long-term data management.

The SGI MIS storage server platform is a perfect match for Scality software,
offering two high-performance dual socket servers powered by Intel® Xeon®
processors, and up to 72 3.5" hard disk drives in a single 4U chassis. This
represents up to 280 TB of storage, reserving two disks for system tasks, in
just a 4U chassis. Expanding the system is easy- simply add more SGI MIS units
and the Scality software will automatically detect and load balance across the
entire infrastructure.

"The combination of Scality RING and SGI MIS storage server represents an
important step for the storage industry coupling together the densest storage
server and our very comprehensive storage software offering," said Jerome
Lecat, CEO, Scality. "SGI's selection of Scality software validates our
technology leadership and commitment to address enterprise challenges, as
illustrated by deployments at a leading online storage provider."

SGI has long been a leader in high-performance and active archive storage
solutions, with customers purchasing nearly 600 petabytes of disk-based
storage in 2012 alone. SGI's industry-leading storage software ecosystem and
best-of-breed hardware have resulted in the company being at the forefront of
solving some of the world's largest data management challenges in media
archives, life sciences, manufacturing and other data-intensive industries.

"One of the key challenges of scale-out storage solutions is to deliver the
self-healing advantages of object-based storage while also maintaining the
performance requirements needed at the application layer," said Jose Reinoso,
vice president of storage engineering, SGI. "Scality's RING architecture
allows us to offer our customers cost-efficient petabyte-scale storage with
independent scaling of throughput. It is the best of both worlds."


With an initial deployment already underway at a large cloud-based solution
provider, the SGI solution powered by Scality is available today for early
access customers. 

About Scality

Scality is the developer of RING, a software platform enabling cloud storage
to easily scale up to exabytes using commodity server hardware with direct
attached storage. Scality delivers the performance and reliability of a SAN-
or NAS-based architecture without the hassles of volume management at one
third to half of the cost.

Scality is used by Service Providers to deploy Storage-as-a-Service offerings,
by Email Providers to store emails for millions of users, and by web services
managing billions of files with very high performance expectations, either for
Web 2.0 or business applications. Scality RING is based on a patented object
storage technology, which delivers high availability, ease of operations and
total control of your data. For more information, visit: or
follow @Scality on Twitter.

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