ManpowerGroup Reveals Why Leading in the Human Age Requires New Approaches to the World of Work at World Economic Forum

ManpowerGroup Reveals Why Leading in the Human Age Requires New Approaches to
                  the World of Work at World Economic Forum

ManpowerGroup Publishes Paper with Recommendations for Building the Human Age
Corporation in the Face of Certain Uncertainty

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DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 22, 2013

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN),
the world leader in innovative workforce solutions and World Economic Forum
(WEF) strategic partner, today shared its annual analysis of the
macro-economic forces evolving the world of work. "Leading in the Human Age:
Why An Era of Certain Uncertainty Requires New Approaches to the World of
Work," outlines how companies can reinvent themselves as flexible and
adaptable Human Age Corporations in response to chronic unpredictability.


Since ManpowerGroup's announcement of the Human Age — a complex era where
talent, as capital once was, is a key driver of economic growth — at the 2011
WEF Annual Meeting, the forces evolving this volatile age are growing more
intertwined, pushing and pulling in different directions until they become
impossible to separate, much like a Gordian Knot. As the Human Age is becoming
increasingly volatile and unpredictable, companies must prepare for one
certainty — uncertainty.

"In a world where economic, political and social turmoil are creating an era
of uncertainty, companies' flexibility and ability to adapt quickly to new
market conditions is crucial," said Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup President.
"With talentism now a dominant economic catalyst, a company's strategies,
processes and solutions to navigate risk must start with its people. Only by
unleashing and leveraging human potential will a nation or corporation
successfully navigate these unpredictable challenges."

Below are ManpowerGroup's 10 Principles for Building the Human Age
Corporation, allowing companies to respond quickly to fluctuating market
forces and outpace competitors:

Principles for Building the Human Age Corporation

What we used to do . . .         What we should now do. . .
Rigid, long-term business        Create a set of core principles of execution
models, strategies, plans        which are flexible and adaptable to
Siloed business and workforce    Align workforce strategy to business goals
Segmentation of markets by       Segmentation of markets based on
geography                        similarities, despite geography
Technology to help processes     Technology to drive growth and productivity
Society based vertical hierarchy Develop a "community" based horizontal
structure                        hierarchy system
Manage teams based on business   Develop augmented managers to play a wider
goals alone                      role in developing growth, coaching teams and
Leaders direct from the top in   Leaders should work collaboratively to drive
isolation                        performance
Train individuals for the role   Train individuals for the role they will
they are currently in            likely take in the future
Find talent where the work is    Take work to where the talent is
Capitalism directs the company   Use Talentism to direct the company

As the Human Age ecosystem continues to evolve, the forces shaping world of
work trends are as follows:

  oRedefining Market Segmentation: World economic power continues to shift
    considerably South and East, with 70% of gross domestic product (GDP)
    growth between now and 2020 projected to come from emerging markets. The
    resegmentation of society is also evident in new "bubbles" of society,
    with socio-economic classes increasingly varied as individuals now easily
    bond over common ideas, ideologies and opinions across borders via media
    and technology. Companies need to consider how "bubblization" has weakened
    traditional socio-economic classes and leverage social frameworks to drive
    results from their people.
  oEconomic Evolution – Materialization of Great Inversions: The global
    skills mismatch is inspiring the emergence of a second economy, as jobs
    have been lost more via technological progress than by delocalization.
    Stemming from this is a third economy where this loss of jobs results in a
    need for new skills. For example, production line jobs may be lost to
    automated alternatives but this may, in turn, create increased demand for
    technicians to design and service machines. Companies will be challenged
    to plan for these shifts and ensure their talent pipeline is prepared to
    cope with the different skills required.
  oTechnological Evolution – Shifting Sands Accelerate: Technology continues
    to be a major agent of change in terms of economy, society, culture and
    work, presenting myriad opportunities and scope to transform current work
    models. For example, personalized apps that allow employers to communicate
    tailored information to individual employees could revolutionize employee
    engagement, bringing employees together and allowing them to interact more
    widely across large organizations.
  oCertain Uncertainty: Periods of chronic uncertainty demand concerted
    action, based on strong fundamental principles to lead by. Yet
    governments, individuals and companies often react defensively and
    irrationally to uncertainty or are simply paralyzed by it. As a result,
    employee engagement can drop off and with it productivity will as well. As
    companies struggle to adapt to the Human Age and the Gordian Knot of
    forces creating such uncertainty, companies will require new leadership
    models, people practices, talent sources and also develop their internal
    systems, culture, engagement and training.

"Leading in the Human Age: Why An Era of Certain Uncertainty Requires New
Approaches to the World of Work," is available for download at:

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ManpowerGroup™ (NYSE: MAN), the world leader in innovative workforce
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ManpowerGroup is the most trusted brand in the industry, and was once again
the only company in our industry to be named to the Ethisphere Institute's
2012 World's Most Ethical Companies list for our proven commitment to ethical
business practices, including an outstanding commitment to ethical leadership,
compliance practices and corporate social responsibility.

In January 2011, at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos,
Switzerland, ManpowerGroup announced the world has entered the Human Age,
where talent has replaced capital as the key competitive differentiator. This
concept of talentism as the new capitalism continues to resonate and was
echoed as a core theme of the 2012 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum
in Davos. Learn more at

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