Interroll receives biggest single order for dynamic storage ever

Increased efficiency for distribution centres

Interroll receives biggest single order for dynamic storage ever

Sant'Antonino/Switzerland, 21st January 2013. Interroll has received the
biggest single dynamic storage order ever, worth close to CHF6.5m. The
equipment for high density, energy-saving pallet flow storage will be
installed in two new distribution centres of Red Bull in Thailand. The Red
Bull energy drink, which originates in Thailand, ranks among the most popular
energy drinks worldwide, with 4.6 billion cans sold in 2011.

The Red Bull energy drink, which goes back to a pre-existing version invented
and sold in Thailand, started selling in Austria in 1987 and has since grown
to become one of world's leading soft drinks. In 2011 the company posted its
best ever sales figures of EUR4.253 billion, having sold a total of 4.631
billion cans worldwide. Red Bull, counting 8,294 employees in 164 countries,
pursues an ambitious growth strategy.

Promoting its business in Thailand, Red Bull placed an order for Interroll
dynamic storage technology to increase the capacity and the efficiency of its
operations located in the industrial estate of Bangsang, Prachinburi, near
Bangkok. Red Bull was seeking a solution for maximum productivity of its two
new distribution centres which will store wooden Loscam pallets of
1200mm/1000mm/1300mm (LxWxH) weighing up to 1000 kg. The new DCs, which will
begin operations later this year, will handle peak volumes most efficiently,
reduce travel distances and the number of forklift trucks. In addition, the
installation will be protected against damages through forklift truck
operation and ensure a rapid return on investment.

Positive experience from previous orders

The positive experience gained with flow storage solutions from Interroll in
the recent past motivated Red Bull to entrust Interroll with supplying dynamic
storage equipment for the new warehouses. The new DCs will provide a total of
25,472 pallet positions for space- and energy-saving FIFO (first in, first
out) and LIFO (last in, first out) pallet flow storage. The FIFO sections have
16,340 pallet positions with energy-saving gravity lanes accommodating 10 or
24 pallets each and a safety separator for maximum pallet handling safety. The
LIFO cart pushback sections store a total of 9,132 pallets in 3-, 4- and
5-deep lanes. The Interroll LIFO cart pushback system ensures high-density,
energy-friendly pallet flow storage in areas allowing only one aisle for
loading and unloading pallets.

"We had several large orders for dynamic storage applications all over the
world in the last ten years, such as Procter & Gamble or Coop, and the new
order from Red Bull of CHF6.5m has been the largest single order so far",
confirms Paul Zumbühl, CEO Interroll. "We are very proud to partner with the
company again and to share our expertise in increasing the productivity of
distribution centres. Like Red Bull we pursue a crystal-clear growth strategy,
and we create solutions that will help our customers reach their business
goals more easily."

Interroll dynamic storage modules for maximum productivity and safety

Besides optimal utilisation of space and minimised energy consumption, the
highest safety standards coupled with ease of handling are among the most
important factors in increasing productivity in distribution centres.

The Interroll Safety Separator with its new Time Plus function is part of the
new generation of pallet flow conveyor modules for distribution centres that
wish to increase productivity in parallel with safety. As a dynamic storage
system, the Interroll roller modules are compatible with all conventional
racking systems across the world and can even be used at high-volume
throughputs and with a large number of pallets of various sizes and weights,
such as Euro-pallets, CHEP pallets, plastic pallets and metal containers.

The flow storage modules developed, designed and manufactured by Interroll are
subjected to rigorous on-site testing in order to guarantee maximum output and
service life along the entire flow channel.

The Interroll pallet flow storage system is a highly resource-saving solution
for fast-moving and moderately fast-moving goods and offers an alternative to
comparative solutions such as drive-in racks or the use of shuttles. Their
method of transporting the pallets horizontally generally requires energy,
that is to say either energy from the forklift truck for the drive-in rack, or
energy to move the shuttles.

Portrait of the Interroll Group - Partner of the Sauber F1 Team

The Interroll Group is a leading international specialist in internal
logistics. The publicly traded company with headquarters in Switzerland
employs around 1500 people at 29 sites around the world. Interroll products
are in use at sites owned by world-famous brands such as Amazon, Bosch,
Coca-Cola, DHL, FedEx, USPS, Procter & Gamble, Red Bull, Siemens, Walmart and
Yamaha. Business operations maintain a strong focus on applications for
airports, courier/express/postal services, distribution centres and the food
industry. Regional centres of excellence and production facilities, global
knowledge, financial stability and a solid market reputation make Interroll a
strong business partner and attractive employer. Interroll is a promotional
partner of the Sauber F1 team. Both companies are based in Switzerland,
operate on a global scale and, as leading players in a highly-competitive
field, are flag bearers for the highest quality standards. Precision,
reliability and speed are common strategic values which are crucial to the
success of both Interroll and Sauber.

> White Paper from the University of Leibniz, Hannover/Germany, on warehousing

Flow storage technology as an alternative to conventional control technology:
The "Performance Data and Graphs on the 'Warehouse Core' System" by the
University of Leibniz in Hannover are available as a White Paper at > ("White Paper from the University of Leibniz") or via the
contact Interroll (Schweiz) AG.


Interroll (Schweiz) AG

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CH-6592 Sant'Antonino, Switzerland

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   Positive experience of using an Interroll dynamic storage solution
   installed in 2011 (pictured) motivated Red Bull Thailand to reorder pallet
   flow storage from Interroll in 2013.
   The new Interroll Safety Separator with its Time Plus function now makes
   safe pallet removal from the space-saving flow storage systems even more
   Interroll Safety Separator: the standard version for up to 12 tons
   accumulation pressure (left), and the enhanced version for particularly
   long flow storage channels (right).
   The flow storage modules developed, constructed and manufactured by
   Interroll are subjected to rigorous on-site testing in order to guarantee
   maximum output and service life along the entire flow channel.

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