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Barker Minerals Ltd. Reports Dr. Susanne Trimbath's (STP Advisory Services, LLC)
Trading and Settlement Event Analysis Studies Confirms Settlement Failures 
Prince George, British Columbia CANADA, January 21, 2013 /FSC/ - Barker Minerals
Ltd. (BML - TSX Venture), ("Barker" or the "Company") reports that in February
2012, in conjunction with its Pro Long Strategy, it  had requested Susanne
Trimbath, Ph.D. of STP Advisory Services, LLC ("STP") to provide an update
review of its trading and settlement data from November 2010 until December
2011. The intention of the review was to determine the range of manipulative
market activities occurring in the Company's public share market; to provide an
update on the actions Barker took since the 2010 Report prepared by STP,
emphasizing the ability to trace settlement failures back to individual trades
and to provide discussion as to the Company's future plans to counter the
problem. STP's review specifically examined "failures to deliver" ("FTD"),
commonly referred to as "naked short selling" ("NSS"). The update review
included event analysis studies which indicate evidence of intentional
settlement delivery failures in Barker's public share market during the event
time period studied. 
Pro Long Strategy 
The Company has been concerned, for some time, about a potential link between
defamation and apparent abusive trading activity and has incorporated a number
of initiatives under the banner "Pro Long Strategy". The core of the Pro Long
Strategy is built around the use of the Pro Long System ("PLS") which is a
methodology which effectively provides transparency in trading and settlement
activities in public companies capital share markets. 
STP Advisory Services 
Dr. Trimbath is a former operations manager for depository trust and clearing
corporations in San Francisco and New York. Since 2003, STP has provided
support, primarily in securities litigation, to law firms, investors, companies
and regulators. STP services can be viewed on the following link: 
Susanne Trimbath, Ph.D. is CEO and Chief Economist of STP. Dr. Trimbath's
credits include appearances on national television and radio programs (CNBC's
Power Lunch and NPR's Marketplace and most recently The Wall Street Conspiracy
Documentary) and the Emmy(r) Award nominated Bloomberg report Phantom Shares.
Trimbath's articles appear in the national publications US Banker, The
International Economy, The American Enterprise, and The Mergers & Acquisitions
Dr. Trimbath was formerly Senior Research Economist at the Milken Institute and
Senior Advisor on the Russian capital markets project for KPMG. Dr. Trimbath
taught at both the University of Southern California's Marshall School of
Business and New York University's Department of Economics. She gained 20 years
experience in financial services operations at Depository Trust Company in New
York, Pacific Depository Trust and Clearing Corporations in San Francisco and
the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. 
STP Update Report Summary 
The purpose of the review was not simply to re-examine the previous data but to
include the expanded new data sources including 14 months of trading and
settlement data. Dr. Trimbath describes the system as: "Barker executives
developed and refined a straight-forward data capture and analysis that can be
used to discover which brokers and how many shares on what dates are involved in
manipulative activity. Even when trading volume spikes (to millions of shares
from tens of thousands) Barker's PLS reports make it possible to connect
specific trades with settlement failures. Barker's tracking and reporting
efforts provide the information that makes early intervention possible." 
STP reports that the analysis of the volume of cumulative data that has been
compiled by Barker "shows serious evidence of fails-to-deliver (FTD),
specifically identifying the broker-dealers who are passing the fails-to-deliver
and fails-to-receive back and forth amongst themselves to avoid detection,
regulatory reporting and potential tax consequences." 
In her 2012 report Dr. Trimbath states that, "Recognition of a 'fail to deliver'
at settlement is the first line of defence against 'naked short selling.'
Failure to deliver at settlement is the event that will alert most regulators to
possible manipulative and/or illegal market activity. Barker executives have
developed an excellent process for tracking the settlement failures independent
of support from the central clearing and settlement organizations or any
regulatory authority. The underlying problem being addressed by Barker Minerals
is that securities are being sold by broker/dealers who do not have them (and do
not borrow them) so that the number of shares in circulation exceeds the
official supply." 
Intentional FTDs have historically been difficult to prove as fraud and that
such activity could be used to manipulate companies and markets. Barker's
trading and settlement activity tracking efforts indicate that these activities
have occurred in Barker's share market as a result of the abuse of loopholes
within the settlement and clearing system which basically enables brokers to
short sale securities without having to report a short sale as required by
regulatory authorities. 
Dr Trimbath writes, "In mid-May 2012, documents in a U.S. court case were
publically revealed, exposing broker dealer internal emails, in which the type
of trading activity evidenced in the 2010 Report on Barker's tracking
methodology is discussed as commonplace despite various U.S. rules and
regulations to the contrary (Cirangle 2012). Those emails show that
broker-to-broker settlement failures (FTDs and NSS) are used for the purpose of
manipulating stock prices." She goes on to say "In light of these revelations,
the evidence discovered and organized by Barker should be taken even more
seriously by regulators and the judiciary in Canada." 
The STP report goes on to say, "As the NSS activity Barker is finding is not
officially recognized by the Canadian government - hence, there is little or no
regulatory pressure on the brokers to settle the outstanding trades." The report
goes on to state "Filing a lawsuit could bring the political process to bear on
getting rules/regulations and enforcement tightened.  It could also generate a
significant amount of publicity, urging shareholders to remove their shares from
the pool of unregistered shares available for backing fraudulent trades." 
In conclusion Dr. Trimbath states that, "Through the efforts of Barker
management, the evidence of manipulative activity is becoming increasingly
obvious. Barker Minerals Ltd. has passed the stage where more and further
research is necessary.  The latest developments and improved methodology and
reporting which they are calling the "Pro Long Strategy" provide solid evidence
upon which they can take legal action" and she continues "I also recommend that
Barker consult lawyers about bringing action against specific broker-dealers
identified through PLS reports" 
Barker Pro Long Strategy 
As part of its Pro Long Strategy, Barker will continue to provide formal
complaints to the regulatory bodies providing evidence and information regarding
the irregular patterns in its trading and settlement activities, specifically
information from the time period of the event analysis conducted by Dr.
Trimbath.  Barker is also considering the legal options to take actions against
those who are proven to be responsible in any way for perpetrating fraudulent
activities against the Company. 
The continuous use of the Pro Long Strategy has been incorporated by Barker
since November 2010 while in its developmental stage. Now that it is refined,
Barker has found the system effective and the monthly summary results very
informative at providing transparency in Barker's public share market. 
Once the components of, and how, the FTD strategy functions are understood, it
becomes much easier to do the due diligence using the Pro Long System with the
paper trail to prove the fraud; or, at least it significantly increases the
chances of proving the probability of its existence such that there can be
fewer, if any, alternative explanations. 
The conclusions in this news release are assumptions of the Company made from
trading and settlement data collected from sources deemed to be accurate and
About Barker Minerals 
Barker Minerals is advancing exploration on its mineral properties in the
Cariboo Gold District, one of the most mineralized belts in British Columbia.
The Company has more than 20 projects on its exploration properties, all of
which are 100% owned by Barker Minerals. Eight projects have drill-ready gold
and/or massive sulphide targets. 
Certain statements in this press release may be considered forward-looking
information, including those relating to "plans" of the Company. Such
information involves known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors --
including the availability of funds, the results of financing and exploration
activities, the interpretation of drilling results and other geological data,
project cost overruns or unanticipated costs and expenses and other risks
identified by the Company in its public securities filings -- that may cause
actual events to differ materially from current expectations. Readers are
cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which
speak only as of the date of this press release. The Company disclaims any
intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements,
whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. 
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