Sprylogics Semantic Search Technology to be integrated into 2ya for Facebook Chat Application

Sprylogics Semantic Search Technology to be integrated into 2ya for Facebook 
Chat Application 
TORONTO, Jan. 21, 2013 /CNW/ - Sprylogics International (TSXV: SPY), 
("Sprylogics" or "the Company") announced today that its semantic search 
technology will be integrated into its chat and search application, 2ya for 
Facebook in the coming weeks. The Company's proprietary semantic search 
technology will be integrated into both the IOS and Android versions of the 
2ya application, both of which are currently available for download 
Over the last year, the Company has concentrated on evolving its semantic 
technology into an answer engine that can be easily embedded within mobile 
applications. To support this initiative, the technology leverages numerous 
sources of information, including wikipedia/dbpedia, freebase as well as 
sources of general knowledge that are available in unstructured repositories 
across the web. This modelling of human language has been applied both to 
input queries as well as to the understanding of unstructured information in 
order to best provide explicit answers to questions. The first examples of 
this technology were tested and then unveiled to the public last year through 
our private beta of the ask.cluuz.com engine. 
Unlike several other voice assistant applications, the Company's answer engine 
does not depend on external APIs for answers to general questions. Instead, 
answers are derived either from semantic databases housed on the Company's own 
servers, or through the Natural Language Processing (NLP) of content obtained 
directly from web search results. This approach is intended to result in a 
high degree of accuracy across a wide breadth of general knowledge questions, 
which has been initially validated through internal comparisons against the 
results from multiple, publicly available answer engines. 
Most recently the Company has concentrated on expanding the types of questions 
that the solution can reliably and accurately provide answers for. First, the 
Company implemented support for well defined problems such as mathematical 
expressions, as well as times in various locales and currency conversion. 
In addition, the Company has concentrated on two additional domains: food and 
movies. These two particular verticals are of significance in that they are 
commonly required in planning of events and consequently have been prioritized 
to be featured as part of our 2ya, messaging applications' embeddable 
The Company's recent breakthroughs, have resulted in a highly compelling and 
differentiated natural language answer engine for the movie vertical. Answers 
about current movies are provided based on movie synopsis, actors, directors, 
producers, theatres and other available information. The Company continues to 
expand the engine to handle queries about older movies, academy awards, movie 
quotes and other data elements. The Company's objective is to leverage this 
ability to answer these types of complex (yet commonly required) queries about 
movies to drive higher usage, engagement and ultimately revenue of the 
applications of the Company's and its partners. 
Management believes that recent progress in tackling some of the hardest 
computer science problems in the world, namely, understanding human language 
and generating answers based on publicly available knowledge to end users. is 
due in part to rigorously following a methodology of beginning with general 
knowledge and then expanding to more in-depth verticals. Additional verticals 
will include videos, images, sports, and financials with the goal of being 
able to match categories that users can currently discover information in the 
2ya messaging application. 
The Company believes that the current solution is differentiated from 
Facebook's recently announced graph search. The answer engine is focussed on 
answering questions related to general facts about the world, without 
requiring votes by a community to understand "who starred in which movie?" or 
"what is the closest restaurant that serves a specific dish?" or "who was the 
first person on moon?" or "what the score in the game last night was?" 
The announced Facebook graph search appears to be based on personal 
information and may be useful for queries that are an expression of personal 
tastes. This is a very promising and exciting announcement in search, which 
is complementary and not competitive to the Company's focus on leveraging 
semantic technology to improve general knowledge search. Facebook has 
expressed an interest in working with any search company willing to respect 
the privacy of people on Facebook. Sprylogics has a history of respecting 
the privacy of all users and will continue to look for opportunities for 
additional and deeper integration with the Facebook platform. 
About Sprylogics
Sprylogics International develops advanced search and analysis technology. 
The patent pending technology platform uses Semantic and Machine Learning 
techniques to process, analyze and interpret unstructured data including real 
time conversation, in order to extract key sentiments, facts, user interests 
and intent. The technology platform is currently being used to develop 
innovative solutions related to search and discovery of products and places on 
mobile devices. Find out more at www.sprylogics.com or www.2ya.it 
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