NEC Performs World's First Successful Trial of Real-time 1Tb/s S

NEC Performs World's First Successful Trial of Real-time 1Tb/s Superchannel
Transmission over a Trans-oceanic Distance 
Tokyo, Jan 17, 2013 - (JCN Newswire) -  NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701)
recently performed the world's first(1) successful trial of real-time
1Tb/s super-channel transmission using 100GbE subcarriers over a trans-oceanic
In recent years, the international demand for bandwidth is growing at a
remarkable pace, thanks in part to the globalization of resource-hungry
applications such as VoD, High Definition videoconferencing and cloud
computing. As a result, efforts are continuously being made to increase the
bit-rate capacity and transmission reach of submarine cable systems, which
support more than 99% of trans-oceanic data traffic. 
With 100Gb/s technologies now commercially deployed, the focus of recent
development is turning to high capacity channels, beyond 100Gb/s, with more
efficient bandwidth utilization. As part of this movement, NEC has proposed
optical superchannels to increase fiber capacity in both terrestrial and
submarine networks. Optical superchannels are based on advanced technologies
such as parallel high-speed transceivers, advanced modulation formats and
advanced pulse shaping. Superchannels constitute a practical platform for
next-generation submarine systems specifically designed to help carriers to
significantly increase transmission capacity in a cost efficient, scalable and
flexible manner. 
As a result of these proposals, NEC successfully tested a 1Tb/s superchannel
for submarine ultra-long haul systems that uses the latest optical and digital
technologies to provide traffic management flexibility and improve transmission
performance over ultra-long haul transmission distances. Results from this
real-time operation with error-free performance were presented at the Asia
Communications and Photonics Conference in Shanghai in November 2012. 
Key technologies of the 1Tb/s superchannel are as follows: 
a) NEC combined a software-defined pulse shaper(2) together with
flexible-grid(3) real-time 100Gb/s subcarriers(4) to create a 1Tb/s
superchannel. The pulse-shaper is designed to mitigate transmission impairments
and to offer flexible bandwidth allocation capabilities. NEC achieved
error-free transmission over a 5,400km link consisting of commercially
available optical fiber and cost-effective repeater spacing. This technology
provides a 43% improvement over the bandwidth utilization of current commercial
b) NEC also implemented a 1Tb/s superchannel composed of full-digital(5)
100Gb/s subcarriers. Each subcarrier is equipped with a digital signal
processor at the transmitter, which can potentially extend the
re-configurability to a variable modulation format and/or for variable
error-correction capabilities. This cutting-edge digital-transmitter technology
enables the 1Tb/s superchannel to successfully transmit beyond 7,200-km. 
NEC's strength in ultra-long-haul transmission technologies is supported
by its achievements providing the world's first transmission of
Optical-OFDM over 10,000km and the world's first trans-pacific
transmission of 16QAM signals. Now, NEC has reinforced its position by
demonstrating the first real-time 1Tb/s superchannel transmission designed for
ultra-long haul communications. 
(1) As of January 17, 2013. Source: NEC
(2) Software-defined pulse shaper: An optoelectronic device that changes the
shape of an optical pulse according to values predefined by the user.
(3) Flexible-grid transponder: A transponder capable of modifying the
wavelength of the optical subcarrier.
(4) Real-time 100 Gb/s subcarrier: Based on an in-house commercial transceiver
module incorporating results from "R&D on High Speed Optical Transport
System Technologies (2009)" and "R&D on Ultra-high Speed Optical
Edge Node Technologies (2010-2011)," which are supported by the Ministry
of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan.
(5) Full-digital subcarrier: An optical carrier that is generated with a
digital transmitter and it is detected with a digital-coherent receiver. 
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