Think You Heard It All About The Best of the Best from CES? Well, Think Again ... My eHome® -- the Gotta-Have-It Multi-Play

Think You Heard It All About The Best of the Best from CES? Well, Think Again
... My eHome® -- the Gotta-Have-It Multi-Play Solution -- Targeted for Launch
                            in First Quarter 2014

French Product is Golden Nugget Innovation You Didn't Hear About in Vegas.

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VERSAILLES, France, Jan. 16, 2013

VERSAILLES, France, Jan. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Your favorite television
show is on the air and you're on a business trip overseas …

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You want to show Grandma those great snapshots of your children's school
Christmas party but you left them on your iPad back home …

Your wife recorded the last two episodes of Game of Thrones, but you're stuck
in a hotel room without only your smartphone for company …

No way to connect?

No problem!

Introducing VIOTECH's My eHome® -- a multi-play solution easily installed in
the user's home -- renders simultaneous and fully-adapted content to users to
provide the best and most familiar multimedia experience possible. Officially
unveiled @ CES 2013, the launch of My eHome was a major, and yet unexpected,
success. Exhibiting from the Eureka Park Tech Zone at CES, VIOTECH drew more
than a thousand visits and demo requests from media, investors, analysts,
buyers and a wide array of interested industrial parties, including operators
such as Comcast, content providers like DirecTV and major multimedia equipment
manufacturers including Panasonic, Cisco and Nagra.

VIOTECH was the only non-U.S. based startup among eight finalists selected to
pitch their concept to leading angel investors at Showstoppers' prestigious Pitchfest event on Monday, January 7.

So, what exactly is My eHome?

"The original challenge was based on the concept that today's multimedia user
wants 24-hour ubiquitous access to all his content, wherever he is, on any
terminal, in harmony with all the other things he loves to do," says Marius
Negru, VIOTECH'S Head of Strategic Projects. "But what's simple is often the
most difficult to achieve. With so many platforms and content delivery
vehicles in the marketplace, while users now have multiple content access,
they also face multiple access issues which include offer fragmentation,
quality and privacy.

"My eHome tackles all three elements in a single platform. "

At the heart of the concept, Negru says, is VIOTECH'S proprietary design that
combines a user's personal files with mainstream content (i.e., TV/IPTV
channel subscription, recordings, and web browser, etc.), all of which is
stored and then streamed – on demand. HomeB®, as the home-installed
set-top-box device is called, reads and can transmit all videos, pictures,
music, data, files and text through DLNA supported delivery mechanisms.

To access his content, the user simply connects his remote receiver to any
electronic multimedia device (it can be a personal laptop, tablet, smartphone,
even a hotel room TV set), and through a unique customizable interface, the
receiver delivers the user's content in the identical configurations and
interface with which the user feel both comfortable and familiar, since he
configured it all by himself.

According to Negru, My eHome maintains several distinct advantages over its
competitors in the remote content delivery marketplace. "Several companies
convey data remotely, but My eHome will be the only product to deliver both a
user's home television content and data files in his exact home interface," he
says. "But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to the
in-house-developed adaptation algorithms, the video content is streamed to the
receiving terminal based on what we call the 'user-context,' a set of
parameters measuring the location, the terminal or the network conditions that
allow for most optimized video experience. Second, since all content is
stored within HomeB, the user keeps FULL control over any shared content to
allow for editing, removal or deletion."

And as they proved last week, thanks to My eHome's innovative storage
functionality, What happens in Vegas stays in the HomeB®!

On the heels of their successful CES introduction, My eHome has initiated
production toward a scheduled target delivery of early 2014. The company is
presently seeking North American industrial partners including telecoms,
content providers, cable operators and manufacturers.

Founded in 2007 by Marius Negru and fellow childhood friends and associates,
VIOTECH is committed to the conception, development, creation, marketing and
promotion of high-level, added-value services and applications designed for
implementation within the booming Digital Home Networking Market. Through
innovative hardware and software solutions, VIOTECH products enable streaming
transmission of audiovisual and multimedia content via digital networks
including IP multicasting over WLAN and Intranets inside homes and offices.

Follow VIOTECH on Twitter (#ViotechCom), Google+ and Facebook. For demos or
for additional information on both My eHome® and VIOTECH, visit and contact us


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