American Independence Launches Dynamic Conservative Plus Strategy

      American Independence Launches Dynamic Conservative Plus Strategy

Veteran alternative fund manager Imanol Laresgoiti to lead risk-managed, multi
asset-class fund;

Diversified portfolio to dynamically allocate among fixed-income, commodities,
equities, and alternatives

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NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2013

NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --American Independence Financial
Services, LLC (American Independence), an independent investment manager based
in New York, announced today that it is launching a new investment strategy,
Dynamic Conservative Plus (DCP). The strategy will also be available through a
mutual fund, to be run by veteran manager Imanol Laresgoiti, and will make
tactical investments in a set of exchange traded funds (ETFs) across sub-asset
classes in the fixed-income, commodity, equity and alternative asset markets.
The Dynamic Conservative Plus Fund is available in Class A (AABBX) and
Institutional (TBBIX) share classes, and the fund's investment objective is
long term capital appreciation.

DCP uses a proprietary business cycle model and optimization engine to
allocate across a global portfolio of ETFs and manage downside-risk. The fund
is targeted at risk-conscious investors and intermediaries seeking to generate
total return while addressing investors' demands for a portfolio that moves
quickly to "safer," or defensive, sectors and away from riskier assets and

"Investors are increasingly challenged by low bond yields, volatile equity
markets, and the risk of rising interest rates and inflation. We believe a
dynamic, multi-asset class approach to generating total return represents an
opportunity to manage volatility and downside risk while targeting positive
returns," said John Pileggi, Managing Partner of American Independence. "We
have had the great fortune to identify Imanol Laresgoiti, a manager with a
record of both aptitude and achievement in managing tactical portfolios that
use ETFs and which seek to manage risk and volatility."

Mr. Laresgoiti has a long and distinguished history of managing tactical and
alternative mandates, having previously founded Luz Capital S.C. Luz Capital
provides consulting services and investment advice on sophisticated investment
strategies to abroad range of clients including high-net worth individuals,
financial institutions and other asset managers through proprietary asset
allocation models and market neutral trading strategies. Mr. Laresgoiti is a
member of the Board Investment Committee of the 5thlargest mutual fund
manager in Mexico and investment advisor for the one of the 10 biggest
financial groups in Switzerland.

The Dynamic Conservative Plus Fund launched with a Special Meeting of
Shareholders, who voted to approve new investment objectives and policies,
effective December 20, 2012.

The DCP strategy is also available as a Separately Managed Account (SMA)
through various SMA and Model Platforms and Sponsor Programs. American
Independence and DCP are listed in BlackRock's iShares Connect: The Guide to
ETF Investment Strategists Guide. The Guide offers a robust list of
portfolios from independent ETF investment strategists and is updated
quarterly. The iShares Connect program serves as a resource for financial
advisors to identify third-party managers offering model ETF portfolios. It is
a screening tool and online Guide to explore some of the innovative ways in
which advisors are using ETFs to help clients meet their investment goals.
BlackRock is not affiliated with American Independence Financial Services,

About American Independence Financial Services, LLC
American Independence is an investment advisory firm registered with the SEC
providing professional, actively managed investment advisory services to eight
American Independence Funds, as well as separately managed accounts,
aggregating $1.1 billion in assets under management. The firm is comprised of
industry leaders with over 25 years of average industry tenure. To learn more
about American Independence, visit or call (646)

American Independence Financial Services, LLC
Eric Rubin, President
Tel. 646-747-3477

Important Disclosures
Investing in the Fund involves risk. Equity securities are more volatile and
carry more risk than other forms of investments. The Fund may invest in small
and mid-cap securities that are more volatile than large cap stocks.

High Portfolio Turnover Rate Risk. High portfolio turnover rates could
generate capital gains that must be distributed to shareholders as short-term
capital gains taxed at ordinary income rates (currently as high as 35%) and
could increase brokerage commission costs.

Emerging Markets Risk. The Fund may invest in foreign securities that may
include securities of companies located in developing or emerging markets,
which entail additional risks, including: less social, political and economic
stability; smaller securities markets and lower trading volume, which may
result in less liquidity and greater price volatility; national policies that
may restrict securities investment opportunities, including restrictions on
investments in issuers or industries, or expropriation or confiscation of
assets or property; and less developed legal structures governing private or
foreign investment.

High Yield Securities. Lower rated securities are subject to greater risk of
loss of income and principal than higher rated securities and may have a
higher incidence of default than higher-rated securities. The prices of lower
rated securities are likely to be more sensitive to adverse economic changes
or individual corporate developments than higher rated securities

ETF Risks. The following are various types of risks to which the Fund is
subject based on the certain types of ETFs in which the Fund will be
investing: General ETF Risk. The cost to a shareholder of investing in the
Fund may be higher than the cost of investing directly in ETF shares and may
be higher than other mutual funds that invest directly in equities. You will
indirectly bear fees and expenses charged by the ETFs in addition to the
Fund's direct fees and expenses. Tracking Error Risk. There is no assurance
the ETFs the Fund may utilize will achieve their objectives. Additionally,
since many ETFs are managed to reflect daily price change objectives, there
will be a compounding effect if the ETFs are held for longer than one day.

For more complete information on the American Independence Funds, you can
obtain a prospectus containing complete information for the funds by calling
866-410-2006, or by visiting Please read the prospectus
carefully before investing. You should consider the fund's investment
objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before you invest or send
money. Information about these and other important subjects is in the Fund's
prospectus or summary prospectus.

American Independence Financial Services, LLC is a limited liability company.

Shares of the American Independence Funds are distributed by Matrix Capital
Group, Inc., which is not affiliated with American Independence Financial
Services, LLC.

Not FDIC Insured - May Lose Value - No Bank Guarantee

SOURCE American Independence Financial Services, LLC

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