Cascade Microtech Automates On-Wafer Device Measurement for the

Cascade Microtech Automates On-Wafer Device Measurement for the Lab
With Flexible Probing Platform 
The New CM300 Accelerates Time-to-Market With Industry-Leading
Measurement Accuracy 
BEAVERTON, OR -- (Marketwire) -- 01/15/13 --  Cascade Microtech, Inc.
(NASDAQ: CSCD), a leading expert at enabling precision measurements
of integrated circuits at the wafer level, today announced the CM300,
a flexible on-wafer measurement platform that scales to meet evolving
needs in capability and automation. It enhances device and process
characterization and modeling by capturing the true electrical
performance of devices and enabling hands-off productivity. 
The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) shows
semiconductor devices following "Moore's Law and More" with the
continuous shrinking of the devices paired with increasing
performance. New and enhanced analytical techniques are required to
extract the necessary information for device and model development,
as well as validation. In the engineering lab, priority is placed on
detailed characterization and modeling of the mechanical and
electrical properties of ever-shrinking transistor features, so
designers can rely on design automation to create robust circuit
designs. The CM300's high-accuracy measurements de
liver reliable
data, reducing design iterations, costs and time-to-market. 
Another trend in device modeling, process integration, and wafer
level reliability (WLR) is the requirement for substantially higher
volumes of measurement data as proof of device performance. This
trend impacts integrated device manufacturers, foundries and fabless
design houses alike. While the data produces faster time-to-yield, it
also increases test time per wafer. The CM300's measurement
automation, including the ability to reduce idle time while testing
over a wide span of temperatures, and test automation using Velox(TM)
software, improves throughput while delivering high volumes of
reliable data. With the new Velox probe station control software, the
CM300 enables safe and fast wafer loading and easy test automation
and measurement system integration, while preventing damage of probe
tips, probe cards and customer wafers throughout the entire
measurement cycle.  
"Our customers are facing demanding challenges in device design and
test productivity, with the constant pressure to reduce test costs,"
said Debbora Ahlgren, Vice President of Marketing, Cascade Microtech.
"With the CM300 our customers benefit from highly configurable and
scalable solutions, from semi- to fully-automated. Whether a general
purpose or state-of-the-art solution, customers protect their
investment with upgrade paths for measurement capability, application
flexibility and test automation. By allowing them to create more
precise model parameters and achieve reliable, repeatable contact
over temperature and time, the CM300 helps them achieve faster
time-to-market on new devices and technologies."  
Device Modeling and Temperature Variations on Small Pads
contact is critical to ensure accurate measurements and reduce design
iterations. In addition, model parameters require large volumes of
reliable and accurate measurement data for statistical evaluation,
including physical dependencies such as temperature variations. The
CM300 allows a high degree of measurement complexity and test
flexibility to perform I-V, C-V, RF and 1/f measurements over a
specified temperature range. With fast and well-characterized thermal
transition and probe-to-pad alignment, the CM300 processes a high
volume of measurement data with accuracy on pads as small as 30 um. 
Wafer Level Reliability and Automation
 WLR test engineers seek
optimum throughput and flexibility, and use individual probes/probe
cards to generate statistical data with a variety of measurement
techniques. The CM300's ability to perform parallel test of multiple
die is key to saving overall characterization time by reducing long
test cycles. The CM300 fully-automated probe system offers cassette
loading for a single station, or dual stations operating as a
'cluster' probe system, for parallel die-level test, to deliver
maximum throughput and test efficiency.  
Product Availability
 The CM300 has been in beta test at an
industry-leading integrated device manufacturer in North America, and
customer orders have been received from process tool and test service
companies. Lead times begin at 12 weeks, and will vary based upon
configuration and options required. The CM300 system is available as
a shielded system with an upgrade path from a semi-automated to a
fully-automated probe system by adding a cassette loader; a second
probe station can be added to create a cluster probe system. A
roadmap for feature enhancements is planned that will provide CM300
users with incremental benefits over years of product ownership. 
Probes and Probe Cards
 Cascade Microtech offers more than 50
different analytical probe models for wafer, package, and board level
characterization. The company offers RF microwave probes in the
Infinity Probe(R), air coplanar and |Z| Probe(R) families, DCPs for
DC test and probes for failure analysis. The probes support a broad
range of probing uses at frequencies up to 500 GHz. Pyramid Probe(R)
cards are rugged, robust, and well suited for the rigors of
high-performance production wafer sort. Industry-leading signal
integrity and mechanical alignment capabilities make these probe
cards the perfect fit for multi-die testing for RF wireless,
high-speed digital in SiPs, SoC
s, and leading-edge DC and RF
parametric testing. 
Global Customer Operations
 Cascade Microtech, with headquarters in
Beaverton, Oregon, has manufacturing operations in both the United
States and Germany. Regional sales offices are located in the U.S.,
China, Taiwan, Germany, Singapore, and Japan, supported by over 40
sales representatives and distributors worldwide. Customers are
supported by a global team of experts in both systems support and
applications services. 
About Cascade Microtech, Inc. 
 Cascade Microtech, Inc. (NASDAQ:
CSCD) is a worldwide leader in precision contact, electrical
measurement and test of integrated circuits (ICs), optical devices
and other small structures. For technology businesses and scientific
institutions that need to evaluate small structures, Cascade
Microtech delivers access to electrical data from wafers, ICs, IC
packages, circuit boards and modules, MEMS, 3D TSV, LED devices and
more. Cascade Microtech's leading-edge stations, probes, probe cards
and integrated systems deliver precision accuracy and superior
performance both in the lab and during production manufacturing of
high-speed and high-density semiconductor chips. For more information
Debbora Ahlgren
Cascade Microtech, Inc.
(503) 601-1829 
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