Reputation Changer: Complaints and Negative Reviews Have Dire

Reputation Changer: Complaints and Negative Reviews Have Dire
Consequences for Business, Brands 
Recent Controversies Over Online Review Sites and Freedom of Speech
Have Brought Sites Like Back Into the Public Eye -- Drawing
the Attention of Reputation Changer 
NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 01/14/13 --  For years, users of
online review sites like have taken for granted that they
can say anything and everything they want about businesses and brands
-- but a recent legal controversy is throwing that into question. An
article from Reuters notes that a Virginia judge has spoken out
against online review sites, and that his words quickly drew the ire
of free speech defenders from organizations like the American Civil
Liberties Union (ACLU). The controversy has put online review sites
like Yelp back in the spotlight -- and drawn the attention of
Reputation Changer. The company has issued a new statement to the
press, weighing in on the Reuters article. 
"Reuters makes the point that, for amateur online critics, the
consequences of posting a review could potentially be dire," says
Cliff Stein, the CEO of Reputation Changer. "What the author means is
that, if you post a negative review of a major business or brand, you
may find yourself embroiled in a defamation suit. This may be true,
but, whatever the potential consequences for online reviewers, the
consequences of online reviews are even direr for businesses and
brands. At Reputation Changer, complaints and negative online reviews
are regarded as true threats to any enterprise, because, regardless
of how truthful these reviews are, they are absolutely taken
seriously by consumers." 
Stein continues his explanation of why online complaints and reviews
are so important to business owners. "The simple truth is that, more
and more, consumers are coming to base purchasing decisions on the
reviews they read on sites like," he claims. "A positive
review could mean more sales for the company in question, but a
defamatory review could scare away potential customers, lead to lost
sales, and ultimately drive the business to ruin. So while there may
be some minor risks associated with penning defamatory reviews, they
are nothing compared to the damage that bad reviews do to businesses
and brands." 
Cliff Stein also says that negative reviews are not always posted by
reasonable and honest consumers. "Lamentably, 'freedom of speech' is
used as an excuse for all kinds of online misbehavior," he opines.
"People can get away with anything on the Web, which means that bad
reviews can be posted by business rivals, by disgruntled employees,
really by anyone." 
The point of all of this, Stein continues, is that online complaints
and defamatory reviews can all but destroy a business -- and that no
business is impervious to this threat. The good news is that business
owners can take action to protect their brands against these acts of
online defamation. "By enlisting the services of an online reputation
management firm, like Reputation Changer, companies can minimize the
threat of these bad reviews," enthuses Stein. 
Reputation Changer serves businesses and brands by providing them
with services in review suppression and brand enhancement.
"Businesses come to us when they have been besieged by bad reviews,
on sites like Yelp or Angie's List," explains Stein. "While we cannot
simply make those reviews go away, we can render them non-issues,
pushing them out of the way and ensuring that they are seen by as few
people as possible. We basically bury these bad reviews under new,
brand-enhancing content -- content designed to present the client in
the best light possible." 
For Reputation Changer, that is what it is all about: helping the
client's brand to shine. "At Reputation Changer, complaints and
online reviews are addressed quickly and decisively, because we know
how damaging they can be," says Stein. "We seek to diminish their
impact, and to help the client shine." 
Reputation Changer was developed in 2009 by a team of direct response
marketing professionals. The company quickly grew into the world's
leading online reputation management and monitoring service; today,
Reputation Changer provides an array of services in brand enhancement
and negative listing suppression, to a client base that includes
Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and individuals. 
Cliff Stein
Reputation Changer LLC
39 West Gay Street
West Chester, PA 19380
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