1,000 Yards Made Easy: TrackingPoint™ Launches World's First Precision-Guided Firearms at SHOT Show

1,000 Yards Made Easy: TrackingPoint™ Launches World's First Precision-Guided
                            Firearms at SHOT Show

Fighter-Jet 'Lock and Launch' Tech System in a Rifle Delivers Breakthrough
Long-Range Shooting Accuracy

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AUSTIN, Texas and LAS VEGAS, Jan. 14, 2013

AUSTIN, Texas and LAS VEGAS, Jan. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- TrackingPoint™
today unveiled the world's first Precision-Guided Firearm (PGF) system that
puts fighter-jet style "lock and launch" target tracking technology in a rifle
system to create the most accurate long-range shooting system in the world.
TrackingPoint debuted and will demonstrate its PGF system at the 2013 SHOT
Show® at the Sands Expo & Convention Center at Booth #12451 January 15-18.

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The TrackingPoint groundbreaking PGF system is based on patent-pending
innovations in optics and fire control that enables anyone to instantly become
an elite long-range marksman. In just seconds, even a novice shooter will
effectively and accurately engage targets out to 1,200 yards. "Precision
Guided Firearms completely change the way we hunt, compete and defend," said
TrackingPoint President Jason Schauble.

Moving Beyond Point-Blank Hunting
Precision Guided Firearms enable extended range fair-chase hunting. The PGF
allows hunters to get out of the blind and away from the feeder to create a
truly active and dynamic hunting experience.

"Imagine taking out a coyote on the move at 1,200 yards," said Schauble. "With
TrackingPoint, this is now possible for anyone." The PGF delivers extended
range capability for safari hunting, western hunting, Texas hunting, wildlife
management and predator control.

Hitting Steel at 1,200 Yards
With the PGF, any shooter at any level can now experience the thrill of
hearing the impact-echo on a metal e-silhouette at unprecedented distances of
up to 1,200 yards – static or moving. "The PGF will completely change the game
for traditional long range shooting competitions," said Schauble. "In fact,
because of its exceptional long-range accuracy, we plan to develop a whole new
set of competitions and championships to challenge the PGF-enabled shooter."

Every Soldier Becomes an Elite Marksman
For military applications, the PGF enables any enlistee to become as effective
as the best military marksmen in minutes, at ranges longer than he currently
qualifies. The PGF reduces training time, enables mastery persistence
(follow-up training is minimal), collapses target engagement times from
minutes to seconds, and increases success rates dramatically. The PGF creates
substantial squad overmatch capability and delivers asymmetric battle
stand-off ranges. "We expect the TrackingPoint PGF innovation to change
doctrine and tactics, and it has the potential to act as a deterrent to war,"
Schauble added.

How A PGF Works -Tag-Track-Xact TTX™ Technology
To execute the perfect shot with TrackingPoint's exclusive Tag-Track-Xact
technology, the shooter tags a target with a simple point-and-click,
automatically setting up the shot and persistently tracking the static or
moving target. Over 20 ballistic variables including range, wind, target
velocity, shot angle, rifle cant, temperature, pressure, and coriolis are
instantly calculated into a perfect firing solution. The shooter simply
realigns the reticle with the tag point and pulls the trigger. The PGF's
guided trigger is connected to the tracking optics, and if the shooter is
misaligned, the PGF-guided trigger increases in weight, pushing back on the
shooter to defer firing until the shooter is perfectly aligned.

Share the Shot with ShotView™ Streaming Video Smartphone App
TrackingPoint's line of PGF systems are equipped with a Wi-Fi hotspot allowing
friends and family to connect to the shooter's scope and see what the shooter
sees in real time by way of a smartphone or tablet device, and each
TrackingPoint PGF comes with an iPad mini. "ShotView creates a rich hunting
experience allowing others to participate in the hunt," according to Schauble.
"For instance, a father can mentor his son's first deer hunt by way of his
iPhone or a guide can assist a client in making the ethical harvest shot on
that once-in-a-lifetime trophy."

Prove The Shot on Social Networks
The TrackingPoint PGF also records each shot taken and includes a microphone
to capture voice recordings. Recorded shots are downloaded to the shooter's
iPhone or Android smartphone for sharing via social media such as Facebook and
Twitter or SMS and email.

Extending PGF Capabilities with Software Applications
Much like a smartphone, PGFs are functionally extensible through software
applications and upgrades with new PGF capabilities purchased on the iPhone
App Store or Google Play Store. Designed as "evergreen" and open systems, PGFs
support the introduction of new capabilities for the life of the firearm
through software applications and enhancements developed by PGF manufacturers
or third-party developers. Capabilities such as prey scoring, prey
identification, reticle packages, post-hunt mapping, night vision, and
proximity warning systems (to indicate other hunters in vicinity) are all
feasible on an open-platform PGF.

Models and Features
All TrackingPoint PGFs are fully integrated matched systems that include a
networked tracking scope, rifle and advanced precision loaded ammunition, as
well as a companion iPad mini. Available in May 2013, TrackingPoint is
introducing three PGF models:

  oThe TrackingPoint XS1, a 338 Lapua Magnum with 27" barrel, AAC muzzle
    brake, 6-35X zoom and Tag, Track, Xact™ precision up to 1,200 yards firing
    300 grain Sierra Match King ammunition.
  oThe TrackingPoint XS2, 300 Win Magnum with 22" barrel, AAC muzzle brake,
    6-30X zoom and Tag, Track, Xact™ precision up to 1,000 yards firing 220
    grain Sierra Match King ammunition.
  oThe TrackingPoint XS3, also a 300 Win Magnum, is a McMillan A5 with
    adjustable cheek piece and 22" barrel, 6-30X zoom and Tag, Track, Xact™
    precision up to 750 yards with 190 grain Barnes LRX™ ammunition.

Stop by Booth #12451 during the 2013 SHOT Show to experience a demo of
TrackingPoint's exclusive PGF system, or for more information, visit

About TrackingPoint
TrackingPoint is an Austin, Texas-based applied technology company that
created the first Precision Guided Firearm, a revolutionary new long-range
shooting system that puts jet fighter "lock and launch" technology in a rifle,
enabling anyone to accurately hit targets at extended range.

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Website: http://www.tracking-point.com
Contact: Kellie Connors, SS|PR, +1-609-750-1027, kconnors@sspr.com
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