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LONDON -- (Marketwire) -- 01/11/13 --  Harmonic Energy Inc. (OTCQB:
ASUV) (OTCBB: ASUV) is a company focused on tyre manufacturing and
recycling, using an innovative approach to energy efficiency and
sustainability. Harmonic is pleased to announce that its integrated
social media campaign has made significant gains over the past few
weeks and information about the company's green tires and sustainable
manufacturing process has been well received by the environmental
products and consumer market place.  
In 30 days since the announcement of the social media and product
awareness campaign Harmonic has gone from having only 30 Twitter
followers to over 100,000 followers, its YouTube Channel has had
nearly 1000 views and likewise the company now boasts over 11,000
"Likes" on Facebook, now giving the company significantly more reach
with both its investors and partners. Based on these numbers we
believe that this reflects people's growing interest in the company
and its business model. In review and when compared to any of the
major tire manufacturers Harmonic's social media campaign in 30 days
has gained more social interest than several manufacturers combined.
"We are very proud that so many people in such short time have taken
notice of our energy efficient tire recycling company," commented
Jamie Mann, CEO of Harmonic Energy Inc. 
Jamie further states, "The interest in all things 'green' continues
to grow as the economy recovers. A large and growing percent of
people are now more likely to buy environmentally responsible
products. Sustainability is coming into its own as a force to drive
competitiveness. We believe that our business model gives the tire
industry the ability to minimize costs through environmentally
conscious operations -- boosting profits, developing brand value and
building a stronger position which has the potential to ultimately
beat less adaptive competitors." 
Harmonic's operations can benefit America's manufacturing heartland
by creating jobs and green products, while reducing pollution, and
producing clean, onshore energy. Harmonic is truly a model for the
sustainable future of tire manufacturing and tire reuse
. Based on the
volume of inquiries the company now receives we believe consumers now
understand some of the advantages of the Harmonic business model,
such as: 

--  Harmonic has ZERO reliance on government subsidies. (Virtually all
    current tire recyclers or disposal methods require significant
    economic subsidies from governments or consumers)
--  Tire remanufacturing has significant profit margins while creating
    green jobs
--  The Tyrolysis technology utilized is commercially proven and generates
    stand-alone profits
--  Harmonic projects have the potential to generate carbon credits
    (traditional tire manufacturers do not)

ASUV plans to compete alongside major international tire manufacturers
striving for more sustainable manufacturing solutions and
commodities, such as The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Michelin SCA
and Continental AG. 
About Harmonic Energy Inc. 
Harmonic is a company that focuses on a comprehensive solution to the
disposition of scrap tyres worldwide. Harmonic plans include the
utilization of proven technologies that ensure each scrap tyre is
either remanufactured and put back on the road as a new tyre or is
completely recycled and reduced into marketable chemical commodity
products. Both the tyre remanufacturing and carbonization
technologies that will be utilized by Harmonic are commercially
proven and have viable operating commercial facilities. 
Harmonic plans to be the first company to integrate these two
technologies to provide a comprehensive 'closed-loop' solution for
the management of scrap tyres. By design, Harmonic plans to offer a
solution that replicates nature's intentions by developing symbiosis
between waste, energy supply and sustainable growth. 
Follow Harmonic Energy's on its social media networks:  

--  https://www.twitter.com/HarmonicEnergy
--  https://www.facebook.com/HarmonicEnergyInc
--  http://www.linkedin.com/company/harmonic-energy-inc
--  http://www.youtube.com/HarmonicEnergyInc

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Jamie Mann
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