Samsung Galaxy S3 Dethrones iPhone as Best Device for 2012

          Samsung Galaxy S3 Dethrones iPhone as Best Device for 2012

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  LONDON, January 12, 2013

LONDON, January 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

For around five years, only Apple's iPhone was even considered as the best
smartphone money could buy. That is beginning to change, with competition from
other manufacturers making headway in the battle for supremacy. 2012 may be
seen as the turning point with CNET voting the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) the
Best Tech Product of 2012.

What's changed? How has Samsung managed to knock iPhone, and the iPhone 5 at
that, Apple's latest and most inventive yet, off the mantle set aside for it:
the best smartphone?

There are a few reasons. Firstly, Samsung took the bold step of working itself
hard to ensure the S3 was realised well before iPhone 5, giving it a head
start in marketing and sales. A phone needs to be popular to win any voting
contests of course, and with the long gap between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, many
picked up the Galaxy S3. Samsung also ensured it aped all other phones in
terms of features, convincing even more people to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S3.

The list of innovative and useful features on the S3 is large, and iPhone 5
doesn't always have an answer. The S3's S-Voice feature is a voice search much
like Siri for iPhone, both are useful, but it's probably Siri that is the more
advanced. Then the Galaxy S3 swings into action. The Pop up Play feature lets
you pin a floating video window anywhere on the screen on top of other
windows, such as the web browser or an email, so you can watch videos while
doing something else. With Smart Stay, the S3 tracks your eye movements and
keeps the screen bright when you're reading or watching, and then dims it
before turning it off when you look away. Heard of Smart Alert? This is a
feature that makes the phone vibrate whenever you've missed a call, text or
email, so you'll know straight away when something's waiting for you. All cool
features, all something iPhone 5 can't currently replicate.

Then there's the hardware. While iPhone 5 is unquestionably the better looking
phone and more portable and pocketable, the Samsung Galaxy S3 fits in more
with what people appear to want. The larger screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3
(4.8" to iPhone 5's 4", with iPhone 4S sporting a 3.5" display), the S3 is the
better phone for YouTube™, reading and games - a bigger screen right now is
more popular, which is why Apple made its iPhone's screen slightly bigger,
too. The S3 has a larger battery, and while the battery life of iPhone 5 is
similar, the S3 fared much better than the old iPhone 4S. The Galaxy S3 also
has inside a special quad core processor. Without getting too technical, it
was a headliner at launch and was more powerful than anything else. iPhone 5
has a dual core chip that's just as quick, but because it was released later,
people expected more.

With the time advantage, superior feature list and some attractive hardware
features, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was almost an easy pick for CNET. If you want
to get in on the action, the S3 is available free at Carphone Warehouse from
£26 per month.

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